How To Block A Number From Leaving A Voicemail On Samsung? (Answer)

How To Block a Number From leaving a Voicemail on Samsung? How many times have you gotten an unwanted call from a number you don’t know? And how many times has that caller left a voicemail, even after you’ve told them not to?

If you’re like me, it’s happened more times than I care to remember.

Well, I’ve finally found a solution to this frustrating problem: blocking the number from leaving voicemails altogether!

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to do just that on your Samsung phones. Stay tuned!

How To Block A Number From Leaving A Voicemail On Samsung?
How To Block A Number From Leaving A Voicemail On Samsung?

Troubleshooting: Issues and Solutions

Can you receive voicemails from blocked numbers android?When you block a number on your Samsung phones, your phones won’t ring when the person calls you, but the caller can still leave voicemails. The only way to prevent callers from leaving voicemails is to use an app that labels blocked numbers as spam. Your options depend on your phone carrier.
How to block a number from leaving a voicemail on a Samsung phone.To block a number from leaving a voicemail on your Samsung phones , you can follow these steps:

How can a blocked number leave a voicemail?

Tips: Takeaway

To block someone from a text message, open a text message for the person you wish to block. Tap “More Options,” Select the contact, and tap the “Block” button. No more text messages or voicemails will come from this number.

After that, consider the apps listed below that can prevent a call from leaving a voicemail.


If you’ve done everything you can to cut someone off and they still refuse to listen, call your local police or emergency services.

How To Block a Number From leaving a Voicemail on Samsung
Can you block someone from leaving a voicemail

How To Block Your Number or Contacts List? [Answered]

How to block someone from leaving a voicemail?

Because Samsung is the world’s leading smartphone vendor, its devices are used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Many of them will have wanted to know how to block a phone number on a Samsung smartphone at some point in their lives.

Let’s be honest: nobody blocking calls anyone these days unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Spam and robocalls have become far more prevalent than ever before.

Last year, an estimated 47.8 billion robocalls were made in the United States alone.

As a result, smartphone manufacturers must now include a native blocking solution on their devices.

This makes things easier for users because they no longer need to rely on third-party apps or subscribe to paid number-blocking services from mobile carriers.

Fortunately, blocking a number on a Samsung Galaxy phones is not difficult.

It makes no difference which carrier you’re on or which variant you have.

The software includes a number-blocking feature that is very effective at blocking unwanted blocking calls and text messages.

So, whether you want to avoid robocalls or avoid dealing with an ex, here’s how to block a number on a Samsung device.

How to Put a Phone Number on the Do Not Call List? (6 Steps)

Even though the process of blocking a phones number is straightforward, it is entirely dependent on the device you are using.

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can you receive voicemails from blocked numbers on android

Different Android manufacturers refer to blocking in a variety of ways and require a variety of different steps.

Stop blocked numbers from leaving voicemail – android

The following steps should be taken if you are using the default calling app on your Android device:

How To Put A Phone Number On The Do Not Call List?
How To Put A Phone Number On The Do Not Call List?

Method 1: Using the Contacts app, you can prevent contracts from being signed.

In the Contacts app, you can block contacts you do not want to hear from. 

Please note that this method can only be used if the phones number in question has already been saved as a contact in your phones .

Contacts can be found under Contacts > Contacts > Block Contacts. 

Select Block contact after pressing More.  Press the Block button to confirm.  

Please remember that even if you block a contact, they will continue appearing in your  Contacts list unless you change your settings.  

Method 2: Numbers can be blocked from the phone app.

Alternatively, you can manually add a number to your Block list by using the phone application.

Because of the way you’ve done it, it makes no difference whether or not the number is added as a contact.

1. Navigate to the phone application and launch it.

2. To access more options, select More options (the three vertical dots) and then Settings.

Numbers can be blocked from the Phone app.
Blocked number leaving voicemail

3. After that, select Block numbers. To add a phone number, select Add a phone number and then enter the phone number you wish to block.

4. Then, to add the contact to your Block list, select the Add icon (the plus sign) on your phone’s screen.

blocked from the Phone app.
How to block voicemail on samsung?

5. Screen for blocking phone numbers, with a field for entering a phone number

6. To block a phone number, you can go to the Recents section of the phones app and tap the number you want to block. Then select Block from the Details drop-down menu.

To block a phone number
How to block voicemails?

Method 3: Blocking from leaving Voicemail

Is it possible for a blocked number to leave a voicemail?

