Samsung Tv Volume Stuck: How To Fix [11 Easy Ways]

How to fix Samsung Tv Volume Stuck? The volume on your Samsung TV isn’t operating properly.

Don’t be concerned. This is a common problem, and many people have reported that their Samsung TV’s volume has become stuck.

If the volume on your Samsung TV is stuck, you might try resetting the Smart Hub on the television.

By selecting Settings on your Samsung TV remote and then Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub from the drop-down menu, you may reset the Smart Hub. Enter the PIN code (0000) that was displayed on your television.

The entire reset procedure takes approximately 30 seconds to complete. This procedure should resolve the volume issue on your Samsung television.

You will be guided through many troubleshooting methods to fix the stuck volume on your Samsung television in this article.

Samsung Tv Volume Stuck
Tv Volume Stuck: How To Fix [11 Methods]

Troubleshooting: Issues on tv volume stuck

Dead or malfunctioning remoteReplace the batteries in the remote or use a different remote. If the problem persists, the remote may be malfunctioning and you may need to purchase a new one.
Power cycle the TVTurn off the TV and unplug it from the power outlet for 30 seconds. Then, plug the TV back in and turn it on. This will reset the TV’s software and may fix the volume issue.
Reset the Smart HubGo to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub. Enter the PIN (default PIN is “0000”) and then select Reset. This will reset the Smart Hub and may fix the volume issue.
Delete unused appsGo to Settings > Apps and uninstall any apps that you don’t use. These apps can take up memory on your TV, which can sometimes lead to volume issues.
Factory reset the TVThis is a last resort, but it may fix the volume issue. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset to Factory Settings. This will erase all of your settings and data, so make sure to back up your data before you do this.

Samsung TV volume keeps going down

It’s possible that the volume button on your television is stuck. The first thing you should do is attempt a reset. Don’t get too worked up over it because it could not work.

Otherwise, disconnect the television for 60 seconds and then press and hold the “power” button on the television for another 60 seconds.

What is causing my Samsung TV Volume Stuck?
What is causing my volume stuck on Samsung TV?

Why is the Samsung TVvolume stuck at a certain level?

In order to properly troubleshoot the problem, we must first identify the sources of the error and their consequences. For example, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to the volume not working issue on a Samsung smart TV.

The following are some of the most prevalent causes of Samsung volume not working:

1. HDMI Issue:

The Samsung TV is equipped with an HDMI (ARC) port, which allows it to transmit both audio and video signals over a single cable. However, if the HDMI connection is not working, the sound will not be heard either.

HDMI Issue
HDMI Issue

2. TV Remote Problems:

There is a greater likelihood of the TV remote not working. For example, if there are no signals, the television will not receive the commands from the remote control. As a result, the volume on the smart TV would never be adjusted again.

TV Remote Problems
Samsung Tv Volume Stuck: How To Fix [11 Easy Ways]

3. Mute Mode has been activated:

There is a function on the smart TV that allows you to turn off all of the sound. Mute mode is the term used to describe this function. Mute mode prevents you from being able to adjust the volume on your smart TV when it is activated. You must deactivate the mute function on your smart TV in order to remedy this issue.

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4. Glitches on the smart TV:

It is likely that the smart TV has some form of glitches. Furthermore, the smart TV is unable to adjust the loudness fluctuation of the audio. Glitches are more likely to occur on smart TVs that have not been updated in a long period of time. Additionally, the smart TV, has been running for a long period the same moment.

11 Methods to Resolving Samsung Smart TV volume Issues

In order to resolve the Samsung volume not working issue, follow these steps. We recommend that you begin with straightforward directions at the outset of the solution. You should, however, follow the steps outlined in the following section:

Method 1: Restart the television.

The power cycle is merely a method of disconnecting the device’s electricity supply. Additionally, it aids with the correction of generic and small problems that are common on smart TVs after they have been operating for an extended period of time without being refreshed. If you are experiencing problems with your smart TV’s volume control, you should try power cycling it.

