What is Samsung Pass App? [2023] (Answered!)

What is Samsung Pass App? Recording internet login credentials and passwords are quickly becoming one of the greatest time drains of everyday business, especially as there are still more accounts and services available to us.

If you find yourself resetting passwords on a regular basis, it may be time to install a free password organizer such as Samsung Pass.

What is Samsung Pass App
What is Samsung Pass App

What is Samsung Pass App?

Samsung Pass is a safe and simple method to utilize your phone’s biometrics to sign in to websites and apps. After scanning your fingerprints, you can sign in without entering your ID or password. There’s no need to remember all of your account IDs and passwords with Samsung Pass.

Clear, Simple, and Integrated  

When you use your biometrics to sign to websites and apps on your phone, Samsung Pass autofill provides a safe and convenient manner of doing so  

You need to download Samsung Pass right now!

It is possible to login credentials without entering your ID and password once your fingerprints have been scanned.

With Samsung Pass, you won’t have to remember all of your account IDs and passwords since Samsung Pass will do it for you.

Clear, Simple and Integrated
Clear, Simple and Integrated


  • It’s similar to a password management system in terms of functionality
  • It is significantly more effective than simply remembering the letters and digits in a code.
  •  Enables you to use biometric data such as your fingerprints, your face, or your irises to authenticate your identity.
  •  According to Samsung, it offers a faster, easier, and more secure login.

Pro’s and Con’s of Using Samsung Pass App Review

3 Amazing Benefits of Samsung Pass App

The flawless connection between hardware and software is one of the most appealing aspects of Samsung Pass in your galaxy note.

From the start, it’s clear that the functionality was created for Samsung phones.

So, as a consumer, what does this mean for you?

Let’s start with a look at some of the advantages of using Samsung Pass.

1. It is Free To Use!!

No one can beat the word FREE! Am I correct?

Samsung Pass will be available to you as long as you have an account and have purchased a Samsung phone or galaxy device from Samsung.

If you haven’t previously, go to your settings and seek “Samsung Pass” under the Biometrics and Security option.

This is what it should look like:

The Samsung Pass Look in your Phone
The Samsung Pass Look in your Phone

To enable the function, press “Start” to set up all of your phone’s biometrics, such as fingerprint ID, Face ID, or iris scan.

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There are no additional fees or charges.

It’s completely free, which is a great plus.

2. Samsung Pass Autofill is Quick and Secure

To unlock everything else, you must first save your username and master password before using Samsung Pass.

[Don’t worry; you can reset your password just like any other website or app.]

As you do so, pop-up displays asking if you wish to use biometrics to sign in from now on.

You’re done once you’ve tapped ‘Remember.’

There’s no need to re-enter your password if you’ve forgotten it.

Autofill is Quick and Secure
Autofill is Quick and Secure

The option to log in to the site Samsung Pass appear whenever you visit the site again.

Save card information with Samsung Pass
Save card information with Samsung Pass

With a single finger, face, or eye, you may insert credit card information to pay for things on Amazon Prime, for example, and instantly obtain access to all of your other Android apps.

3.  It’s More Than a Password Manager

The final advantage I’ll highlight is that Samsung Pass goes above and beyond what a typical password manager can do.

Samsung Pass was promoted as a solution that could “replace IDs and passwords entirely” when it was initially released in 2016.

They even predict it might eventually take the place of physical keys to your home or car.

While this is still years away (hopefully), it does illustrate another advantage of a password manager system.

In addition to making purchases by merely looking at your phone (iris scan), Samsung Pass can also be used to provide a second sort of two-factor authentication.

There are numerous applications for this, both today and in the future.

Goodbye Password Managers
Goodbye Password Managers

3 Disadvantages of Using Samsung Pass

1. Limited to Samsung Device Only

Samsung Pass has the main disadvantage of not working on non-Samsung devices.

For the same reasons, I don’t advocate utilizing the Chrome password manager.

Passwords must be entered on all non-Samsung devices (such as computers, smart TVs, and so on).

The beginning may not seem like much, but consider this:

  • The goal of a password management app is to store super-strong passwords.
  • To gain access to your Samsung Pass account, you’ll have to write down the secure password you created.
  • It becomes difficult and not worthwhile.

2. Does not Work on Other Browsers

Samsung Pass is a good tool, however, it has certain drawbacks.

Most importantly, the capability doesn’t operate with widely-used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

To log in using Samsung Pass, you’ll need to utilize the default Samsung Internet app on your Samsung phone, which is located in the Applications folder.

How did I do?

It’s not compatible with every app.

Only the apps that support Samsung Pass autofill technology.

Samsung AllShare can be used to broadcast content to your Samsung Smart TV.

But again, it becomes ludicrous.

Even Apple has loosened its ecosystem restrictions.

3. Lack of Security Process

Lastly, let’s assume that you set secure passwords for all of your online logins, and you use Samsung Pass to store them.

There are a few security issues:

  • How is that password vault protected?
  • Where is the password vault stored?

Samsung only discloses the basic sort of encryption used with Samsung Pass: the system is connected with the Knox platform.

Make sure to save all of your protected passwords in this application.

If this gets stolen or hacked, you’re in trouble!

Your data is probably safe with Samsung, but I wish they were more upfront about the method rather than asking consumers to trust the software blindly.

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So, are there any Samsung Pass alternatives that might assist you with all of this?

