How to Change Pin on Samsung Phone? Password, Screen lock[4 Easy Ways!]

How to change pin on Samsung phone? Lock passwords or patterns in smartphones are intended to provide users with complete privacy and allow them to use their phones securely.

However, if you forget your password, it will be a little difficult.

how to change pin on samsung phone
How to Change Passwords on Samsung Phones

This article will show you how to change the password on your Samsung tablet or phone and remove the password on your Samsung account if necessary.

In addition, we will show you how to remove passwords if you have accidentally forgotten them.

Part 1: Changing the Password on a Samsung Galaxy S series Phone

Samsung Galaxy S series
Samsung Galaxy S series

We all want to keep the data and credentials on our Samsung phone devices safe. The best way to protect it from others is to lock it with a password so that only you have access to it.

It is not difficult to change the reset password on a Samsung Galaxy or other device. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for changing the password on the Samsung Galaxy S series.

  • Step 1: Swipe down from the top of your screen and click on the “Settings gear.”
  • Step 2: Find and tap the “Lock Screen” option in the Quick Settings.
  • Step 3 From the list of options, select the screen lock mechanism, in this case “Password.”
  • Step 4 Enter the alphanumeric (a combination of numbers and letters) for the Pin or password you want to use to secure your device. Make sure it has at least four characters. When you’re finished, click “Continue.”
  • Step 5 Enter the same password combination again and press “OK” to confirm your apple id.
  • Step 6 You will then be prompted to enter the alternative password so that if you forget the primary password, you can unlock the device using the alternative password. Click “OK.”
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That’s all! You have changed the password on your Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone.

Part 2: How to Change Password on Samsung Galaxy Note Series Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note Series
Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Except for a few steps, setting up or changing a password on a Samsung Galaxy Note series device is identical to the previous method. Let’s look at how to do it:

  • Step 1 Go to your device’s “Settings.”
  • Step 2 Select the “Lock Screen” option from the “Device” tab.
  • Step 3 Next, click “Screen lock” to select a mechanism, such as “Password.”
  • Step 4 For maximum security, enter a Pin password that is at least four characters long and is alphanumeric (a combination of numbers and letters).
  • Step 5 After entering the password, click “Continue.”
  • Step 6 Enter the same alphanumeric password as in the previous step.
  • Step 7 Click “OK” to finish.

Part 3: How to Change the Password on a Samsung Tablet

Samsung Tablet
Samsung Tablet

We’ve already learned how to change passwords on Samsung S and Note series smartphones; now it’s time to learn how to change passwords on Samsung Tablet series smart devices.

  • Step 1 Open the device’s “Settings” by tapping on “Apps” on the home screen.
  • Step 2 Scroll down and select “Screen lock type” from the “Lock Screen and Security” menu.
  • Step 3 Now, select the lock screen type from the options, in this case “Password.”
  • Step 4 You will then be prompted to enter a Pin password for your lock screen. For maximum security, use an alphanumeric password. Then click “Continue.”
  • Step 5 After that, you must enter the same password again and then click “OK.”

Part 4: How to Remove Forgotten Passwords on Samsung Phones/Tablets

When you can’t remember your password, pattern, or PIN, you can always use dr.fone – Screen Unlock (Android), which is the most effective one-click lock removal tool. It can produce results in a matter of seconds. dr.fone has the following features: Screen Unlock (Android).

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Best Password Removal Method for Samsung Phones/Tablets

  • This software can easily remove password, pattern, PIN, and even fingerprint locks.
  • You’ll be able to unlock the device with no data loss.
  • Dr.fone provides users with the option of a free trial.
  • This lock screen removal tool is useful for unlocking locks in any situation.
  • This tool also comes with a guarantee of no data or privacy disclosure.

You must follow the steps outlined below to learn how to remove a forgotten password from a Samsung phone or tablet.

Step 1 Get dr.fone in your PC

Download dr.fone – Android Toolkit from the website. Install it and run it later. Click on “Lock Screen Removal” from the main interface.

Step 2: Verify the Process

Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable after entering the main interface. Remember to turn on “USB Debugging” on your Samsung phone. After that, check the small box that says, ‘I agree with the warning and am ready to proceed.’ When you’re ready, click “Start.”

Step 3: Downloading the Correct Recovery Package

In this step, you must enter download mode and obtain the appropriate recovery package. To enter, turn off the Samsung device and simultaneously press the “Home,” “Power,” and “Volume Down” buttons.

Now, press the “Volume Up” button to enter Download Mode. After that, click “Start” to begin downloading the recovery package. When downloaded, your lock screen will be easily removed.

CONCLUSION: Change Pin on Samsung Phone

Now, using these methods and the help of dr.fone – Screen Unlock, you will be able to open Samsung Phones or Tablets when you forgot password. It will be a great tool to set up your Samsung phone as a brand new device.

In some ways, changing the password on a regular basis can improve security, but it is also easy to forget the password if you change it frequently. However, you may want or be required to change your lock screen password in some circumstances. As an example:

  • Your previous password was too simple, and you want to make it stronger and more secure.
  • You believe your password has been compromised.
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In any case, you should remember your new password after changing your lock screen password, PIN, or pattern. If you forget your password, you may need to reset your Samsung phone.

FAQs about How to Change Passwords on Samsung Phones

How do I change the password on my lock screen?

Select Apps > Settings > Security. Change the screen lock (under the Screen unlock section). Enter your current lock sequence, then press the Continue button. To change your number lock sequence, touch PIN, to change your alphanumeric lock sequence, or to disable the lock sequence, touch Slide up.

What should I do if I forget the password to my Samsung phone?

Is it possible to unlock your phone if you forget your mobile lock screen password? The short answer is no; you will need to factory reset your device before you can use it again (Unlock is possible if Samsung Find my mobile is configured earlier in device).

How do you recover a forgotten phone password?

Hold down the Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time. When the startup screen appears, press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons for 3 seconds. Your phone will be put into recovery mode. Select Wipe data/factory reset using the Volume buttons or by touching the screen.

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