The Samsung Galaxy Buds Warranty (5 Awesome Features of It)

The AKG-tuned speakers in the Samsung Galaxy Buds produce well-balanced sound with a wide dynamic range and exceptional precision.  

Bluetooth connectivity with your Android/iOS tablets and Samsung galaxy mobile phone is is all that is required to begin using them.  

There are three different tip and wingtip sizes to pick from, ensuring that you have a comfortable fit no matter how intense your workout is, whether you’re driving to work while listening to music or taking calls at the workplace.

Yes, it is one of the essential things that every one of us should have!  

But, it’s something that a little bit pricey so we have a solution for that.  

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Continue Reading to find out about the Warranty of Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Warranty

5 Awesome Galaxy Buds Feature

1. Turn the power on

With a battery that can last up to 6 hours on a single charge, you can keep the music rolling.

Then place your Samsung galaxy buds in the portable charging case for up to an extra 7 hours of playback time if necessary.

Are you pressed for time?

It simply takes 15 minutes to charge the charging case, which may provide up to 1.7 hours of playing time.

2. Allow the Rest of the World in

Switch to Quick Ambient Mode to better hear what’s going on around you, whether you’re having a conversation or listening for an announcement.

With the help of Ambient Aware, you may control the quantity of background noise you want to hear.

3. Make a puddle of Sweat

As a result of the IPX2 splash-resistant technology included in the design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds, they can withstand brief exposure to rain, sweat, or spills.

4. Continue to keep the beat

With a single touch, you may change music, make a phone call, or turn up the volume.    When you pull your Galaxy Buds out of your ears, your music will automatically pause and resume when you put them back in.

5. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Life Battery

According to typical usage, the Samsung Galaxy Buds have an average battery life of up to 6 hours when not being charged.

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When Galaxy Buds are stored and recharged between uses, the case can extend the battery life by up to 7 hours on average.

Battery life will vary depending on usage.

Quick Summary Feature of Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung galaxy mobile phone made the wise decision to keep the Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+ on the market at a permanent $150 discount following the introduction of the much more expensive Galaxy S20 smartphone family.

However, even though the first-generation Samsung Galaxy Buds are still available following the announcement of the Buds+, the company continues to charge $130 for a pair of the company’s newly released true wireless earbuds.

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • AKG’s tuning provides long-lasting comfort.
  • Play duration is limited to 6 hours.
  • Additional 7 hours can be obtained through the use of a charging case*.
  • 15 minutes of charging time results in 1.7 hours of playtime
  • Ambient Aware and Quick Ambient Mode are two options.
  • IPX2 protection rating
  • It is simple to pair and control

Is there a Samsung Claim warranty on Samsung Galaxy Buds?

Other repaired/replaced Products shall be warranted for a term equal to the remaining time period remaining on the original Standard Limited Warranty on the original Product, or for a period of ninety (90) days, whichever is greater.

All replaced Products, parts, components, boards, and equipment will become the property of Samsung after they have been returned to them.

How long is the Samsung Claim Warranty on Galaxy Buds?

They are covered by the regular one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Only a copy of the receipt demonstrating that you purchased (even if they were free) the buds will be required.

Is it possible to fix Samsung Galaxy buds in the same way?

While the Samsung Galaxy Buds do not establish any new standards for repairability, the iFixit team determined that they are repairable because they “aren’t held together by gobs of glue, and actually include removable batteries,” according to the team.

Opening them is “largely non-destructive” due to the fact that Samsung employed clips rather than glue to hold the exterior components in place.

For a period of one year, Samsung provides a warranty period that covers faults in materials and workmanship.

How can I find out whether my Samsung Galaxy Buds are still under warranty?

You can use this page to look up the warranty information for Samsung phones.

  • Return to the home page.
  • Check the IMEI of your phone by entering it.
  • Select “WARRANTY through SN” from the drop-down menu next to the phone number.
  • Enter the first ten characters of the serial number (the serial number may be found on a label inside the phone, near the battery) and then,
  • select “Check Samsung Phone Details” to verify the information.

How to File a Samsung Warranty Claim for my Galaxy Buds?

Making a claim with the Samsung Galaxy Buds is a straightforward process.

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In order to file a claim under the Samsung galaxy buds warranty given by the manufacturer, the warranty must be registered with the manufacturer.

