How To Remove Samsung Refrigerator Doors [Guide]

We all know that feeling.

We’ve just gotten home from a long day of work, and the last thing we want to do is spend hours cleaning our refrigerator.

But sadly, if we don’t keep it clean, mold will grow and our food will start to rot.

So how can we make this dreaded task a little bit easier?

Well, today I’m going to show you how to remove refrigerator doors in just a few easy steps.

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How to Remove Samsung Refrigerator Doors
How To Remove Refrigerator Doors

Troubleshooting: Issues on removing samsung refrigerator doors

The door is stuck.Use a piece of tape to secure the door in place. Then, remove the hinge fixer by rotating it up and sliding it out. Now remove the hinge by lifting up on the front of it and pulling it out.
The water line is connected to the door.Disconnect the water line from the coupler by pushing the collar in and pulling the water line out.
The door is heavy.Get a friend to help you remove the door.
You don’t know how to remove the door.Watch a YouTube video or follow the instructions in the user manual.
You don’t have the right tools.You will need a Phillips head screwdriver and a 10 millimeter nut driver.

You’ll need the following tools:

  • A Philips screwdriver.
  • 8020 torque or a 5ml allen key, a 10 mil socket, a mil socket, a quarter mil socket, and a quarter mil socket are all recommended.
  • Drill
  • Tape
  • Allen wrenches are a type of wrench that is used to tighten or loosen things.

taking doors off Samsung french door refrigerato

  • unplug or turn off the electricity
  • Remove the water supply to the french door refrigerator from the mains.

How to Remove the Doors from a Samsung Fridge

Some Samsung refrigerator installations necessitate the removal of the refrigerator doors in order for them to be moved freely to their final location. After removing the refrigerator doors, use caution when handling them to avoid scratching or causing any other unwanted damage.
Furthermore, if you follow the instructions correctly, it will not take long to complete the process of removing the doors from your Samsung refrigerator.

How to Take Apart Samsung Fridge and Remove Doors Video?

There could be a variety of reasons for removing the Samsung refrigerator door, but doing so with care will ensure your safety as you complete the process.

In order to avoid any accidents when opening and closing the refrigerator doors, you may also seek assistance from anyone else in your house. Without further ado, here are four simple procedures on how to remove Samsung fridge doors, ice maker.

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How to remove doors from Samsung refrigerator?

Procedure #1: Remove the screws and connectors from the frame.

Unplug all of the wires from your refrigerator before you begin to ensure that there is no power connection to the appliance. After that, open the refrigerator doors.

This will allow you to gain access to the screws and wires, allowing you to remove them more quickly. Removing the three screws that secure the top table of your Samsung refrigerator door is the next step.

After you have unscrewed them, you should disconnect any wires that you may have discovered around them. Afterward, disassemble the two connectors, which can be found on the left side of the door on the inside of the water filter.

Procedure #2: Taking Apart The Water Line

An additional water coupler may be attached to the hinge on your Samsung refrigerator door, which allows your refrigerator to be connected to a water source. To remove this, twist it and pull it away from the hinge.

Remove the water line that is connected to it by pressing on the part of the water coupler that is marked. It is necessary to remove any red clips that may be attached to the water coupler before disconnecting the tube.

how to remove samsung refrigerator doors
How to Remove the Doors from a Samsung Fridge

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Procedure #3: Removing the hinges

Begin by pulling and releasing the hinge lever on the Samsung refrigerator door in order to remove it completely. To remove the screws holding the hinge in place, use a screwdriver to loosen them.

Finally, you can take off all of the upper left and right hinges on the fridge door and put them aside. Click here to learn how to type and use the screwdriver’s equipment information and to see an example.

The screw that is attached to the left and right hinges of the Samsung fridge door must be removed from the lower area of the door with a screwdriver in order to open the door.

Remove the two bolts that are attached to the lower hinges of the fridge door with a wrench in order to be able to detach the fridge door from the rest of the fridge. The lower left and right hinges of the Samsung refrigerator door can now be removed at last.

