How To Fix Prime Video Not Working On LG TV? (6 Easy Fixes To Try)

Do you experience issues with the Amazon Prime Video app on your LG Smart TV? Prime Video app difficulties, a weak internet connection, and an outdated version of the prime video app are a few potential causes. Several troubleshooting procedures will be required to fix the LG Smart TV’s inability to play Amazon Prime content.

Prime Video Not Working On LG Smart TV
Prime Video Not Working On LG Smart TV

Prime Video is a streaming service that gives Amazon Prime members access to hundreds of free videos. Amazon Originals, which are films and television shows produced by Amazon Studios and MGM Holdings or under license from them, are the service’s primary offerings.

In addition, it offers video purchases and rentals, third-party content, content add-ons, and live sporting events. Amazon Prime Video provides access to a vast library of films and television programs, all of which are viewable in up to 4K Ultra HD quality, HDR, and may be downloaded for offline viewing on mobile devices.

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Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working On LG TV


One of the problems you may have when using your LG television is when Amazon Prime Video does not function. This can be difficult for LG intelligent TV customers, particularly if they wish to stream Prime Video content.

Here are the recommended troubleshooting steps to resolve the Amazon Prime Video issue on your LG television. Before we continue, please ensure that the firmware on your LG television is up to date.


In this circumstance, you should verify your internet connection as a first step since it could be the source of the problem. For example, check your internet speed using the browser on your LG smart TV or a device connected to your Wi-Fi or router, like a laptop or smartphone.

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Prime Video recommends a minimum download speed of 1MB/s for standard definition (SD) content and 5MB/s for high definition (HD) content. In addition, Prime Video will offer the highest quality streaming experience possible, based on the available bandwidth speed.


  • Open your browser on your LG TV or computer. Choose whichever web browser you prefer.
  • Then, enter to determine your Internet speed. The speed test website is one of the most widely used online tools for measuring connection speed.
  • Select the Start button. By pressing the Go button, the speed test will begin.
  • Await the completion of the speed test findings. Determine how quick your download and upload speeds are.

Your internet connection speed statistics should correspond to your internet service provider’s membership plan.

To view Amazon Prime Video, users must have a stable internet connection. You can restart your network equipment or Wi-Fi to determine if slow, intermittent, or nonexistent internet is the consequence of a device problem. In addition, a network reset may be helpful if you’re having problems with Amazon Prime Video.

  • Unplug the power wires from your Modem and Router’s power outlets.
  • After one minute, reconnect your modem and router to the power supply and switch on the devices.
  • Wait till the lights come back on.
Easy Ways To Fix Prime Video Not Working On LG TV
Easy Ways To Fix Prime Video Not Working On LG TV

Prime Video viewers can take the following measures to achieve a consistent Wi-Fi internet connection:

  • While utilizing Prime Video, you should attempt disconnecting all other devices from the Wi-Fi router. This helps the device maximize its utilization of internet bandwidth.
  • Move the device or television closer to the wireless router. This will enable the device to receive a much stronger Wi-Fi signal.
  • If you have a dual-band router, try connecting the streaming device to the 5GHz band rather than the 2.4GHz band.

After completing these procedures, determine if the LG TV’s inability to play Prime Video has been resolved.

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A server outage will prevent you from using the Amazon Prime app on any device. You may encounter error messages, a Prime Video crash, or a loaded spinning circle. Visit DownDetector to assess whether the issue you are experiencing is related to an outage. 

Find out how well Prime Video is performing in your neighborhood. If Prime Video is not working, please wait until they resolve the issue. After Prime Video fixes the issue, you can watch Prime Video content on your LG smart television. If a Prime Video outage is reported, you must wait for the issue to be resolved.


To resolve the Amazon Prime App issue, it is recommended to perform a power reset on your LG TV, disconnect it from the wall, and then turn it back on. Smart televisions may also be rebooted. Your LG smart TV can be turned off with the LG TV’s remote control.


  • Remove the power cord from the back of the television or the electrical outlet, whichever is more convenient.
  • Hold the TV’s power button for three to five seconds.
  • Connect the TV’s power cord and turn it on.


Corrupted app cache data is one of the leading causes of the Amazon Prime app not functioning on your LG TV; to remove this corrupted data, you must clear the Hulu app’s cache. Upon completing this troubleshooting step, you must enter your Amazon Prime username and password.

  • On your television. Choose the Settings icon.
  • In the Apps section of the Settings menu, pick Amazon Prime.
  • Select the Clear cache option from the Storage menu.
  • Please return to the Home screen, select the Amazon Prime app, and test its functionality.


The Amazon Prime application on your LG Smart TV must be updated to remedy any issues. This version includes numerous enhancements and bug fixes, such as those for non-functioning issues.

  • Obtain access to your LG Content Store.
  • Input Amazon Prime into the search bar.
  • Select the symbol for Amazon apps.
  • Tap the Refresh button.
  • Wait for the app update to complete.
  • Relaunch the Amazon Prime app.
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How To Fix Prime Video Not Working On LG TV?
How To Fix Prime Video Not Working On LG TV?


A tainted Amazon Prime app on your LG TV may be causing the issue. To fix this, you must remove and reinstall the Amazon Prime app.

FAQs On Prime Video Not Working On LG TV

Why doesn’t my Amazon Prime video work?

Several causes may contribute to this issue, including Prime video difficulties, a poor internet connection, and an outdated version of Prime Video.

Why is Amazon Prime no longer working on my television?

Try unplugging and rejoining your Wi-Fi router for 30 seconds. Next, sign out and then back into your Amazon Prime Video account. Next, delete the Amazon Prime Video app installed on your device, reinstall it, and log in. Finally, restart the gadget currently in use.

Does Amazon Prime video support LG televisions?

Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming services on LG televisions globally, and its impressive range of content can satisfy every taste or interest. Among its extensive collection of films, television programs, and documentaries are acclaimed Amazon Originals such as The Marvelous Mrs.

How can I remove and reload Prime Video on my LG television?

Using the left arrow on your remote, scroll to the program you wish to delete, then hit the OK button on your remote to choose it. Then, pick the X displayed at the application’s top using the up arrow by pressing OK. A prompt will display asking if you wish to uninstall the application. Choose Yes.

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