You must first unhook the power cord from the wall outlet in order to accomplish this. After that, you should wait for 10 to 15 seconds before moving on to the next step. It is necessary to wait for a period of time in order for the electric capacitor to be disconnected from the electricity supply line. Then, put the power cord back into the wall outlet and see if the problem continues to occur.

Method 2: Check the Volume or Mute Settings on your device.

When it comes to viewing television, volume is essential. It makes it easier for people to enjoy their material and it also makes it easier for them to understand the story more quickly.

Samsung tv volume control stuck

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, on the other hand, you may find an issue where the volume controls on your TV do not function as they should.

The problem could be caused by a broken remote control, an incorrect input setup, or the use of a Bluetooth speaker to play material on the television.

So, first and foremost, let’s double-check the volume settings on the television and ensure that they are appropriately adjusted:

  1. Press the “Home” button on your remote control to return to the previous screen.
  2. Press the “TV/Mute” button on your remote control.
  3. To adjust the volume level, use the up/down arrows on your keyboard.
  4. To flip between “High” and “Low,” use the left and right arrows.

If this does not work, check the settings on your television and make sure the correct input source is selected. If your television has built-in speakers, make sure that they are on in the settings menu before using them.

However, if none of these procedures work, consider connecting your Bluetooth speaker to your television and setting it up as an audio output device so that audio may be played through the speaker.

Method 3: Make any necessary adjustments to the audio settings on your external speaker.

It is possible that the volume on your Samsung TV is not operating because the external speaker is connected to the incorrect input. To correct this, navigate to the external speaker settings and select the appropriate input for the desired volume levels, as shown below.

One of the most prevalent issues with Samsung TVs is that they do not have an external audio input jack, which is a regular source of frustration. The inability to connect an external audio device, such as a smart speaker or a soundbar, implies that it cannot be used as a music player.

Depending on whether your TV has built-in speakers or not, you may need to adjust the settings on your television to allow it to listen in.

The digital optical output and the digital coaxial output on Samsung televisions are the two methods by which you can listen to music on the television. Both of these can be found on the back of the television and are typically labeled as “DOLBY DIGITAL” or “HDMI OUTPUT.”

Method 4: Double-check the Current input Configurations

It’s possible that the input set doesn’t have any volume controls enabled. The opposite is true if you are able to increase or lower the TV level but there is no sound coming from the device. In order to resolve the samsung tv volume not working problem. In order to avoid confusion, we recommend that you check the current input settings. In order to accomplish this,

  1. Then, using the TV remote, select the Source button.
  2. You can cycle through the many inputs you can view.
  3. Check to see that the TV source is compatible with the configuration of your component.
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Method 5: Test the HDMI Cable

If the present input parameters do not contain any faults, the problem continues to occur. However, you might try checking the HDMI cable to see if it needs to be replaced. When there is a problem with or damage to the cable. The sound and picture will not be received by the television.

It is possible that there is no problem with the cable, but that it is not properly put into the TV and external device. It’s possible that it will cause a problem. Basically, check to see if there is a problem with the cable. You could, for example, detach the HDMI cable and then reconnect it again.

If the cable shows signs of wear, it should be replaced with a new one. Once you have finished regulating the cables, check to see if the fault has been resolved.

Method 6: Disable the Autorun feature on the Smart Hub.

The autorun feature on the smart TV offers complete control over the device. Additionally, it has access to all of the functionalities as well as the ability to download and remove any software from the smart TV. Because a TV with an autorun feature can interfere with other functions as well.

Because of the autorun feature, the volume of a program, for example, might be automatically adjusted. We recommend that you disable the autorun option on your Smart hub in order to troubleshoot the problem. In order to disable the autorun feature on the smart hub, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. To access the Settings menu, press the Home button on the TV remote and then select Settings.
  2. Select General and then Smart Features from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down and select Autorun SmartHub, followed by Disable SmartHub.
  4. Check to see if the mistake is still present.

Method 7: The Hardware Volume Buttons on your Samsung TV should be Tested

All televisions include buttons on their bodies that allow you to perform basic activities such as changing channels, changing the volume, or accessing the settings menu.

  1. To manage the volume on your Samsung TV, try utilizing the hardware buttons on the side of the television.
  2. They can be found on the sides or the back of the television, in a position that is rather easy to access.
  3. You should also check the other buttons to see whether they are functional if you are unable to control the volume using those ones.

