How To Open Samsung Remote [2023]? (Easy and Fast Guide)

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In light of this, how do you disassemble a television remote control?

Make sure you get a clear sight of all of the buttons and any sliding switches that are located on the side of the remote control device.

When you open the remote, it’s possible that those slide switches will fly out.

Then run a butter knife down the seam, looking for “give.”

This will allow you to separate the halves.

Pry the parts apart by pressing in at the designated locations.

Following that, the question becomes, why is my remote not working?

Remove both batteries from the remote by opening the battery compartment on the back of the device.

For 20 seconds, press and hold any button on the remote control.

Release the button and re-insert the batteries in the correct positions.

If the remote does not function properly, it is possible that something is wrong with the remote or with the remote sensor on the television set.

Also, it’s important to understand how to unlock a Samsung remote control.

Samsung remote control for SAMSUNG Smart 3D LCD LED HDTV TV | Shopee  Philippines
How To Open Samsung Remote

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How To Open Samsung Remote

To open a Samsung remote, you must first remove the back cover. The exact method varies depending on the model, but in general, you can open the rear cover by pushing it in the direction of the arrow at the bottom of the remote control. Another option is to flip the remote over and slide the back cover off. Some users recommend pressing down on a flat surface instead of pressing an arrow button on the remote’s back side. Once the back cover has been removed, you can replace or insert new batteries as needed.

What is causing my Samsung remote control to malfunction?

Remove the batteries from the remote and then press the Power button for 8 seconds to reset it.

After that, reinstall the batteries and attempt to use the remote control once more.

Check to determine if the remote is emitting an infrared (IR) signal before using it for the first time.

Either purchase a digital camera or make use of the camera on your smartphone or tablet to capture memories.

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What is causing my television to not respond to my remote?

Low batteries are frequently the cause of remote control that will not respond to or control your television.

Make certain that the remote is pointing at the television.

Aside from other gadgets, certain types of lighting, or something obscuring the TV remote sensor, there may be something interfering with or interfering with the signal.

What is the best way to operate my Samsung remote control?

Using the On-Screen Remote to Navigate

In order to display the On-Screen Remote on the television’s screen, press the MENU/123 button on the Samsung Smart Control.

To enter numbers and control the playback of content, use the On-Screen Remote Control.

Select buttons at the top of the screen to access the TV’s features and capabilities, exactly as you would with a traditional remote control.

How To Open Samsung Remote?

Teardown of the Samsung QLED TV Smart Remote

Step 1: Disassemble the Samsung QLED TV Smart Remote.

Samsung QLED TV Smart Remote with Voice Command via Samsung's Bixby, and WiFi Direct


To open the Samsung Smart TV Remote, flip the remote over and slide the back cover down in the direction on the indicators.


The rest of the remote is held together with plastic clips.


To open the remote enclosure, a Plastic Opening Tool can be use to start the separation of the enclosure seam via the large clip opening areas.  Then a Spudger Tool can be used to pry open the enclosure.


Once the enclosure has been opened, the top part of the enclosure, and rubber membrane keypad can be reviewed.


To remove the PCB from the enclosure, use the Spudger Tool to gentle pry up on both sides of  the bottom part of the PCB near the battery compartment area.  This will release the PCB from the PCB enclosure.


A close inspection of the tactile button side of the PCB revealed two small holes.  These small holes turned out to be port openings for dual MEMS Microphones found in the remote.


Location of  MEMS Microphone on the topside of the remote enclosure.


There are acoustic gaskets in contact with each MEMS microphone when the enclosure is assembled.


Turning our attention to the backside of the PCB,  we can review the components that give the remote its functionality.  There are a number of discrete parts, transistors, and power supply ICs. Plus the components that were cross referenced listed below.  Some parts could not be cross referenced.  Leave comment if you know a part.


Teardown Exploded Views of the Frontside and Backside of Samsung QLED TV Remote

What Can I do If I LOSE my Samsung Remote?

The Samsung SmartThings app allows you to control your television from anywhere in the world.

Connect your phone to your television and then open the SmartThings app on your phone.

Choose your television from the list of available devices on your computer.

You can then make use of the remote control functions from there.

What is the best way to turn on my Samsung TV without using the remote?

The TV Controller may also be located on the back of the television, in the bottom right corner, depending on how you are viewing the television.

The control stick may be used to navigate up and down as well as side to side – when you push the middle button, the menu options will show on the television screen.

To turn on or off the television, hold down the center button for a long period of time.

Is it possible to use my phone as a remote control for my television?

Configure the remote control application

The Android TV Remote Control app may be found in the Play Store and downloaded to your phone.

Connect your phone and Android TV to the same Wi-Fi network so that they may communicate.

Select the name of your Android TV from the drop-down menu.

What should you do if you have misplaced your television remote?

Installing a Remote Control Application

The Android TV Remote Control application is compatible with Android televisions.

It is possible to use the Easy Universal TV Remote software with a variety of televisions.

The Apple TV app is responsible for controlling your Apple TV.

There are apps that operate with smart TVs from LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic Viera, and other manufacturers, as well as from third-party developers.

How to Change a Samsung tv’s Remote Control Batteries

Depending on the model of the television, there are normally three sorts of remote controls.

The technique for replacing the battery varies depending on the type of remote control.

Smart Remote Control for Samsung

The Samsung smart remote control comes in two varieties.


Step 1: Open the rear cover in the direction indicated by the arrow at the bottom of the remote control.

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Grab the remote control with both hands, as illustrated below.

Then, using your thumbs, push it forward.

battery replace1 1img 61d3922d7cffc 2022 01 4

Step 2: Put in the batteries (1.5 V AA type).

Check that the positive and negative ends are pointing in the right way.

