The Samsung Warranty [2023]

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Do you know the span of Samsung Warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty is included with all Samsung products.

Please identify your product in the list below to validate the length of your warranty.

You can register your products and set your contact choices with Samsung Members so that you receive emails from us about the products you own.

Optional extended warranties are available from Samsung, including a 5-year home appliance guarantee and a 2-year microwave oven warranty.

You can register and activate your products for these warranty kinds in this section.

The clients’ well-being is the top focus at Samsung.

They are dedicated to ensuring your safety at all times.

The Samsung Warranty [2023]

Samsung Warranty Products

The Samsung Warranty [2023]

Models that weren’t purchased during the eligibility period or that weren’t eligible models will receive Samsung’s regular 1-year parts and labor warranty. Does the warranty cover items that have previously been sold? All eligible products purchased between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023 are covered by the warranty.

Electronic Products that Samsung Warranty Offered

Product Term of Warranty Warranty Services Offered:
Mobile Phones 24 Months Samsung Smartphone repair is available through Samsung Support Centres, Samsung Experience Stores, Doorstep Repair, pick-up services, and other authorized service providers. They assist with both warranty and non-warranty repairs
  Galaxy & Samsung Chromebook 12 Months Please contact Samsung authorized service and they will arrange for a courier to pick up the items.
Samsung Galaxy Tablet 24 Months  Same with mobile phones
Galaxy Book and Samsung Chromebook (LTE/5G) 24 Months Same with Galaxy and Samsung Chromebook
Mobile Accessories and Gear 12 Months Labour & parts
Charger and Batteries 12 Months To schedule a repair, go to their repair pages or contact Samsung authorized service.
Earphones & Headphones 6 Months  Contact the Samsung Repair page Warranty Support Click Here

You can also contact support directly. 1-800-726-7864 or 1-800-SAMSUNG.

General Warranty Information

The warranty card and warranty literature that came with the goods explain the Samsung warranty terms and conditions that come with it.  

The warranty information given with the product may include a specific website address,  in which case the product’s guarantee is as specified on that website address. Such as Samsung TV Warranty, Mobile, Appliance, phone and much more.

The preceding warranty durations and warranty services are solely meant as a guide,  and differences may arise. 

If the warranty card and information included with the product differ from the information  provided above, the warranty card and information included with the product take  precedence.

The Samsung warranty terms begin when the product is purchased for the first time.  The original proof of purchase will be required, as will the serial number applied to the product, which must be intact and undamaged in order to receive warranty servicing.

The warranty covers both material and workmanship problems.  Consumable items contained with or in the product may have a shorter or no warranty Samsung period may be excluded from the warranty.

Specific warranty exclusions will be stated on the warranty card and warranty literature included with the product, which must be examined before requesting service under the warranty (e.g., where a defect is caused by misuse or unauthorized repair of the product).

Please contact Samsung using the information in the Contact Us section to seek warranty help.

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Samsung Local Warranty with Restrictions

Any implied warranty obligations or non-excludable statutory rights that you may have are not intended to be limited, modified, removed, disclaimed, excluded, or postponed by this warranty.

To ensure that the Samsung phone is in proper operating order, it is the duty of the original end-user purchaser (“Product”). 

This device is guaranteed against defects in quality and materials for the duration of the specified Samsung Warranty Period, which begins on the date of original retail purchase and applies to use in a regular, non-commercial environment during the stipulated Samsung Warranty Period.

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To the extent that this warranty does not specifically state otherwise, it covers only faults in material, design, and workmanship in the product’s hardware components as originally supplied.

Please refer to the software’s licensing agreement for more information about any user rights.

This warranty is for a limited time only.

Samsung is only good in Singapore, and there is no international warranty on the product.

Warranty service is only available through a Samsung authorized service center.

This Samsung guarantee is only valid for products purchased in Singapore.

This Samsung guarantee is not valid for products purchased in other countries.

 It is not possible to transfer this warranty.

Samsung does not guarantee that the Product will operate without interruption or errors. 

System setup, software, apps, and your data, as well as operator control of the system, all have an impact on product performance. 

While the Product is thought to be compatible with a variety of systems, you are responsible for determining compatibility and integration with other systems.  

Minor flaws within design standards that do not fundamentally alter the Product’s functionality are not deemed defects under this warranty, for the avoidance of doubt.  

