How to Change Personal Hotspot Password on iPhone?

Personal Hotspot transforms your iPhone into a portable wireless router that shares its Internet connection with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, like iPads and laptops.

Each iPhone has a unique password for its Hotspot that other devices must use to connect to it. This safe and difficult-to-guess password is a long series of letters and numbers generated randomly. Change the password if you want a simpler, more accessible password.

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Personal Hotspot Password on iPhone

Change hotspot password on iPhone:

  1. Open the Home screen, Click Settings Settings Icon.
  2. Click Personal Hotspot.
  3. Click the Wi-Fi Password field.
  4. To modify the password, update the information and then hit Done.
How to Change Hotspot Password on iPhone?
Change hotspot password on iPhone

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Tips: Key Takeaway

1. Select the Settings > Personal Hotspot option.
2. Choose Wi-Fi Password and hit the X to delete the existing password.
3. Enter a new password and then select Done.

VIDEO: Change iPhone Hotspot

Change Iphone Hotspot Video

Why You Might Need to Change Your Hotspot Password?

The primary reason to modify your Personal Hotspot’s default password is for convenience.

The secure default password produced by iOS combines letters and numbers. The password is irrelevant if you regularly connect your PC to your hotspot. Set your computer to remember it the first time you login, and you won’t have to input it again.

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However, if you frequently share your connection with others, a simple password to say and type may be easier to use.

How to Change Your Hotspot Name on an iPhone?

  1. Select “Settings” on your iPhone.
  2. Then Click General.
  3. Click About.
  4. Click Name.
  5. Click the “x” in the text field to delete the current hotspot name.
  6. Using the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard to input a new hotspot name.
How to Change Your Hotspot Name on an iPhone?
Change Your Hotspot Name on an iPhone

How to remove hotspot password on iPhone?

  1. Launch the Settings application and tap Wi-Fi to delete a hotspot password from an iPhone.
  2. Press the name of the hotspot whose password you wish to erase, and then tap the “Forget this Network” button.

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Where Is My iPhone’s Hotspot Password?

If you have an iPhone, you may have questioned, “Where is my hotspot password?” The answer is simple:

  1. Touch the gear icon in the Settings app.
  2. Choose “Wi-Fi hotspot settings and user management” from there.
  3. Tap the text beside the Wi-Fi Password.

Additionally, you can change the password by simply pressing it. If you choose a weak password and forget it, you will not be able to connect to the internet.

Launch Keychain Access on your Mac to update your hotspot’s password. This application maintains Wi-Fi credentials. To sort the results by “Kind,” select iCloud and System. Next, select the AirPort network, then. This will display the password recovery details. Once the initial setup is complete, you can change your passwords. You must also enable iCloud Keychain on your Mac to use your personal hotspot.

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How can I disable my Wi-Fi hotspot password?

If you wish to disable your iPhone’s hotspot password, you must modify the name of the service. Go to “About” in the menu settings and press Name. Replace that with a phrase that sounds better. This will disconnect all previously connected users. You can deactivate your password and activate it again if you forget it. You can still access the internet if you forget your password.

Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot to disable Personal Hotspot. Next, Toggle Allow Others to Join on or off. If it is active, On and Discoverable will appear. This version is an improvement over the prior one. However, the confusing overlap of statuses remains. This is one of the essential iPhone functions. This function allows you to share your relationship with friends and family.

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