Unfortunately, blocking a phone number does not prevent the caller from leaving a voicemail on your phone.

can blocked numbers leave voicemails

All is not lost, however. Instead of dealing with voicemails manually, you can use apps to do so.

The apps are mostly third-party apps, and they have the ability to mark blocked phone numbers as spam, preventing them from sending you voicemails.

Method 4: Blocking Through Google Voice

Google Voice is a service provided by Google.

Technically, voicemails from blocked numbers are not “blocked” by Google Voice, as the term implies.

What it does accomplishes is, in some ways, a little more satisfying than simply turning off the voicemail altogether.

Google Voice has a convenient feature that allows you to label any text messages, phone calls, or voicemails received from a blocked number as “spam.”

You are not informed of their presence or given any warnings about them.

They just sit there, messages in a bottle that have been relegated to the spam folder, where they belong.

1. Launch the Google Voice application.

2. The number you wish to block can be selected from any of the Google Voice tabs, including Messages, Phone Calls, and Voicemail.  

3. Select More from the caller’s information.

It’s the three vertical dots that are located near the top of the screen. It will bring up a menu for you.

4. Select Block Number from the drop-down menu.

To make sure you’ve made the right choice, tap Block a second time.

When a phone number is blocked, it is referred to as “spam.”

Any and all of the communications they send you–phone calls, text messages, and voicemails–will be routed to spam, but this must be enabled first. Here’s what you should do:

1. Launch the Google Voice application.

2. Select “Menu” from the drop-down menu.

It is represented by the three horizontal lines that appear in the upper-left corner of the screen.

3. Select Security from the drop-down menu.

Filter Spam should be enabled under Security.

To turn it on, move the slider to the right a few spaces.

It should change color to blue. Voicemail will no longer be used.

It should come as no surprise that No More Voicemail does exactly what its name implies: It prevents you from receiving voicemail.

The disadvantage is that you’ll have to do some testing to ensure that it’s blocking the correct numbers.

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This means if you test it and end up getting your voicemail, the app was set up incorrectly. If you make a mistake, they provide some helpful codes that can be used to turn off No More Voicemail.

Method 5: Getting in touch with your Service Provider To Block Number

Many people are unaware that you can request that your service provider block specific phone numbers or completely disable your voicemail.

Simply put, voicemail is reaching the end of its usefulness because any callback information can be left via text message or email, or the person can simply wait until later to get in touch with you.

The best option if you’re absolutely desperate to get someone off your back, even after you’ve blocked them, is to use Google Voice.

It’s completely free to use, and it’s arguably more satisfying knowing that the blocked individual is wasting their time and energy because all of their calls and texts are going straight to spam.

How To Examine calls and messages received from a blocked phone number?

In this article, we’ll show you how to block a contact on a Samsung smartphone.

When you want to know how many times they’ve called you or what message they sent you without unblocking them, what do you do?

Samsung makes it relatively simple to accomplish this as well.

messages received from a blocked phone
messages received from a blocked phone

The Phone app logs incoming calls from blocked numbers with an icon that indicates that the call blocking, making it easy to identify the source of the call.

You can check the call history to see if it was indeed rejected automatically.

Messages must be open in order to access texts from a blocked number.

From there, select Settings from the overflow menu.

open in order to access texts
open in order to access texts

Blocked numbers and messages are selected first, followed by Blocked messages.

All incoming texts that have been automatically blocked are listed in this section.

So that’s how to block a phone number on a Samsung smartphone, at least on the most recent models.

The same feature is also available on older models such as the Galaxy S5, which is a good example.

How to block a number from leaving voicemail on Samsung

Navigate to the Menu >> Settings >> Call >> Rejection of the call >> To block something from the auto-reject list, tap on + and punch in the appropriate number.

Regardless of whether you decide to give someone a second chance, the option to unblock them will always be available in the same location from which you can block them in the future.

How To Unblock Numbers if you Changed your Mind?

If you have changed your mind about a number, you can remove it from your Block list.

There are two options for completing the task.

Obtain access to and launch the Contacts app, after which you should select the contact you wish to unblock.

To unblock a contact, go to More > Unblock contact.

Alternative options include navigating to and opening the Phone application.

To access more options, select More options (the three vertical dots) and then Settings.

To remove a phone number from your Block list, select it from the list and then tap the Delete icon.