Step 3: Replace the rear cover.

battery replace2img 61d3922dd9213 2022 01 4

Typing 2>

Step 1: Press the arrow button on the Samsung Smart Remote’s top back.

The body will protrude slightly beyond the body cover.

Step 2: Flip the remote over and move the remote’s body upwards until the battery compartment is uncovered.

Step 3: If there are batteries in the remote, remove them by pressing the right and left arrow keys on both sides of the battery compartment.

Step 4: Insert two new 1.5 V AAA batteries into the battery compartment, ensuring sure that the polarities (positive, negative) are correctly orientated.

When finished, move the remote’s body back to its original position.

Step 5: Flip the remote over, push and hold the button on the top rear, and then slide the remote’s body down into position.

battery replace type2img 61d3922e552f6 2022 01 4

Standard Samsung Remote Control

Step 1: Gently pull on the notch on the battery cover, then remove the cover completely once it is loose.

Step 2: Insert two AAA alkaline batteries, making sure the positive and negative polarities are correctly aligned.

Step 3: Place the remote control’s battery cover on top of the remote control and insert the cover into the remote control.

Step 4: Slide the battery cover in an above-shown manner until the cover is completely attached to the remote control.

 BONUS: On Samsung Smart TVs, learn how to access and use Samsung applications.

Create a Samsung Account by following these instructions.

When configuring a Samsung television for the first time, you should create a Samsung account.

From the Home screen, select Settings > General > System Manager > Samsung Account > Sign out of Samsung Account.

To get started, create an account and then follow the on-screen instructions.

In addition to utilizing your email address, you can log in with a Facebook or PayPal account to set up your Samsung user account.

NOTE: For devices that were released prior to 2017, go to Settings from the Home screen and then System Settings>Samsung Account from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of the Samsung Account option on a Samsung smart TV

How to Log Into Your Account on Your Television Set

The ability to access apps that demand payment for content or gameplay is provided by logging into your Samsung account on the TV.

1. On your remote control, press the MENU/123 button.

2. From the upper left-hand corner of the screen, select the Menu option.

3. Select Smart Hub > Samsung Account > Sign In from the drop-down menu.

4. Enter your email address and password in the appropriate fields.

5. Select Sign In once more.

6. Select a picture that will help you recognize your account from others.

7. Click on the Done button.

NOTE: It is possible that the Netflix app will no longer work on Samsung Smart TVs from 2010 and 2011. If your television is affected, you will see a warning message on your screen when this occurs.

From 2015 to the Present, people have been accessing and using applications.

The Tizen Operating System was first introduced by Samsung in 2015 and serves as the foundation for the Smart Hub interface, which allows users to access all TV functionalities, including how Samsung Apps are displayed and accessible.

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When you turn on the television, the home menu is displayed at the bottom of the screen across the entire screen.

If this is the case, press the Home or Smart Hub button on your remote control (different models use different buttons).

1. The Home (Smart Hub) screen, first and foremost, provides access to general television settings, sources (physical connections), cable and satellite service, as well as a web browser.

Aside from that, pre-loaded apps (such as those from Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu) are also displayed, as well as a menu option titled Apps.

Add Apps to Samsung Smart TV – Step 1

2. Then, choose Apps to get a full-screen display of the pre-loaded apps in My Apps, as well as connections to other categories including “What’s New,” “Most Popular,” “Video,” “Lifestyle,” “Entertainment,” and “What’s On.””

Among the categories are pre-loaded and suggested apps that you can download and install before putting them on your home screen’s application selection bar.

You may use the Search tool, which can be found in the upper right corner of any of the app menu screens, in order to determine whether or not an app is accessible in the Samsung Apps store if you’re looking for something that isn’t on the list.

Following the procedures indicated above, you should be able to download and install the program you’ve been looking for.

3. If you see an app in one of the categories that you’d like to add to your My Apps category, select the icon for that app from the drop-down menu.

Add Apps to Samsung Smart TV – Step 3

4. Following your selection of an app, you’ll be sent to the app’s installation page, which has information on the program’s features as well as some sample screenshots demonstrating how the app operates.

5. To download the application, click Install.

Add Apps to Samsung Smart TV – Step 4

Please keep in mind that while most apps may be downloaded and installed for free, some may demand a price, and some free apps may require a separate subscription or pay-per-video fee in order to access some material.

If you are required to make a payment, you will be prompted to enter your payment information.

6. When the software has been successfully installed, you will be prompted to launch it. If you don’t want to use the app right away after installing it, you can use it at a later time.


Samsung Apps improve the content available on both smart TVs and Blu-ray players.

Learn more about the numerous Samsung apps and which Samsung apps are the best now that you know how to use your remote and use Samsung Apps.

Many apps are also available through Samsung’s Blu-ray Disc players and Galaxy smartphones, in addition to its smart TVs.

Not all Samsung Apps, however, are available for usage on all Samsung App-enabled devices.

 Frequently Ask Questions

How do I get my Samsung TV remote to work?

Press the arrow button on the Samsung Smart Remote’s top rear. The body will protrude slightly beyond the body cover. Step 2. Turn the remote over and slide the body of the remote upwards to reveal the battery compartment.

How do you open a remote control?

Use a butter knife or another dull tool to pry open the remote.

Look for a crack running along the remote’s side or edge. Most remotes are made up of two plastic halves. You can access the internal electronics by separating the halves. Wedge the dull tool into the crack, pry up the cover, and pop it off with your hands.

How can I pair my Samsung remote with my television?

The remote control sensor is typically situated on the lower right side of most Samsung televisions. If it isn’t there, it’s in the bottom middle.

Then, for at least 3 seconds, press and hold the Return and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously. The Smart Remote will begin to sync with your TV.


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