How Wide Is A 80-Inch TV? (Everything You Should Know)

Despite its name, an 80-inch TV is not 80 inches wide. The dimensions are 39.1 inches wide by 69.6 inches tall, although some ultra-slim televisions are broader and taller. 

Taking into account merely the proportions of the screen, the actual dimensions of a television are frequently larger or lower than its claimed size. Remember that the TV frame and bezel may add between 0.5 and 3 inches to the overall dimension.

For the optimum viewing experience, the diagonal of a television must be at eye level to determine the optimal viewing angle. 

How Wide Is A 80-Inch TV?
How Wide Is A 80-Inch TV?

Use the Calculator Below:


Therefore, it is essential to establish where you will set the television to avoid neck or eye strain. Evaluate the TV’s resolution. Most modern televisions feature 4K or 8K resolution; however, smaller, less expensive ones are still HD (1080p or 720p).

How Big a Room Should an 80-Inch Television Be?

First, assess the room’s dimensions. Although a television with a screen size of 80 inches is a stunning piece of technology, most living rooms have a maximum screen size of 50 inches. Your preferences and viewing angle will determine the screen size. 

Although you may be able to change the furniture and other parts of the room to make it more comfortable, it is preferable to have more space to sit comfortably in front of the television.

The initial step in calculating the room size is to assess the television’s viewing distance. By dividing the viewing distance by 2.5, the minimum and maximum screen sizes can be calculated. 

Using these parameters, you can exclude displays smaller than 48 inches. Remember that these are approximate recommendations. Refrain from basing your decision on the display size since your dimensions will be significantly larger.

How Wide Is an 80-Inch Television?

Examine the screen size of an 80-inch television to establish its width. This is the screen’s actual size, excluding the stand and bezel. The average viewing distance is nine feet. Thus the screen area of an 80-inch television is approximately 120 inches. 

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Next, add two to three more inches for the stand and bezel. Then, measure the distance between the legs and determine the optimal placement height for the television on the stand.

A television with an 80-inch display is the most common size. However, selecting one that is too tiny can result in a mismatch between your television and couch. For optimal viewing, choose a model with a larger screen.

If you cannot decide between a large and a small screen, you should seek a Samsung television with an 80-inch screen. This screen size enables you to view a variety of content.

How Wide Is A 80-Inch Television?
How Wide Is A 80-Inch Television?

80-Inch TV Dimensions: Best Viewing For A Large TV

Calculating the size of your television’s screen is relatively easy. It’s pretty simple once you know what to do. First, most televisions are measured inches from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. So, for instance, an 80-inch television measures 80 inches from the bottom left to the top right or the bottom right to the top left of the screen.

However, the proportions of an 80-inch screen vary depending on the TV’s frame. The dimensions of an 80-inch television are 39.1 by 69.6 inches, which is a good size. However, the majority of ultraslim televisions maximize the screen and minimize the frame. Consequently, the size may be slightly larger.

Typically, the relative viewing area of each TV screen is dictated by the TV screen’s dimensions. However, because the TV dimensions do not include the bezel, stand, and frame, this does not reflect how your television will look in a specific room.

80-Inch Television Size Length and Breadth

Like most others, I always needed clarification about the screen size and the actual size of the television. However, even though a display is 80 inches, it will still require an 80-inch TV stand or wall mount.

To calculate the actual dimensions, you must consider the width and height of the television, as well as its bezel and frame. Typically, these elements add between 0.5 and 3 inches to the overall width and height. Using a stand will add additional inches to this measurement.

What Are the Actual Width and Height of an 80-Inch Television?

As previously stated, an 80-inch television has a width of 69.6 inches and a height of 39.1 inches. Therefore, when purchasing a television stand, keep the following dimensions in mind to determine which stand is optimal for your screen.

Technically, an 80-inch television is quite enormous and may easily dominate any space. To avoid this, mounting the television is preferable to placing it on a TV stand. Using a TV stand may even make the television appear out of proportion with the room. When mounted, it effortlessly blends in with the room’s features.

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Where Should I Place My Television in the Living Room?