However, each of the ones I’ll list below has a few advantages over Samsung Pass, such as:

They are available for download and usage on any device, not just Samsung devices.

  • Strong Password Generator: They’re all designed to help you create passwords that are exceptionally secure.
  • Transparent Encryption & Storage: All of them offer 256-bit encryption and the option of storing locally or in the cloud.

Important Note: Finally, you are aware of the Samsung Pass Autofill’s advantages and disadvantages.

And there’s no harm in giving it a shot because, as a Samsung user, I find it really handy.

See how to utilize the Samsung Pass in the instructions below.

4 Easy Steps in Using Samsung Pass

Important Note: Please keep in mind that in order to utilize Samsung Pass, you’ll need the following:

  • At the very least, your phone should be running Android 8. (Oreo).
  • If you want to connect to a website, you’ll need to use the Internet app and be connected to the internet (through Wi-Fi or mobile data).

In just a few simple steps, you can set up Samsung Pass:

1. Go to “Settings,” then “Lock Screen and Security.” Select Samsung Pass from the drop-down menu.

2. You’ll be asked to sign in to your Samsung account, which will serve as the master key to your Samsung Pass vault.

3. You’ll be required to register at least one biometric — your fingerprint, face, or irises — once you’ve logged in to your Samsung account (on compatible devices).

Fingerprint to Acess Samsung Pass
Fingerprint to Acess Samsung Pass

4. Following registration, you’ll be given the option to add Samsung Pass to your applications screen, allowing you to instantly access your vault.

After you’ve completed those procedures, utilizing Samsung Pass is a breeze. The following is how it works:

1. When you use the Samsung Internet browser to access a secure login page, you simply input your username and password as usual.

2. When you click “Sign in,” Samsung Pass will ask you if you want to save your login details. Select “Remember.”

3. The next time you visit that site, you’ll be asked to log in with your fingerprint, face, or iris recognition. Apps that are compatible with Samsung Pass must follow the same steps.

4 Steps in Using Samsung Pass Autofill

Samsung Pass autofill allows you to fill in forms and payment information automatically.

Aside from managing passwords, Samsung Pass may also be used to autofill forms with your address, contact information, and payment information, amongst other things.

Here’s how to get going:

1. Samsung Pass is now open (either from the Settings menu or from your apps screen). Select the “Autofill forms” option from the drop-down menu.

2. Tap “Add address,” fill in the blanks, and then “Save.” If necessary, you can add multiple addresses, such as one for work and one for home.

3. To register credit and debit card information, go to the “Add card” tab.

4. You’ll be requested to autofill forms with these registered details as you encounter forms within the Samsung Internet browser, just as you were with the biometric login process.

6 Steps in Disabling Samsung Autofill

How to stop Samsung Pass from bothering you when you try to save passwords on your Samsung phone.

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1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
2. Scroll down to General Management and touch it.
3. Select Language and then Input.
4. Select the Autofill option.

Disable Samsung Pass 2

5. Select the Autofill service once more.
6.Choose another autofill service from the drop-down menu (you may also elect not to have an autofill service by tapping None).

Disable Samsung Pass 3

That’s a wrap! 

The knowledge that, while Samsung Pass is convenient, it is not the only service choice available to you provides a sense of security.

The password managers Password and LastPass are used by a number of my colleagues here at Android Central.

If you’re looking for anything else, there are a plethora of good password managers to choose from.

Delete Your Samsung Pass Saved Data

  • In Samsung Pass, you can remove your passwords and saved information. You can either erase specific app and website data or all of it.
  • Go to Settings > Samsung Pass > input your biometric data to log in > Delete all saved data Menu (top right corner, three dots) > Settings > Delete data
  • To erase specific data, go to Settings > Samsung Pass, log in with your biometric data, and then delete or amend your stored data by clicking on the individual app or website displayed.
Delete Data
What is Samsung Pass App? [2023] (Answered!)

To Recap.

What is the Samsung Pass App?

Samsung Pass is a safe and simple method to sign in to websites and apps on your phone using biometrics. Once your fingerprints are scanned, you can sign in without entering your ID and password. Samsung Pass eliminates the need to memorize all of your account IDs and passwords.

My Samsung Pass Review and Recommendation  

Do I think Samsung Pass is a decent option?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy, it’s an appealing alternative that I’d continue to utilize.

However, It’s not a good substitute for a password manager.

It does not assist you in creating strong passwords or provide cross-platform interoperability.

While you may use Samsung Pass on your phone if you have to, I recommend using a good password manager to help you generate better passwords and assess how good your password profile is.

Frequently Asked Questions On Samsung Pass

Is Samsung Pass available on various devices?

Samsung Pass may be used on up to five devices at the same time, seamlessly.  

Using the same Samsung account on multiple devices will keep your saved website list and passwords up to date on all of them.  

The fingerprints you use on each device will need to be registered

After removing my biometric data from my Galaxy phone, can I still use Samsung Pass?

Deleting all of your registered fingerprints will deactivate the Samsung Pass.

To reactivate Samsung Pass on your phone, a user verification process is required.

In order to use Samsung Pass, you must first register at least one fingerprint with the company.

Is Samsung Pass Secure?

Yes, Samsung Pass is safe to use!

The safest location in your phone is protected by the Samsung Pass biometric encryption feature.

Because your biometric information is stored on your phone, the public key associated with your registered biometrics is used to authenticate you on third-party websites.

Is Samsung Pass accessible on a number of different devices?

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