How Wide Is A 40-Inch TV? (Comprehensive Guide)

When designing the best TVs now on the market, users and manufacturers measure the diagonal dimension of the screen. This measurement crosses across from the top corner on one side to the lower corner on the other.

You may use mathematics or trigonometry to determine the width and height of a 40-inch TV to get an idea of its size.

However, because it does not include the edge, known as the bezel, your size will be slightly narrower than the TV. If you’re looking for a high-quality smart TV in a 40-inch size, consider the TCL 40S325.

How Wide Is A 40-Inch TV?
How Wide Is A 40-Inch TV?

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40 Inch TV Dimensions


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How Wide Is A 40-inch TV?

Given its 16:9 aspect ratio, a 40-inch TV is 34.9 inches wide.

This is the exact size of your TV without considering the bezels on either side. Most TV bezels have a side thickness of between 0.5 and 1 inch. Therefore, your TV will grow by 1 inch due to the bezel.

Therefore, if you need to set it down on a table, the table should be at least 56 inches long, with 3 inches between each side. Due to the TV’s bezel space, we need to consider that.

Is A 40-Inch TV Large?

Most people agree that a 40-inch TV is suitable for watching movies.

Only 34.9 to 35 inches broad, this measurement of 40 inches is diagonal. It is a little small, and there is also a massive television with displays 55 or 60 inches in size.

However, you’ll have a positive and enjoyable TV viewing experience with this screen size.

How Far Away From A 40-Inch TV Should You Sit?

The ideal seating distance for watching a 40-inch TV is between 4 and 5.5 feet. Therefore, between 30 and 40 degrees would be the Field of View.

According to some, this Field of View is ideal for watching TV. Field View is crucial to minimizing the effect of visual fatigue while viewing TV for an extended period.

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You might feel uncomfortable viewing a 40-inch TV from a distance of fewer than 4 feet because the Field of View will be greater than 40 degrees. However, it is entirely acceptable to size it farther than 5.5 feet if it is more convenient for you.

Science To Choose The Correct TV Size

Knowing the appropriate size for the area is essential when choosing a TV for your home. You should be aware of the following information to determine whether this TV size is ideal for you:

Is A 40-Inch TV Large?
Is A 40-Inch TV Large?

Awareness Of The Field Of View

The area your eye can comfortably scan while looking is known as the field of View. For example, thirty to a maximum of 40 degrees is the suggested field of View while watching television.

So, for a comfortable watching experience, you must sit further away from a more giant TV. The field of View can be used to calculate distance.

Check the room’s dimensions, paying close attention to the place where you plan to watch TV. Then, determine how far the TV will be installed from that location. You will now have a clear idea.

The 40-inch TV is appropriate if the distance is roughly 4-5.5 feet.

However, you can even get a more giant TV if you notice the length is longer. For a more giant TV, look at my article on the 55-inch TV’s measurements.

Understanding Bezel Thickness

Your TV might appear more significant if the bezel is thicker. However, it is advised to have as little bezel as possible to have an immersive viewing experience.

Modern TVs have skinny bezels that don’t take up any more room than the screen size of the TV. So if you plan to place the TV in a cabinet, you must first account for the bezel’s space before determining the size.

How Are Television Screens Measured?

When a TV’s size is included in a product’s title, it refers to the screen’s diagonal measurement from one corner to the other. Consequently, a 40-inch TV has a diagonal measurement of 40 inches and does not include a bezel around the screen.

If you’re curious, check our 39-inch and 40-inch TV comparison differences. If you desire a bigger TV screen, you may also find out how broad a 55-inch TV is.

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Additionally, the screen may not be exactly the size stated if the word “class” follows the size. However, the difference is typically less than half an inch.

You could use algebra to figure out a TV’s height and breadth. For instance, you are aware that the diagonal is 40 inches, and the aspect ratio is 16:9.

Then, using the Pythagorean formula, you might determine how many inches are in one unit and multiply that number by 16 for the width and 9 for the height. Some websites will calculate for you, though.

When you search the web for these websites, you will find that they are relatively common. This is because the item’s measurements are typically included in product descriptions. For instance, according to Sears, a Samsung 40-inch 1080p LED HDTV is 3.7 inches deep by 36.1 inches broad and 21 inches high without the stand.

How Do You Pick the Best 40-Inch TV for You?

What you want to watch and which characteristics are most essential will determine your preferred features.

For instance, if you anticipate using your TV frequently for more significant viewing gatherings, you might want a TV with wider viewing angles so that your visitors can view the same images from various locations in the room.

The optimal TV may also depend on your budget. Even while some features may increase the cost of the TV, they may still be less expensive than larger TVs. Consider purchasing an outdoor TV that has been tested to perform well outdoors if you want to enjoy some movie evenings outside.

40″ TVs with greater resolutions, including 4K resolution, and image-improving capabilities, like HDR, might be available. A TV with 4K resolution typically has 4,000 or more pixels on the horizontal axis.

These TVs have more than 4,000 pixels since the pixels are arranged in a grid. High dynamic range, or HDR, refers to an improvement in color contrast.

HDR TVs display brighter, more vivid images as a result. However, I need to find out if your TV is HDR-capable. You can quickly learn how to determine whether your TV has HDR.

Ideal TV Viewing Distance

TVs frequently include a recommended viewing distance because, from that distance, the screen appears how it was meant to be seen. Furthermore, sitting too closely can negatively affect your eyes, including eye strain.

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A 4K TV should be placed 1.5 times its vertical screen size, whereas an HDTV should be placed three times away. The distance is, therefore, a little under 2.5 feet for a 40″ 4K TV. Therefore, the distance between you and a 40-inch HD TV is approximately 4.92 feet.

It is unlikely that you need to measure the distance; an approximation should be adequate. It would help if you also studied the recommended TV mounting height to install the TV on the wall.

How To Pick The Best 40-Inch TV For You?
How To Pick The Best 40-Inch TV For You?


Let’s wrap up this article about 40-inch TV dimensions! You may now make an informed choice about the size of your TV, and we hope you will be able to do so soon. The post was enjoyable to read.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 40-inch Samsung TV has how much width?

88.6 cm in width and 49.8 cm in height. Additionally, this is the same as 34.9 inches and 19.6 inches.

What kind of space is required for a 40-inch TV?

If you are seated more than six feet away from the TV in a packed room, you should choose a screen at least 40 inches wide. Within 7.5 feet of the TV, a screen of 50 inches is adequate. A 60-inch screen is generally the smallest you want to go if you are 9 feet away.

Is a 40-inch TV inadequate?

Forty inches is a great size. However, if you want to replace your 32-inch TV, a big TV could be a shock, dominating and overwhelming your living space. On the other hand, a 40-inch will increase your size without significantly reducing your living space. Therefore, this is unlikely to be the case.

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