The ideal viewing distance for an 80-inch television is 3 to 6 meters. However, any distance between 3 and 8 meters should suffice.

How does one locate a TV Viewing Area?

Multiply the height and width of a television to determine its viewing area. Since we’re talking about the 90-inch size, let’s use an 80-inch television as an illustration. To get the entire viewing area, multiply 3.91 by 69.9, resulting in a viewing area of 2733.09 inches.

80-Inch Television Size, Length And Width
80-Inch Television Size, Length And Width

How to Locate the Ideal TV Angle

Place the television directly in front of your eyes for optimal visual quality and to avoid eye strain while watching. The best viewing angle is 15 degrees up or down; your eyes should only move up to 40 degrees to the left or right.

This posture allows you to binge-watch your favorite television series without straining your eyes or neck. How about illumination? How does it impact your viewing experience?

Never position your television directly behind a substantial light source. The brightness of the lights and screen will cause eye strain. Unfortunately, it is also distracting, so your viewing experience will be poor.


Have you ever tried watching television with a crooked neck? Or a video on your smartphone? It’s pretty unpleasant.

This typically occurs when the TV needs to be balanced. Thus, your picture needs to be more balanced. Whether using a stand or mounting your television, ensure it is balanced to avoid discomfort.

How Far Should You Sit Back From an 80-Inch Television?

Viewing Distance

TVs often come with optimal viewing distance and angle specifications. However, the optimal viewing experience is achieved when the screen occupies around 40 degrees of your field of view. To determine this, multiply your screen size by 1.5 to obtain the minimum viewing distance. You are multiplying it by three yields the maximum viewing distance.

Therefore, when considering the measurements of an 80-inch television, the minimum and maximum sitting distances are 3 and 6 meters, respectively. Therefore, you should sit between 10 and 20 feet from your screen.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle is the maximum angle from which the screen may be viewed with optimal clarity. Due to differences in pixel brightness, the current flowing from screen components, and overall engineering, the visual views of various televisions vary.

The visual quality degrades at specific viewing angles, particularly from the side. Therefore, the optimal viewing angle is immediately opposite the television.

When to Consider Purchasing an 80-Inch or Larger Television

Consider purchasing an 80-inch television if:

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1. You Have a Spacious Living Room or Space

I did not purchase the 80-inch television I desired due to a lack of room. However, if your living room is sufficiently spacious or if you desire a home theater, opt for the more prominent 80-inch screen. I chose a 65-inch television after assessing my available space. Does this imply that persons with limited space cannot obtain a large television? Not even close

If you must have an 80-inch television, but your room is still limited, install your television and omit the stand. It will appear proportional and won’t overpower your living room or appear strange.

How Far Should You Sit Back From An 80-Inch TV?
How Far Should You Sit Back From An 80-Inch TV?

2. A Large Number of Viewers Will Use It

Choose an 80-inch television if you have a large family and want everyone to watch movies without constraints. It’s also fantastic if you enjoy entertainment.

3. Gaming and Filmmaking

I’m a casual, modest TV viewer, so I chose a smaller screen size when I realized the available room wouldn’t accommodate an 80-inch television. However, a huge TV is your best option if you are fond of the internet, prefer viewing high-definition films, or are a gamer.

I learned a few things while looking for a large TV. First, purchasing a large television is only sometimes the most excellent decision, especially in spaces with limited space. It will be incredibly improper and will make your television room appear odd.

Second, because most televisions have a high resolution, sitting closer will provide a more immersive experience, especially if you’re aiming for a cinematic atmosphere.

FAQs On How Wide Is A 80-Inch TV

How broad is an 80-inch television?

The width of the television screen is 65.9 inches from left to right, excluding the frame. 40.5″ is the height of the TV screen.

Is 80 TV too big?

The optimal viewing distance for a 60-inch TV is roughly 8 feet. Seventy inches is recommended at a distance of about 10 feet, and 80 inches or more is suggested at greater distances. If you increase the size of your television screen, your couch may need to be pushed back farther.

How high and wide is an 85-inch television?

An 85-inch television is 74.5 inches tall and 13.3 inches wide. This huge television has a diagonal measurement of up to 4ft 9 with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

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