How To Clear Cache On Samsung Galaxy A20? Complete Guide!

Is your Samsung Galaxy A20 operating slowly? Are you experiencing app issues such as unexpected crashes or apps closing independently? Why not clear the cache on your Samsung Galaxy A20 to improve performance?

How To Clear Cache on Samsung A20?
How To Clear Cache on Samsung A20?

Clear Cache on Samsung Galaxy A20, they accumulate cache or bits of information. They are information stored in the phone’s system that will be retrieved if needed for a specific process, such as viewing websites in a browser.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Clearing Cache on Samsung A20

Your Samsung A20 is running slowly.Clearing the cache can help to free up some memory and improve the performance of your phone.
An app is not working properly.Clearing the cache for the app may help to fix the problem.
You are experiencing storage issues.Clearing the cache for some apps can free up some storage space.
You are having trouble uninstalling an app.Clearing the cache for the app may help to resolve the issue.
You want to start fresh with an app.Clearing the cache and data for the app will delete all of its settings and data, which can be helpful if you are having problems with the app or if you want to start fresh.


Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy A20, utilize cache files extensively. They expedite transactions when the phone requires a specific piece of data. However, if it goes rogue, the outdated cache may affect the phone’s overall performance.

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Like any other data, the cache is susceptible to bugs and malfunctions. When this occurs, they affect specific processes, such as how the device retrieves information, which may decrease performance. Typically, sluggishness and crashes are the primary indicators of rogue cache.

How To Clear Cache Files On Samsung Galaxy A20?

Additionally, errant cache files on your Galaxy A20 may interact with and affect specific applications. Once this occurs, apps may behave erratically, leading to issues such as app crashes, malfunctions, or apps closing independently.

Below are the instructions for clearing the cache on a Samsung Galaxy A20. It would be best if you made it a habit to clear the cache partition on your device to prevent bugs. This procedure will not affect your personal information.


  • Stop using your Galaxy A20. This is required to access the recovery menu.
  • Once the device has been powered off, press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons until the Samsung logo appears.
  • Both keys should be released if the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Until the Recovery Mode menu appears, refrain from pressing buttons or performing any actions. This will render the procedure invalid. If necessary, repeat earlier steps.
  • On the recovery options page, navigate to Delete Cache Partition. Utilize the Volume-down button to highlight it.
Wipe Cache Partition
Wipe Cache Partition
  • Once it has been highlighted, press the Power button to select it.
  • To confirm, highlight Yes and press the Power button. This will initiate the procedure to clear the cache.
  • Wait until the process has concluded. A notification at the bottom would indicate that the task has been completed.
  • After successfully clearing the cache, select Reboot System Now and press the Power button to restart the device.
Click on 'Yes' using Volume button
Click on ‘Yes’ using the Volume button

After clearing the cache on your Galaxy A20, you can expect to notice a difference in its performance. If you want to check other related information, you may need to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy A10. Please click here for additional details.

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The cache is an intermediate storage mechanism that gathers data for faster access. Consider a web browser to illustrate the significance of such storage.

For instance, a Samsung Galaxy A20 user visits the same website frequently. Opening the page takes three seconds on the first visit to the website, but on subsequent visits, it takes only one. Consequently, caching saves time.

Various applications construct the cache. Examples include browsers, image-processing software, video editors, social networks, and games. Despite the apparent advantages of using the cache, this temporary buffer has a substantial disadvantage. It occupies a great deal of internal storage space.

Clear Cache on Samsung Galaxy A20
Clear Cache on Samsung Galaxy A20

Important files such as account passwords and multimedia are not stored in the cache so that you can delete them without repercussions. As a result, owners of the Samsung Galaxy A20 will gain additional internal storage space as well as a speed boost.

The Samsung A20 and Galaxy A20e are both low-priced smartphones that run on the Android 10 operating system and have an attractive body design and excellent camera setup.

Samsung Galaxy A21 and Samsung A21s are the most recent smartphones in the A20 series, and they both feature an upgraded body design and excellent cameras. Using the same method, you can clear all cache partitions for applications.


The cache is essential data that allows you to launch applications more quickly and extra files that consume storage space on the Samsung Galaxy A20. The temporary buffer is refilled daily, and the rate at which new excess data is added depends on how frequently the smartphone owner uses it.

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As a precaution, it is recommended that the cache be cleared monthly. In certain instances, however, deleting such excess data is imperative. For instance, if:

  • The device is buggy and unstable; there is less than 20% free space on the internal storage, and individual applications do not launch.
Wipe Cache on Samsung A20
Wipe Cache on Samsung A20

If none of the specified conditions are met, it is safe to forego clearing the cache. However, remember that large amounts of excess data may present themselves at the most inopportune time, so you should not forget to take precautions.


How do I clear the cache for all Samsung applications?

In the device’s Settings menu, select Apps. Find the app whose data you wish to delete, tap it, and select Storage. Tap Clear cache to delete all app-specific cached data. Repeat the process for additional applications to continue removing hidden app cache.

Can I clear the phone’s system cache?

Open a browser window. Go to Menu > More > Settings or Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security on your Android browser. Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy in Chrome. Android browser: As applicable, tap Clear cache, Clear history, and Clear all cookie data.

Can Clearing the cache delete all data?

Clearing your cache deletes only the data your device has stored from the websites and apps you’ve visited; it does not affect your saved photos or files. When you clear your cache, your photos are secure on any device.

Is it beneficial to remove the system cache?

Android cache removal can free up valuable storage space and resolve battery, performance, and security issues. The corruption of outdated cached data can result in more significant performance issues. If a particular application receives an update, cached data from a previous version may cause incompatibility.

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