How To Find Hotspot Password On Samsung S21 Ultra & S21?

A mobile hotspot is one of the most efficient ways to share your Internet connection. When you activate the Hotspot, your device will be visible in the Wi-Fi settings of other devices. However, users cannot connect to your network unless they have the hotspot credentials for your device.

By default, the device’s hotspot passwords are set. Therefore, if you wish to share the hotspot password, you must navigate to the Hotspot’s settings and locate the Password.

This post provides a straightforward method to find hotspot password on Samsung S21. In addition, we have explained how to alter the Hotspot’s Password and SSID.

How To Find Hotspot Password On Samsung S21?
How To Find Hotspot Password On Samsung S21?

How To Find Hotspot Password On Samsung S21?

Samsung devices include shortcuts for sharing the Hotspot quickly. Additionally, discovering the hotspot password on a Samsung device is pretty simple.

There are two methods to access this setting: the settings or the control panel. Here are the two methods for quickly accessing the hotspot settings. The below procedures are from the Samsung One UI version 3.0.

Using Device Configuration

  1. Access the device’s settings menu.
  2. Select Connections.
  3. Tap Mobile Hotspot and Tethering after scrolling and tapping Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  4. Select Mobile Hotspot.
  5. Now, you may view the Mobile Hotspot’s Password.
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Utilizing Alerts and the Control Panel

  1. Swipe down from the top to access the Notifications and Control Center. Determine the location of the Mobile Hotspot.
  2. Long-pressing, the Mobile Hotspot, will bring you to the settings for the Hotspot.
  3. Now, you will get the hotspot password for your smartphone.

Using the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G as a modem

  1. Before you begin
    • You can use your phone as a modem if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi or local network and wish to access the Internet on your computer or another Wi-Fi-compatible device.
    • This guide demonstrates how to establish an Internet connection between your phone and your desired device in a few simple steps.
  2. Swipe Up to Choose Settings
  3. Choose Connections
  4. Choose Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Tethering
  5. Choose Mobile Hotspot.
  6. Select Configure
  7. Enter a password with a minimum of eight characters and click Save.
  8. Enable Mobile Hotspot
  9. Your phone is now configured to function as a modem.
    • Choose your phone from the available Wi-Fi networks on your computer or other Wi-Fi-capable device and enter your Password.
    • To disable your Hotspot, set your Mobile Hotspot to Off.

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How Do I Change the Name and Password for My Hotspot on My Samsung S21?

As indicated previously, the default password for the device’s Hotspot is established. Therefore, the Password is often unpredictable and difficult to remember.

You can alter and establish its Password independently. However, remember that a Password must contain at least eight characters.

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Additionally, you can alter the name of your Hotspot, such as the Password. The default name is often the device’s name and model. Now let’s examine how you can alter it.

1. Launch Settings.

2. Access Connections.

image 273
Access Connections

3. Select Mobile Hotspot and Tethering from the menu.

image 274
Select Mobile Hotspot and Tethering from the menu.

4. Hit Mobile Hotspot.

image 275
Hit Mobile Hotspot.

5. To modify the username and Password, select Configure.

image 276
To modify the username and Password, select Configure.

6. Then, tap the Network name and Password, delete the old one, and enter your own desired Name and Password for your Hotspot. A minimum of eight characters is required to update and save the Password.

image 277
tap the Network name and Password

7. Click Save when you are finished.

Considerations When Altering Password

While changing or configuring a new password for your Wi-Fi network, there are a few crucial considerations that we’ve outlined here.

  • Make the Password as long as feasible while remaining easy to remember.
  • Create a strong password by combining capital, lowercase, digits, and symbols.
  • Anyone can randomly guess commonly used passwords such as your name and basic numbers like 123456, qwerty, etc.
  • Attempt to update your passwords periodically.

Video On How To Find Hotspot Password on Samsung S21:

How To Find Hotspot Password on Samsung S21?

CONCLUSION: Find Hotspot Password On Samsung S21

Mobile hotspots are small enough to fit in your pocket and have a battery life that can last up to a day. They may be utilized in public areas, such as parks and beaches, when traveling abroad or wherever an LTE connection is accessible.

In addition, they are compatible with any Wi-Fi-enabled device, such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or game console.

Even though mobile hotspots have grown increasingly prevalent on smartphones, their use may incur additional fees depending on your service provider and device. In addition, the speed and endurance of your mobile Hotspot depend on your data plan and available gigabytes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wi-Fi Accessible When Mobile Hotspot Is Active?

Unfortunately, inexpensive Android smartphones do not support concurrently activating Wi-Fi and Mobile Hotspot. It’s due to hardware restrictions, and occasionally the makers disable it.

Currently, only premium and mid-range smartphones enable Wi-Fi hotspots. However, sharing the Hotspot over cellular data is compatible with all devices.

How Many Devices Can Connect to a Hotspot When It Is Enabled?

Up to 10 devices can currently join your network via Hotspot. However, when more devices are connected to the same Hotspot, the internet connection will be slower and the battery will be depleted more quickly. Therefore, allow the Hotspot only when necessary.

Why Can’t Other Wi-Fi Users See My Hotspot?

There is a possibility that you accidentally disabled your hotspot’s SSID. When disabled, other users’ devices cannot detect your network. When the hotspot SSID is disabled, however, only devices that are already connected can see and connect to your network.

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