This is a quick and straightforward process that can be performed in a matter of minutes via the internet.

Once you’ve registered your device, you may access your warranty history and lodge a claim through the Samsung account management system at any time.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

Samsung Galaxy buds are one of the most trending earphones today but customers have a little bit mixed reactions about this Samsung product.

Here are the different reviews from the newest trend Samsung galaxy buds.

” The left bud of my Galaxy buds failed to connect after two months of use, so I returned them to Samsung under warranty, and they replaced them with the Buds+ at no cost to me.” –Porous71

“My OG buds were repaired back in February, just before Covid.

One of the buds was more silent than the other.

They finally decided to send a replacement.

Funny enough, I’ve just begun a repair for my buds plus this week after the auto-pause stopped working (which, to be honest, never worked in the first place.).

When I said cloud blue, the work-at-home phone representative must have misheard me, because the work order states aura blue buds instead of cloud blue.” -Faptain-Calcon

Bonus: How to Reset your Samsung Galaxy Buds

After upgrading to a new phone or changing the device to which your earphones are attached, you may find that you need to reset your Samsung Galaxy buds to their factory settings.

In addition, if you are encountering small issues such as the earbuds being unresponsive, this can be of assistance.

Restart your Samsung earphones using the on-button

Do you ever feel the need to simply restart your Samsung galaxy earbuds rather than entirely removing and replacing them?

In order to complete the operation, place the earphones into the charging case and close the case.

Remove the earbuds from their carrying case and wait at least 7 seconds before removing them.

After the earphones have been restarted, they will immediately reconnect to your device over Bluetooth.

A closed charging case for Samsung earbuds
Reset your Samsung Galaxy Buds

Reminder: Some features automatically restart when you press the button especially in Gear IconXfeatures

For more information, please refer to your user manual.

This feature is available only on the Gear IconX.

How to Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Buds?

Note: Resetting the Gear IconX to its factory defaults will erase all music stored in the earbuds. Instead, you should do a restart in order to prevent data loss.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Buds Pro do not have the ability to store music directly on them.

After resetting your earphones, all of their settings will be restored to their default values.

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You can only reset your earphones through the Galaxy Wearable app, and both earbuds must be connected in order for this to be successful.

In conjunction with the Buds app on an iPhone 7 or later running iOS 10 or higher, you can reset the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live when they’re paired with an iPhone.

  • To begin, navigate to and launch the Galaxy Wearable app on your Galaxy phone’s Android operating system.
  • Select General from the drop-down menu for the Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Buds Pro.
  • Tap Reset and then tap Reset again to confirm your action.
  • For the Galaxy Buds, select About earbuds from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, to confirm, tap Reset earbuds twice more times on the screen.
  • In the app, go to the SETTINGS page and then to About Gear to learn more about Gear IconX.
  • Reset the gears by tapping on them twice, and then pressing RESET.

My Final Conclusion

The new Samsung Galaxy buds are one of the essential things for us.

It is very flexible although a little bit pricey!

But, as long as it is beneficial for us, then go for it. 

Leave a comment if you are one of the folks whose newest buddy is the Samsung galaxy buds. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean Samsung buds?

Take your Galaxy Buds out of your pocket and examine them thoroughly; they’ve most likely accumulated a significant amount of earwax, as well as dirt and dust.

Using your fingers, carefully peel out the earbud tip (twisting it while pulling can be helpful), as well as the supporting wingtip section that wraps around the larger area of the earbud.

Will there be a second generation of Galaxy Buds?

The Galaxy Buds 2 are expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2020 in late February, alongside the Galaxy S11 smartphone.

We’ll be in Barcelona for all of the announcements, so check back for updates.

Are Galaxy Buds a good investment?

While they don’t have the best sound, they do have respectable battery life (about 6 hours at moderate volume settings) and a compact charging case that supports both wired and wireless charging through USB-C.

What’s the bottom line?

Despite the fact that their sound quality isn’t particularly impressive, the Galaxy Buds are certainly worth considering if you own a Samsung Galaxy or Android phone.

Are galaxy buds capable of noise cancellation?

According to a report from SamMobile, the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus will not include noise cancellation, indicating that the second-generation truly wireless earbuds will not be as significant an increase as we had hoped.

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