If any section, term, phrase, sentence, or other portion of this warranty is found to be defective, invalid, or unenforceable, it will be changed to the extent necessary to make it lawful and enforceable, without affecting or impairing the remainder.  

Samsung’s waiver of any breach of the warranty terms and conditions does not constitute a continuing waiver of that default or any other default.  

The terms and conditions of this warranty are included only herein, except when otherwise expressly provided, and no other agreement, provision, or statement, whatever of origin, shall be considered as extending, adding to, subtracting from, or otherwise affecting the terms of this guarantee. 

Samsung is not bound by any warranty or guarantee issued by any other person, firm, or corporation with respect to the Product.  

Visit for a complete list of the updated warranty terms and conditions.

Exclusions and Limitations of Samsung Warranty Service

It does not matter whether or not the Product is still within its Guarantee Period; the following situations will invalidate and render this warranty ineffective:

if the serial number, IMEI number, or warranty seal on the product has been removed, defaced, tampered with, or rendered illegible, or if the product has been tampered with, the product will be returned to the customer.

 There are some items that are not covered by the Samsung warranty program, including:

1. If any missing accessories or external parts of the Product are not reported to the manufacturer within three (3) days of the original retail purchase date, the Product will not be covered under this warranty.

2. Cracks, dents, or scratches on the exterior casing or screen; External cosmetic damage to the Product’s outer surface/finishing and external elements.

3. Deterioration of the product as a result of regular wear and tear, such as rusting or discoloration;

4. Maintenance services such as password reset assistance,  software updating/upgrading, software or application installation, product demonstration, or any other non-repair service are also available.

Any other situation in which repair would be incongruent with or in violation of accepted business practice should be avoided if at all possible.

List of Samsung Product Warranty

Warranty Information

1. This guarantee is only for the initial purchaser of the goods.

2. The repair or replacement will be carried out by one of the Company’s Service Centers (see the list), one of its Authorised Service Centers, or one of its Dealer’s Service Centers.

3. If any part of the equipment is replaced, this guarantee will remain in effect for the remainder of the warranty period on that particular item.

Additionally, regardless of whether the item is covered by the guarantee, the amount of time spent on repair or replacement, as well as time spent in transit, does not count against the warranty period.

4. In the event that a problem in the equipment is discovered during the warranty period, the firm or its authorized repair center/service dealer reserves the right to keep any part(s) or component(s) replaced at its discretion.

5. Any change of address must be reported to the concerned service center for warranty continuation.

6. After the product is inspected by the concerned service center and deemed to be free of transit damage, the warranty for the remaining period will continue.

7. If applicable, the customer will be charged a visiting fee for the inspection.

8. In the event of transit damage, the product will be repaired at the expense of the customer and the warranty will be extended for the remainder of the guarantee period.

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9. Demonstration and installation of the purchased device are not covered by the warranty.

10. Accessories that are not part of the system are not covered by the warranty.

11. The company’s obligation under this guarantee is limited to repairing or replacing any parts that are discovered to be defective.

12. Repairs must be carried out on a “Carry In” basis throughout the warranty period.

The consumer must bring the product to the Servicing Center where the set is registered for warranty service in order to receive service.

The cost of transporting the system from the point of installation to the Service Center is not covered by the warranty.

13. The customer will be advised by the concerned Service Centre whether the repair should be completed on-site or in the Service Centre.

14. The corporation may, at its discretion, replace any portion of the system with a functionally operable part.

Exceptions to this warranty include the following situations:

1. The warranty card is not properly filled out and sent to the service center for registration.

2. At the time of repair, the completed warranty card is not presented to authorized staff.

3. The item was not purchased via a SAMSUNG Authorized Dealer.

4. The product is not used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Defects as determined by corporate staff as a result of improper use.

6. The electrical circuitry / or physical construction of the set has been modified or altered in any way.

7. Individuals or businesses who have not been authorized by the company perform installation and maintenance work on the equipment.