Method 8: Disable a Previously Used App

If the problem still remains after you have reset the smart hub, you should uninstall any apps that have been inactive for a lengthy period of time. For example, removing an app from the Smart TV frees up some storage space on the device. A 50-50 probability exists that the volume will be restored after using this technique.

When you want to erase an app from your Samsung TV, hit the home button on the remote control. Navigate to the Apps menu (located at the left-bottom side of the screen). Navigate to the Settings menu (located at the top-right corner of the screen).

Now, all of the apps that have been installed on the TV will appear on the screen. You have the option of removing the application from the list. Additionally, select the app that isn’t currently in use on your device.

Method 9: Only one remote control is used.

The volume of the smart TV can be controlled by a number of different remotes. For example, the vast majority of significant users have complained that the volume stops operating when the volume is increased or decreased with another remote control.

We recommend that you do not control the TV volume with another device remote, such as a cable remote, Xfinity, DirectTV, or any other similar device.

It’s possible that a signal is interfering with the operation of the generic remote. As a result, to increase or reduce the volume, only the Samsung TV remote need be used. It will almost certainly correct the problem.

Method 10: Reset your Television to its Factory Settings.

If you have followed all of the recommendations above and the problem is still occurring, contact your system administrator. Then it’s time to perform a factory reset on your smart television.

Additionally, the factory reset deletes all of the information, data, accounts, user profiles, and stored networks from the TV, as well as the ability to download applications. It resets the television’s settings to their factory defaults.

To factory reset your smart TV, navigate to Settings > General > Reset from the home screen. Afterwards, to prompt it, enter the default security pin that was provided. After the reset is complete, check to see if the volume is operating properly.

Method 11: Get in Touch with Samsung Customer Service

Unfortunately, if none of the approaches to troubleshoot the Samsung volume control not working issue on your smart TV were successful, you are out of luck. Please contact Samsung customer service. As a result, they will almost probably resolve your problem.

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Bonus: Other Common Samsung Tv Concerns

1. The volume on my Samsung television is too low.

You may adjust the volume on your television to increase or decrease based on the content you are watching.

Auto Volume Leveler is the feature that allows you to do this. If this feature is turned off, it is possible that your TV’s volume will be adjusted excessively quickly or unpredictably as a result.

You can alter this setting by following the steps outlined below: – Select Settings>Audio>Audio Format from the drop-down menu.

However, if the level is still too low, there are a few simple solutions that may be able to assist cure the problem.

  1. First and foremost, make certain that the audio is turned on rather than off.
  2. Second, if your television is equipped with 3D capabilities, you should experiment with turning them off.
  3. If your television is connected to an external device, such as a sound bar or stereo system, double-check that it is correctly connected and switched on.
  4. Check to see if there is any obstruction in the cable. Cleaning the interior of the wire with a soft brush may be an option.
  5. Examine your network to see if there is any interference from other devices that may be connected.
  6. The last resort is to try unplugging your device from power for 15 minutes and then plugging it back in. If none of the above methods work, try this: If you are still having issues with the volume, you should try resetting your television.

2. There is no sound on the television.

When it comes to Samsung televisions, sound can be really aggravating, as you may have gone to the trouble of setting up your television only to discover that it is malfunctioning and does not produce any sound at all.

The following are some of the issues that can result in TV sound distortion:

  1. There is no audio input attached to the television.
  2. The volume of the sound is too low.
  3. The volume on the television is set too low.
  4. Because the Digital signal is out of range, the device cannot function.

Troubleshoot the No Sound problem, follow the methods outlined below.

  1. The first thing to check if there are any red or orange lights on the front panel of your television is whether it responds when you click the volume buttons. The power supply unit will most likely need to be replaced if there are no lights visible on the circuit board (PSU).
  2. It is possible that your television has been damaged by water or dust. In this instance, you would want to resolve the issue as soon as possible in order to avoid any more complications.
  3. Also, make sure that the volume is turned on and that it is set correctly.
  4. The Samsung Service center must be contacted if the problem persists.