Procedure #4: Taking out the Samsung Refrigerator Door

Lifting the refrigerator door slowly upwards will allow you to detach it from the refrigerator after you have removed all of the objects that connect it to the refrigerator.

Holding both ends of the Samsung refrigerator door together, slowly lift it upwards. In order to avoid damaging any part of your refrigerator, make sure that nothing else connects the fridge door to the refrigerator.

Quick Instructions on How to Remove Refrigerator Doors Successfully —

  1. Make certain that you understand where the connector cables belong. When removing the door, one method of accomplishing this is by marking the wires or making a few notes.
  2. If you already have your refrigerator plugged in, make sure to unplug it from the power source before removing the refrigerator door or drawer from the refrigerator.
  3. When removing the door, take care not to scratch, damage, or drop the door in a way that will cause it to be damaged or destroyed.
  4. Also, exercise caution when carrying out the removal process (i.e., when handling all of the equipment) to avoid becoming injured during the process.
  5. Maintain complete consistency when reattaching the refrigerator door. Do not skip any steps. If the door isn’t properly attached, you could waste a lot of energy, and moisture could build up in your refrigerator as a result of leakage caused by the door not being properly closed when it should be.
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How to remove refrigerator doors

If you are familiar with the parts of your refrigerator, removing the refrigerator door should take you no more than thirty minutes at the most. If you don’t have access to one, you can still complete this task, albeit at a much slower pace.

Unscrew the refrigerator door, disconnect the connector and water line coupler, then remove the hinges and raise the door out of its current position in order to remove it.

If you find the process confusing or difficult, it is recommended that you hire a professional to assist you.

Finally, before you remove your Samsung refrigerator doors, double-check that doing so is absolutely necessary before you do so.

How do I take the left door off my Samsung refrigerator?

  1. By depressing the locking tab on the electrical plug, you can disconnect it.
  2. By pushing the collar in and pulling the water line out, you can remove the water line from the coupler and reuse it.
  3. To keep the door in place, use a piece of tape to hold it in place.
  4. Remove the hinge fixer by rotating it up and sliding it out from behind the hinge joint.
  5. Prying it out of its bracket with care will free the coupler from its attachment to the door hinge.
  6. lift up on the front of the door hinge, carefully removing the wires and water line, then lifting out to remove the door hinge.
  7. Take hold of the handle.
  8. Remove the tape from one side of the door and support the other side of the door.
  9. Using your hands, open the door about halfway and lift it up to free it from the hinge.

How do you take the right door off a Samsung refrigerator?

  1. To keep the door in place, use a piece of tape to hold it in place.
  2. Remove the hinge fixer by rotating it up and sliding it out from behind the hinge joint.
  3. Remove the hinge by lifting up on the front of it and pulling it out from the back of the door.
  4. Take hold of the handle.
  5. Remove the tape from one side of the door and support the other side of the door.
  6. Open the door about halfway and lift it off the hinge to remove it from the jamb.

How to open and close the freezer door on a Samsung refrigerator.

  1. To access the freezer drawer, open it up.
  2. The upper freezer tray assembly can be removed by pushing it to the rear, lifting the wheels out of the slots, and then lifting up on the front to lift it out of the way.
  3. By tilting back the freezer box tray and pushing back to remove it from the front slot, you can easily remove it from the freezer. Then, tilt forward and lift up to remove the item…….
  4. Using a drill, remove the four 10 mm bolts that are located on each side of the frame.
  5. Grab both sides of the freezer door and lift up to release the door brackets from their positions on the slide rails, then lift out to remove the freezer door.

How do you take the handles off of a Samsung refrigerator door?

  1. You will only need one tool to complete the task, which will be either an Allen bit or an Allen wrench.
  2. Open the door for me.
  3. Remove the allen set screw with the help of your drill.
  4. Remove the handle by pulling it back and then lifting it up.
  5. While you have the door handle removed, check to see that the mounting screw for the door handle is not damaged or loose.
  6. If it’s loose, a Phillips screwdriver can be used to tighten it back down.
  7. While you’ve got the handle off you’ll want to make sure that you look at these two pieces on the end of the handle.
  8. Also, double-check those plastic pieces to make sure that nothing is broken on the handle’s end caps or on the handle itself.
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How do I take the handles off the Samsung freezer doors?

