Samsung Syncmaster B2030 Review [Most Honest]

Looking for Samsung Syncmaster B2030 Review? Samsung has recently grown to dominate both the TV and monitor markets, so if anyone can do a good job of combining the two in one unit, it should be the Korean manufacturer.

A hybrid makes a lot of sense if you’re short on space, both practically and technically. After all, LCD technology was originally intended for monitors before progressing sufficiently to make it practical for larger TVs.

Furthermore, since PC monitors began to offer a native 16:9, 1,920 x 1,080 resolution rather than 1,920 x 1,200 (16:10), the distinction between a TV and monitor display has become even more hazy.

Samsung Syncmaster B2030 Review
Samsung Syncmaster B2030 Review

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We created the Samsung b2030 monitor for those who do not want to settle for ordinary. The panel’s initial depth is. View the free manual for the Samsung syncmaster b2030 here. However, this does not always imply a bad thing to your lcd monitor. We created the Samsung b2030 monitor for those who do not want to settle for ordinary lcd monitor.

Recent samsung syncmaster b2030n reviews and ratings from real customers. Specifications for the Samsung Syncmaster B2030. On tech2 gadgets, you can find the most recent and upcoming tech gadgets. Samsung syncmaster games b2030hd lcd fernseher: The 20 b2030 is reasonably priced at around $150.00.

Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (x64, x86) category: Samsung’s service is excellent. It has a straightforward design with a bright backlight and good contrast. Meteor showers, a comet, asteroids, and other phenomena The monitor is recommended for its dynamic contrast, despite its slow adjustment time.

Samsung Syncmaster B2030 Review
Samsung Syncmaster B2030 Review

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It is undeniably successful in terms of aesthetics. It’s finished in Samsung’s signature shiny black plastic, and the bezel’s curves are pleasing to the eye. At this price point, the transparent curved edging with a blue light projecting down into it at the bottom is particularly stylish to right corner.

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The monitor has no physical buttons, and the touch-sensitive controls were occasionally unresponsive, so we relied on the rather plasticky but functional remote control. The OSD display is large and colorfully illustrated – it’s clearly designed to be used from a distance and does require a lot of scrolling up and down to the images and video rights reserved.


The B2230HD is arguably a little large in comparison to some designer monitors and many LED-backlit models, but considering it has to pack in a lot of TV-related connectivity, it is well proportioned. It weighs 4.91Kg, and Samsung thoughtfully built a handle into the back of the chassis to make it easy to pick up and carry.

Setting up the screen couldn’t be simpler: simply insert the stand into the oval base, slide the screen on top color, and tighten everything down with the screw underneath. Of course, for the price money, no height adjustment is expected, though the display can be angled back 20 degrees and very slightly forward. If you want to secure it to a wall, it also has VESA mounting capabilities and a Kensington lock hole on the back gaming advantage.

Connectivity is reasonable. Because it lacks a DVI port, you’ll have to use one of the two HDMI ports to connect a computer, leaving only one digital connection available for consoles and set-top boxes. There is also a VGA input, but as we will see later, this is best avoided to achieved high image quality with big space storage. Component is another HD input option to conventional monitor.


The bezel is made up of rounded edges and slightly pendulous, bulgy panels. The finish is uniformly glossy black. The bottom edge is arced and accented with a plastic strip for the sole purpose of adding some aesthetic condiments to the model, which it does successfully to your pc monitor for a better viewing angle. The stand also has a similar appearance. It’s oval and fits snugly to the frame, but the height can’t be adjusted, and there’s no swivel or tilt for your clarity comparison.

VGA and DVI-D inputs are available ( HDCP compliant). There are a lot of software features, but no multimedia or webcam options, so this is a basic users visual display with no frills. Internally, it has Magic Bright, which controls and optimizes the brightness and contrast of the screens with a single click photo. Other features include customizable Keys, Magic Angle, and so on movies category links.

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Screen Size

  • 20″ wide


  • 1600 x 900


  • 250 cd/㎡

Contrast Ratio

  • 50000:1 (DC)

Response time

  • 5ms

Viewing Angle

  • 170Ëš/160Ëš (CR>10)

Multimedia Speakers

  • No

Special Features

  • MagicBright3, MagicEco, MagicAngle, MagicReturnOff, Magic

Product Dimension

  • with stand, (WxHxD)
  • 492 x 396 x 178 mm

Shipment Weight

  • 5.5Kg


  • VGA + DVI
  • 1600 x 900
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 250cd/m² Brightness
  • 170°/160° Viewing Angle
  • 5ms Response Time reality
  • 16.7 Million Colors


The first thing you’ll notice about Samsung Syncmaster B2030 any monitor is its UI for its price, which is probably the most important part because this is where we’ll be configuring things. Samsung’s user interface is quite good here so order now. It appears near the touch sensitive buttons rather than in the center, and it is simply laid out and easy to see. We have proprietary stuff like Magic Bright, which is nothing more than a collection of presets, for setting options in good price.

In this case, turning on Dynamic contrast produces the best image, with a very bright and vibrant image. The backlight was extremely bright, and we were pleasantly surprised by the contrast content.

On a qualitative level, the brightness and contrast were far above average; however, there is a lag in the automatic brightness adjustment when switching to a darker scene or image in Dynamic contrast mode for users. It works well for browsing and typing on a word processor, but for watching a movie or playing a game, one can manually adjust the brightness to an optimal level, which for us is around 55, and the contrast to a high level of 90 second. The black depth is also very good due to the healthy contrast.

In terms of colors, the monitor has some blue saturation issues, but this can be adjusted in the menu. Again, motion performance is excellent; we encountered no serious motion blur issues on its new monitor.

CONCLUSION On Samsung Syncmaster B2030 Review

This Samsung monitor is a very nice piece for Rs. 8700. It has a straightforward design with a bright backlight and good contrast. Colors are also very accurate. The monitor is recommended for its dynamic contrast, despite its slow adjustment time.

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FAQs On Samsung Monitor

Why is my Samsung monitor not working?

The most common reason for a blank monitor is that it has been turned off, is hibernating, or is on a screen saver and will wake up with input. Assuming that is not the case, troubleshooting entails determining whether the problem is with the monitor or with the device to which it is connected.

How do I access the settings for my Samsung monitor?

Press the menu button on the monitor to display the Function Key Guide to access the basic picture settings. Select the Menu, followed by the On-Screen Display. The control button on the monitor will vary depending on the model: many have it front and center, just below the SAMSUNG logo.

How do I change my Samsung monitor to HDMI?

Connect one end of the power cord to the monitor’s back and the other to an outlet. Next, plug one end of the cable into an HDMI, Display port, DVI, or VGA port on your computer. After that, plug the other end of the cable into the monitor. Use an adapter to connect the two devices if necessary.

What is the issue if the monitor does not display?

If the monitor’s light remains off, it is not receiving power from the wall outlet or the power adapter. Unplug the monitor power cable, wait about 30 seconds, reconnect the cable, and then turn on the monitor. This resets the monitor’s electronics.

Why does Samsung use VA panels?

The primary benefit of VA panels is contrast. Because of their perpendicular crystal alignment, they have more control over the light passing through each pixel, making dark scenes and areas look less grey / have better black levels.

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