Stop Blocked Numbers From Leaving Voicemail Samsung

Samsung offers a convenient feature that allows users to stop blocked numbers from leaving voicemail messages. This functionality, available on Samsung devices, enables individuals to prevent unwanted callers from cluttering their voicemail inbox.

Bonus: The Apps that can help you in Blocking Voice Mail Messages

Call Blocker with a vengeance

It is a paid application ($4.99) available on the Google Play Store.

The calls are rejected by this app without the caller id having the opportunity to leave a voicemail.

In this case, your phone will not ring and you will not receive any notification; in the case of ‘Allow call no voicemail,’ your phone will not ring but you will receive a missed call notification.

It will ring twice, followed by a tone, which will indicate that the call blocking has come to an end for the blocked user in both cases.

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How To Unblock Numbers If You Change Your Mind?
How To Unblock Numbers If You Change Your Mind?

Call Voicemail Blocker

It is a service that allows you to block voicemail messages.

This fantastic app available on the Google Play store performs flawlessly.

In order to prevent calls from being forwarded to voicemail, it has the ability to hang up on blocked numbers.

Call Control and call blocking are two terms that are used to describe a call control system.

There are three blocking options available in this app: Disconnect, Ignore, and Send to Voicemail.

Also included is the Do Not Disturb feature, which allows you to block calls during the time of day that is most convenient for you.

Voicemail will no longer be used.

This Android application prevents caller id from leaving voicemails by completely removing the option from their phone.

It is a completely free application.

To put it simply, it forwards the call blocking to another number that continues to ring without your voicemail ever picking up the call.

It is compatible with all major carriers (such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and others) unless you have a prepaid plan in place.

After downloading and activating the app, your phone will ring indefinitely for anyone who dials your phone number.

The app cannot be deactivated by simply deleting it; instead, you must call and deactivate the phone number listed here.

Why can blocked number still leaving voicemail?

Blocked numbers can still leave voicemail due to the way call blocking works. When a call is blocked, it prevents the call from ringing your phone, but it doesn’t completely block the caller from leaving a voicemail. This allows the caller to leave a message even if their number is blocked.

Can You Block Voicemails

In the English language, it is indeed possible to block voicemails. Blocking voicemails refers to the action of preventing certain callers from leaving voice messages on one’s phone. This feature is commonly found in modern smartphones and can be accessed through various settings or call-blocking applications. 


There are really times when we need to block someone whom we used to know.

And luckily Samsung has the solution to our problems.

I’m curious…

What are the reasons why you block someone?

Let me know the answer below.

FAQs Samsung Block Voicemail Numbers

How do I prevent blocked caller id from leaving voicemail messages?

To prevent blocked numbers from blocking voicemails on Android, call blocking your service provider, utilize a third-party application, or open the Phone app and pick the contact or number to block. Select More in the call information of the recipient (the three dots). Additionally, you can prevent known spam calls by forwarding them to voicemail or treating them as spam.

Why can blocked numbers still leave voicemail?

Blocking the caller on the phone just automatically rejects the call, in which case it goes to your carrier’s voicemail system. The only way to prevent that would be to block them at the carrier level. Contact your cellular carrier and see if they offer that service.

On my Samsung, how do I prevent a certain number from leaving voicemail?

You may prevent a certain number from leaving a voicemail on a Samsung device by banning the number in the Phone app. To do so, launch the Phone application and then pick the contact or number to block. Optionally, you can navigate to Menu >> Settings >> Call >> Rejecting a call >> To remove an item from the auto-reject list and enter the corresponding number.

How can I prevent voicemails from being left by blocked numbers on Android?

On an Android device, the only option to prevent blocked numbers from leaving voicemails is to utilize an app that identifies blocked numbers as spam. Google Voice may be used to block calls and messages or flag them as spam, but Samsung devices enable users to prevent a number from leaving a voicemail by launching the Phone app and choosing the contact or number to block.

How can I prevent a voicemail from being left by a blocked number?

To prevent a blacklisted number from leaving a voicemail on an Android smartphone, you must go into your Google account and grant Google Voice access to your contacts, microphone, etc. Then, navigate to Messages, Calls, or Voicemail and choose the desired cell phone number. On an iPhone, enter “#404” without the quotation marks and tap “Call.”

Can You Leave A Voicemail If Your Number Is Blocked

Yes, you can leave a voicemail even if your number is blocked. When your call is blocked, the recipient won’t receive it, but you can still leave a message in their voicemail inbox.


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