8. Site (where the product is kept) conditions that do not match the machine’s approved operating requirements.

Repairing Products in Other Countries

If the product is repairable and the requisite parts and expertise are available, it can be repaired at your expense if it is not currently sold locally by approved resellers


  • After evaluating the Product, Samsung has sole discretion whether or not to accept it for repair. You are responsible for the cost of evaluation and, if applicable, transportation.
  • Products that are not currently sold in the country where you purchased them cannot be repaired.
  • Because of the cost of parts and transportation, repair expenses may be greater.
  • It’s possible that the repair time will be extended.
  • Authorized service centers or service employees can provide detailed cost and repair time estimates.
  • Repair is not possible if there is a significant discrepancy in product specifications and other elements such as bandwidth, voltage, software, and so on.
  • The machine or cabinet’s original serial number is removed, erased, or altered.
  • Defects caused by uncontrollable events like lightning, abnormal voltage, acts of God, or while in transportation.

Customer Information/Items Remaining in the Product

You are responsible for securing and/or backing up any programs, data, or other content saved in the Product on your computer.

Before returning the Product for repair, you must ensure that all confidential or personal information has been removed from it.

If any loss, damage, destruction, or any other reason, Samsung expressly disclaims any and all liability for such loss, damage, and destruction

You must first remove any accessories, external components, or other attachments to the Product before returning it for service.

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These are referred to as “Accessories.”

What is Extended Warranty for 5 Years?

To activate your promotional 5-year warranty, follow these steps: For the UK

To register your product for the Samsung 5 Year Warranty, go to

Limited Warranty Statement: Warranty: 5 YEARS


The warranty period begins on the invoice date indicated on the purchase receipt.

The normal warranty lasts for 24 months (though some dishwasher models have 12 months as standard).

By registering the product(s) within 90 days of the invoice date, you will be eligible for an additional 3 years of extended limited warranty service (callout charges, parts, and labor only, unless the product is beyond economic repair in Samsung’s opinion), bringing the total period of coverage to 5 years from the invoice date (the “Extended Warranty Period”).

Any extended warranty will be subject to all of the terms set forth in this Statement of Limited Warranty.

The manner of service and operating conditions will be as defined in the Samsung product’s original warranty statement.


1. All details and submissions must be submitted online at to redeem and claim the 5 Year Warranty (and may require creating a Samsung account).

 Please contact our Customer Support staff if you have any problems using the online registration site. For UK help, dial 0330 726 7864, and for support in the Republic of Ireland, dial 0818717100.

We will record and/or monitor phone calls in order to maintain and improve the quality of our service.

For BT residential customers, calls to 0330 numbers cost no more than 5 pence per minute plus a set-up fee.

The costs of mobile phones and other services may vary, and rates are subject to change without notice. They are offered as a guide only.

2. To validate any claim, the 5 Year Warranty must be registered within 90 days after the invoice date (s).

3. After registering, the claimant will receive an email confirmation with a registration code and notification of registration.

4. You must keep a copy of your receipt, invoice, or lease agreement as proof of purchase.

5. The 5-Year Warranty is not transferable to a third party, and there will be no other options available.


1. During the Extended Warranty Period, Samsung warrants that the Samsung product is free of material and workmanship defects in line with the original warranty statement included with the product.

2. If Samsung is unable to fix your product, Samsung may, at its option, either replace it with a new device or issue a refund.

3. When warranty service involves the replacement of a device or part, the item replaced becomes the property of Samsung, subject to applicable legislation. It’s possible that the replacement will be a new or repaired item. The replacement item assumes the original product’s remaining warranty period.

4. The product may also receive remote technical help (s)

Final Thoughts

In today’s situation, wasting money is our last option.

Yes, we need affordable devices and appliances, but a sensible buyer would always go with a reputable brand that offers warranty coverage.

And I’m guessing you’ve come here to see if buying is a good idea.

Please share your thoughts on what you’ve learned from this post in the comments section below.

A big thumbs up for being a savvy shopper!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for my Samsung warranty?

First, open the Samsung Members App.
2 Choose Get assistance > Register > Scan WiFi.
3 If the Wi-Fi is detected, touch on the exact product for which you are registering your warranty.

4 Choose the kind of Product for which the warranty registration is intended.

Why am I unable to register my Samsung device?

You might not be able to register a device to your Samsung account for a few reasons. For instance, if a phone is unlocked, rooted, in pre-production, a non-US model, or was bought from a store that wasn’t meant for the US, you won’t be able to register it.

How can I determine whether my Samsung is still covered by warranty?

The Online Warranty Checker allows you to independently verify the warranty of your Samsung gadget. 1 First, sign onto your Samsung account and click the link for the warranty checking. If you have any questions regarding your warranty, you can get in touch with our Contact Center.



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