  1. To remove the freezer door handle, follow these steps:
  2. Use a 3/32 Allen wrench to loosen the set screw, and then tighten it again.
  3. 2. Once you’ve loosened the set screw, pull the handle of the mounting pin, and then slide it to the right until the other end comes loose.
  4. 3. Once you’ve freed it up, pull it away from the door.
  5. In the event that you attempt to remove your handle and the left side will not unlock, you may have a style that has been locked onto the handle.
  6. It is possible that you will be required to:
  7. Opening the freezer door requires us to lift up on the handle, angle it back towards the refrigerator, and lift the door away from the refrigerator.
  8. The freezer door handle can be removed from the refrigerator once it has been removed from the refrigerator.

What is the best way to reinstall a Samsung freezer door?

  1. To reinstall the freezer door, follow these steps:
  2. In order to install the freezer glides, it is necessary to align and secure the door bracket tabs with the slots on the freezer glides.
  3. By using drill reinstall the four 10 mm bolts.
  4. To reinstall the freezer box tray, insert the back first, then tilt the front forward into the slot, and then set the tray in place.
  5. Reinstall the upper freezer tray by tilting it in the rear and setting it down onto the freezer box tray, as shown in the illustration.
  6. Push the freezer box tray all the way to the back of the freezer box and then pull it all the way forward to ensure that the wheels are securely locked in place.

Our Final Thoughts Samsung refrigerator door removal

And those are the four straightforward procedures for removing Samsung refrigerator doors.

Removing the doors is a simple process that takes only a few minutes if you are familiar with the parts.

It’s important to remember that the screws, connectors, water coupler, and hinges are the primary components that connect the doors to the Samsung refrigerator.

Before you remove the refrigerator door from the frame, double-check that you have completely removed all of the components.

More articles on Samsung refrigerators can be found here, including one on how to change the Samsung fridge filter.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I remove the doors from my Samsung refrigerator?To remove the doors from your Samsung refrigerator, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver and a 10 millimeter nut driver. First, unplug the refrigerator and turn off the water supply. Then, locate the hinge screws on the top and bottom of the door. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the hinge screws. Once the hinge screws are removed, you can lift the door off of the hinges.
Can I remove the doors from my Samsung refrigerator myself?Yes, you can remove the doors from your Samsung refrigerator yourself. However, it is important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the refrigerator. If you are not comfortable removing the doors yourself, you can call a professional.
What tools do I need to remove the doors from my Samsung refrigerator?You will need a Phillips head screwdriver and a 10 millimeter nut driver to remove the doors from your Samsung refrigerator.
How long does it take to remove the doors from my Samsung refrigerator?It should take about 15 minutes to remove the doors from your Samsung refrigerator.
What should I do with the doors after I remove them?You can store the doors in a safe place where they will not be damaged. You can also put them back on the refrigerator if you decide not to dispose of it.

Is it simple to take the refrigerator doors off?

Opening a refrigerator’s door is a simple process that anyone can do. In order to get your refrigerator through a narrow doorway or toss it in the trash, you’ll need to do what appliance delivery professionals do on a daily basis: remove the doors. Additionally, if you want to reverse the doors on your French door model, you’ll have to do this as well.

On a Samsung refrigerator, how do you get the drawers out of the way?

To avoid potentially damaging the crisper drawers, you must first remove the door bins before attempting to remove the crisper drawers. Then, gently lift the drawers out of the way by opening them completely. To remove the drawer, simply pull it out. A drawer can be reinstated by inserting it into the frame rails and sliding it inward from the outside.

What is the best way to open a freezer door that has become stuck?

Open the Locked Box If you don’t have the luxury of time, you can gently break the seal between the door gasket and the door frame with your finger if necessary. Once the pressure has been relieved, the door should open with little difficulty.


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