How To Find Hotspot Password On Google Pixel?

One of the most efficient ways to share your internet connection with others is through a mobile hotspot. Your device will be displayed on other people’s Wi-Fi settings once you turn on the Hotspot.

However, unless a person knows the hotspot credentials for your device, they cannot join your network. Hotspot passwords for the device are pre-configured.

Therefore, you must access the hotspot settings and search for the Password if you wish to share the hotspot password.

How To Find Hotspot Password On Google Pixel?
How To Find Hotspot Password On Google Pixel?

In this post, we have provided a straightforward method to find Hotspot Password on Google Pixel. We also provided instructions on modifying the SSID and Password for the Hotspot.

How To Find Hotspot Password On Google Pixel?

Google Pixel devices come with simple sharing options for the Hotspot. Additionally, it’s easy to locate the hotspot password on a Google Pixel phone. Utilizing the settings, you can access that setting.

1. Go to Settings of the device.

image 349
Go to Settings of the device

2. Click Network & Internet.

image 350
Click Network & Internet

3. Tap on Hotspot & Tethering as you scroll down.

image 351
Tap on Hotspot & Tethering

4. Then select Wi-Fi Hotspot.

image 352
Then select Wi-Fi Hotspot

5. You may now see your mobile Hotspot’s Password.

image 353
Hotspot’s Password

What You Should Think About Before Using A Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

However, remember that you need to make a few crucial considerations before putting our instructions for activating the mobile Hotspot into effect.

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1. A service provider’s website’s tethering plan

First, if you want to utilize a mobile hotspot, please visit your service provider’s website and activate a tethering plan.

2. Charging quickly dissipates

Be prepared for a rapid power drain while using your Samsung smartphone as a wireless access point. Another crucial task is traffic analysis for mobile hotspots.

3. You can instantly spend money online.

Your entire Android device will work with a mobile connection, including all your apps. We brought this up for the reasons listed below. However, be aware that using mobile hotspots will cause you soon to lose all of your phone’s internet access.

4. Additional cash for roaming

If you are rambling while using your Samsung phone as a wireless hotspot, be prepared to lose some money.

5. Activating the Mobile Hotspot

Remember that using regular tablets cannot create your Wi-Fi hotspot. For these uses, use LTE tablets.

How Do I Change the Password and Name of the Hotspot?

The device’s hotspot password is pre-configured, as was previously stated. So, the Password may be unpredictable and occasionally difficult to remember. Fortunately, you can modify and establish its Password on your own. But remember that the Password needs to be at least eight characters long.

You can also alter the name of your Hotspot, for example, to Password. The default name might be the name and model of your gadget. Let’s examine how you can alter it now.

  1. Start the settings.
  2. Access Connections.
  3. Select Mobile Hotspot and Tethering from the menu.
  4. Accessed Mobile Hotspot.
  5. Click Configure to change the name and Password.
  6. Tap on Network name and Password next, delete your Hotspot’s default name and password, and add your own. You must use at least eight characters to update and save the Password.
  7. Once you’re finished, click Save.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I locate my Google Pixels Wi-Fi password?

The most straightforward approach to discovering your Wi-Fi password is to use a Google Pixel phone running Android 10. Then select Wi-Fi under Network & Internet Settings. To access the Network Details Screen, tap on the name of the Wi-Fi network where you wish to reset the Password.

Where can I find my Pixel 3 Hotspot password?

Open the Settings app on your phone. Wireless Hotspot. Activate the Wi-Fi hotspot. Tap it to view or modify a hotspot setting, such as the name or Password.

How can I locate my phone’s Password?

Enter an erroneous pattern or PIN on the lock screen five times to reveal this function. A button with the words “Forgot pattern,” “Forgot PIN,” or “Forgot password” will show up. Tap it. The username and Password for the Google account connected to your Android smartphone will be required.

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