Prime Video Subtitles Not Working (10 Easy Ways To Fix!)

One of the top on-demand streaming services on the globe is Amazon Prime. It has more than 200 million customers and provides a vast selection of movies and TV series that can be seen anywhere.

Given the limited number of streaming services, Amazon Prime is an excellent substitute for Netflix and HBO Max. However, this does not disguise the truth that Amazon Prime could be better, even though it is one of the best.

Amazon Prime occasionally has issues and unplanned outages like any other platform or software. For example, users have recently reported that the Amazon Prime subtitles on their devices must be fixed.

10 Easy Ways To Fix Prime Video Subtitles Not Working (Must Try!)
10 Easy Ways To Fix Prime Video Subtitles Not Working (Must Try!)

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How to Fix Prime Video Not Working on Samsung TV

This could be an issue if you’re watching a movie or TV show in a different language—additionally, subtitles aid in comprehending scenes with weak audio or busy scenarios.

This article will explain how to fix the Amazon Prime Video subtitles not working issue. So let’s begin straight away!

How Can I Fix the Subtitles on Prime Video?

Generally speaking, it’s preferable to begin with, the simplest and most likely remedies first. Then, try each step separately and sequentially until you identify the one that resolves the issue.

1. Verify Amazon Prime Servers.

We advise checking Amazon Prime’s servers before changing your system parameters if you can’t see subtitles while streaming. Some elements of Amazon Prime may be malfunctioning due to technical problems.

To see the current condition of Amazon Prime’s servers, visit third-party websites like Downdetector.

The best course of action if there are continuous troubles with Amazon Prime is to wait since server-related problems cannot be fixed on your end. On the other hand, if Amazon Prime’s servers are up and running, move on to the following remedy below to solve the issue.

2. Reset Amazon Prime.

Restarting the app or refreshing the website are two of the first things you may do if Amazon Prime’s subtitles aren’t working. This is because Subtitles might have yet to appear on your Device when streaming due to a brief glitch or problem.

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To update its data, quit the Amazon Prime app on your Device or reload the page on your browser.

3. Start Your Device Again.

Try resetting your complete system if restarting Amazon Prime didn’t do the trick. This should clear the system cache and guarantee that your Device doesn’t contain any corrupted temporary data.

See the instructions below to restart your computer if you’re using Windows:

  • Start by tapping the Windows key on your keyboard to bring up the Start Menu.
  • Access the Power Options tab after that.
  • Finally, press Restart to restart your computer.

To restart your system on a Mac, refer to the instructions below:

  • Access the Apple Menu on your Mac by clicking in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • After that, select Restart from the drop-down menu.
  • To confirm, click Restart once again.

What you should do if you’re using an Android device is as follows:

  • On your Android phone, find the Power button.
  • Hold it down right now until the selection screen appears.
  • Then select Restart.

See the instructions below to restart it on an iOS device:

  • Utilize your iPhone’s Assistive Touch feature.
  • Next, select Device and then click More.
  • Finally, pick Restart from the menu.

After restarting your computer, return to Amazon Prime to see whether the subtitles still need to be fixed.

Prime Video Subtitles Not Working
Prime Video Subtitles Not Working

4. Change the subtitles.

Toggling the subtitles on and off while streaming is another solution to this problem on Amazon Prime. The app might have experienced a momentary glitch, and restarting it might fix it.

What you must do is as follows:

  • Play the film or television program you want to watch first.
  • Tap your screen again to reveal the video controls after that.
  • Now open the Subtitles tab by tapping the “dialog icon.”
  • Then select Off and press the Close button. Return to the Subtitles tab later and select your preferred language.

Try streaming the film or television program again to see if the issue has been fixed.

5. Delete All Amazon Prime Data (Android).

You might attempt deleting Amazon Prime’s data on an Android smartphone to eliminate damaged data from your system. Additionally, this ought to undo any modifications to the app that might be the root of the problem.

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For instructions on how to delete data from Amazon Prime, see below:

  • Hold down the Amazon Prime symbol on your home screen until the options menu appears.
  • The Storage & Cache tab can then be accessed by tapping on App Info.
  • Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data to finish.

After that, log back into your Amazon Prime account to see if the subtitles are operational.

6. Delete All Browsing History.

If you can’t view subtitles when streaming, we advise browser users to clear Amazon Prime’s browsing data. Website issues could be brought on by corrupted cookies and cache in your browser.

Here is how to delete your internet history:

  • Open your preferred browser first.
  • Go to Settings and then Privacy & Security by scrolling down.
  • After that, select All Time under the Time Range option and click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • Finally, make sure to include cookies and caches in the process before clicking the Clear Data option.

Clear your browsing history, and log into your Amazon Prime account to see if the issue has been resolved.

Video: How To Fix Prime Video Subtitles Not Working?

How To Fix Prime Video Subtitles Not Working?

7. Examine Other Shows.

Sometimes, specific Amazon Prime titles run into problems and become inaccessible. It’s also conceivable that some Amazon Prime episodes’ audio or subtitles will stop working.

Regardless, try streaming arbitrary movies and TV series on Amazon Prime to see if subtitles would function. You may also test out other audio and language options from the menu to see if they function.

8. Turn off browser add-ons.

If Amazon Prime Video’s subtitles are not working, you can remove your browser extensions. They provide your browser with extra features, but certain websites might experience problems.

Try turning off your browser extensions before streaming to avoid issues. To remove your extensions, follow the instructions below:

  • Launch your Amazon Prime streaming browser first.
  • After that, select Settings by clicking More Options.
  • Go to the Extensions tab now by using the side menu.
  • Finally, disable all of your browser extensions and restart them.

Return to Amazon Prime later to see whether the issue has been resolved.

9. Amazon Prime updates.

There may be a problem with subtitles and audio on your Amazon Prime version. You could update the program to the most recent version to fix errors and glitches.

Install the most recent version of Amazon Prime by visiting the Google Play Store or the App Store. You can also update any other apps on your Device during this time. Return to Amazon Prime after the upgrade to see if the subtitles are still functional.

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10. Get in touch with Amazon Prime Support.

The only thing left to do at this point is to hand the problem over to the experts. To report a problem with Amazon Prime, go to their support page and contact them. Give the Amazon staff all the information they need to evaluate the matter when they request assistance.


In conclusion, watching your favorite episodes when the subtitles lag or disappear midway through is challenging. It can be tiresome and stressful to sift through all the forum pages in search of the right solution.

In light of this, we developed this list of 10 potential workarounds for instances in which Amazon Prime Video subtitles are generally ineffective.

How To Fix Prime Video Subtitles Not Working?
How To Fix Prime Video Subtitles Not Working?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make subtitles on Amazon Prime function?

Press right on the Overview screen of the title to choose Subtitles. The Closed Caption or Subtitles symbol will be present if captions are offered. Select the Closed Caption or Subtitles icon from the playback menu when a title that supports captions or subtitles is being played back.

What should I do if Prime’s subtitles are not synced?

Try using the web browser if the app is delayed; if that doesn’t work, try a different browser or Device. Once pinpointing the issue, consider deleting temporary internet files, reinstalling the offending software or browser, or disabling any streaming-related browser extensions.

Why are the subtitles not in time?

A technician synchronizes the audio and picture with what is being shown on screen. Unfortunately, creating subtitles for a live broadcast of a program, such as the news, is a complex and problematic process. This means that a delay will frequently be noticeable when watching live programming.

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