3. The volume on your Samsung TV is too loud.

  1. There are a few things you may do if the TV level is too loud or if the volume on your Samsung TV is set too high.
  2. Although you could manually control the volume of your television, doing so would be time-consuming and cumbersome.
  3. You might look for the user manual for the specific Samsung TV model you own and follow the directions in it for how to adjust the volume.
  4. Alternatively, you can use a third-party tool such as SimpleTune to automatically correct any issues with the volume of your Samsung TV.
  5. If the volume problem persists after the power cycle, turn the TV off and on again.
  6. To reduce the noise of your television, try pulling all of the speakers from the unit.
  7. Check that all wires are securely attached to the wall outlet and are not hanging loose or unplugged from the wall outlet.

Samsung TV Volume Stuck On 15

If your Samsung volume is stuck on 15 in English, try the following troubleshooting steps:

1) Check if your remote control’s volume buttons are stuck or malfunctioning.

2) Go to the TV’s audio settings and ensure that any volume limit or restriction is disabled.

3) If the issue persists, try resetting your TV to factory settings or contact Samsung support for further assistance.

Samsung Tv Volume Stuck At 14

If your Samsung volume is stuck at 14 and you want to fix it, follow these steps: 1. Press the Menu button on your remote.

2. Navigate to Sound settings.

3. Select Speaker Settings.

4. Choose the audio output you are using.

5. Adjust the volume level to your preference.

Why Is My Samsung TV Stuck On Step 3?

If your samsung tv stuck at step 3 during setup, there could be a few reasons. Firstly, ensure your remote control has working batteries. Then samsung tv set up stuck on step 3, first restarting your TV and router might also resolve the issue. If the problem persists, consider contacting Samsung customer support for further assistance.

Our Final Thoughts

The Samsung TV’s volume control does not work. Users are unable to control the volume because of a technical problem. You can, however, quickly resolve this issue by resetting both the smart hub and the television. There are various options for dealing with this problem. For example, emptying the smart TV storage and using only one remote are both good ideas.

FAQs Samsung TV Volume Stuck on 100

Why my Samsung TV volume stuck at 100?If your Samsung volume is stuck at 100, try these steps to fix it: 1) Press the Menu button on your TV remote. 2) Go to the Sound or Audio settings. 3) Adjust the volume level manually or select the option to reset it to default. If the issue persists, consider contacting Samsung support for further assistance.
Why is my Samsung TV volume stuck?There are a few reasons why your Samsung volume might be stuck. It could be due to a problem with the remote, the TV itself, or the Smart Hub function. Here are some troubleshooting tips:
Check the batteries in your remote. * Power cycle your TV by turning it off and unplugging it from the power outlet for a few minutes. * Reset the Smart Hub function by going to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub. * Delete any unused apps from your TV. * Try using a different remote to control your TV.
What is Samsung Tv Volume Won’t Go Up Or Down?
If your Samsung TV volume won’t go up or down, try these troubleshooting steps:
1) Check if the remote control batteries are working properly. 2) Ensure the TV speakers are not muted or set to zero volume.
3) Power cycle the TV by unplugging it for a few minutes.
4) Update the TV’s firmware if available. If the issue persists, consider contacting Samsung support for further assistance.
How my Samsung Tv Volume Stuck Between 2 Numbers?
If your Samsung volume is stuck between two numbers in English, try these troubleshooting steps:
1) Press the volume button on your remote to see if that resolves the issue.
2) Power off your TV and unplug it for a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on.
3) Reset the TV to factory settings if the problem persists.

Why is the volume on my Samsung TV fixed at 100?

Samsung volume is stuck at 100 because the remote control may be causing the problem, or because the television is frozen.

Is there audio out on the Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, the Samsung smart TV offers an audio output that can be connected to a soundbar or home theater system.

How can I change the volume on my Samsung television?

Step 1: Press the Home button on your remote control to return to the home screen.
Step 2: Navigate to and choose Settings on your remote control using the directional pad.
Step 3: Select Sound > Expert Settings from the menu bar on the left.
Step 4: Reset the sound by navigating to and selecting Reset Sound.


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