Do Refrigerators Have Fuses? (Find Out Now!) [2023]

Do Refrigerators Have Fuses? An electrical appliance is shielded from damage by a fuse during power surges. Refrigerators and other appliances can be harmed by excessive current flow. 

However, if the circuit contains a fuse, it melts when the current flows through it and shields the gadget from damage. Do refrigerators possess fuses, then?

Do Refrigerators Have Fuses
Do Refrigerators Have Fuses

The majority of contemporary refrigerators lack built-in electrical fuses that would protect them. Thermal fuses, however, are used in refrigerators to prevent overheating. The thermal fuse essentially acts as a safety measure, cutting off electricity to the heating element if the refrigerator overheats.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Refrigerators Have Fuses

Refrigerator not workingCheck the fuse box or circuit breaker for a blown fuse. Replace the fuse if it is blown.
The refrigerator not cooling properlyThe fuse may be overloaded. Reduce the load on the fuse by turning off other appliances or devices that are connected to the same circuit.
Refrigerator leaking waterThe fuse may be damaged. Replace the fuse if it is damaged.
The refrigerator not defrosting properlyThe fuse may be tripped. Reset the fuse by turning it off and then back on.
Refrigerator not defrosting properlyThe fuse may be burnt out. Replace the fuse if it is burnt out.

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What is a refrigerator fuse and where is it located?

Fuses are often used in refrigerators to protect appliances from short circuits. They are usually found inside the refrigerator, near the compressor.

Your home’s power supply is vulnerable to electrical power spikes. A strong current passes across the line during a power surge. This leads to the overheating and destruction of electrical items like refrigerators.

A fire may start when appliances like freezers overheat. Appliances come to include fuses to reduce these dangers and guard against harm. When something goes wrong, the fuse melts and the circuit is broken.

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These devices safeguard the appliance by shutting off power during a power surge to its critical components. If your refrigerator’s light goes out and it stops cooling, a fuse may have blown.

If this happens, you will need to investigate the issue and resolve it in order to get your refrigerator to work properly once more. Most refrigerators lack electric fuses and instead feature thermal fuses.

The power schematics of the appliance will make note if a refrigerator has an electrical fuse. The control board is typically where the thermal fuse is found.

Now, this board may be positioned at various locations throughout the refrigerator depending on the make and model of the appliance. However, you should be aware that the electrical wire or breaker box to which your refrigerator is connected will contain a fuse.

In the event that the electric fuse in the breaker box blows, your refrigerator will stop functioning. Breaker box issues are simple to locate and resolve. To get your refrigerator back up and running, you might only need to replace the blown fuse or reset the circuit breaker that tripped.

You might need to repair the connector if the issue is with the electrical outlet that powers the refrigerator. It’s trickier if your refrigerator’s internal thermal fuse has blown, though.

Normally, this fuse is attached into the circuit board. Therefore, correcting it calls for technical knowledge. To solve the issue, you might need to get in touch with technical support personnel.

To restart the gadget, they often replace the fuse. Let’s now examine the most common refrigerator models on the market and how their fuses function.



The presence of an electrical fuse is not indicated in the power schematics for Frigidaire refrigerators. The mainboard may have been destroyed if the refrigerator stops functioning and there is no power supply to it.

The refrigerator’s front cabinet houses the mainboard, which features a convoluted circuitry. It’s better to have a certified technician handle any issues if they arise.

You can install a surge protector at the plug to shield Frigidaire refrigerators against unforeseen current spikes from the power source.

It will stop power surges in the power supply line from reaching the gadget, but it won’t assist regulate internal spikes.

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Electric fuses are generally absent from Kenmore refrigerators. To make sure, you can consult the schematics for that particular make and model or speak with a company representative.

However, the control board of Kenmore refrigerators contains a thermal fuse. If there is no issue with the power source and your Kenmore refrigerator suddenly stops functioning, it may have blown its thermal fuse.

It’s difficult to fix because this is a component of the main control board. The thermal fuse should be changed and power should be returned to the refrigerator at the earliest opportunity by contacting authorized service staff.


GE Refrigerator

There are several GE refrigerators without fuses. In order to determine whether an appliance has a fuse, you would need to look at the schematics or know the manufacturer and model.

The fuse for GE refrigerators with fuses is found on the motherboard. The main internal control board, which houses the intricate electronic circuitry, is located here.

For the majority of GE refrigerators, the manufacturer sells replacement fuses. It is preferable to engage a professional if you are not a technical expert to replace the fuse in the event of a problem.



The control panel of Samsung refrigerators contains thermal fuses. The location of the control panel may change depending on the manufacturer and model. The fuse is typically found inside the refrigerator’s back panel.

To access the fuse, you must take off the rear panel cover. The connector assembly on top will receive the fuse. Typically, the thermal fuse is accessible by pulling it out from behind the coil.

Pull the connector tabs to slide the fuse out. If it is broken, you can replace it with a fresh fuse, reinstall it, and turn on the refrigerator.


Depending on the manufacturer and type, small refrigerators may or may not include fuses. To be sure, you would need to refer to the device’s user manual or power schematics.

To prevent the appliance from overheating, practically all mini-refrigerators feature integrated thermal fuses. A small refrigerator’s internal circuitry or the fuse on the main power control could be at fault if the fuse explodes.

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The main control board of the majority of LG refrigerator models has fuses. Normally, this fuse is attached to the circuit board. In the event of a power surge, it safeguards the refrigerator against overheating and damage.

After taking off the board cover, you can locate the fuse on the main control board. Fuse replacements for LG refrigerators are typical. But attaching the fuse with solder is difficult.

To gently remove the damaged fuse and solder the new one into place without compromising the remainder of the circuit requires considerable skill. Avoid trying to solder yourself if you are not skilled at it. Employ a certified service expert to finish the job and turn the power back on for your LG refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions about Do Refrigerators Have Fuses

Where is fridge fuse located?

Both within the refrigerator, behind the paneling, or in the bottom, near the compressor, are popular locations for the thermal fuse. Before attempting to identify your thermal fuse, it’s crucial to keep in mind to unplug your refrigerator unit.

Does a Samsung refrigerator have a reset button?

On the inside of some Samsung refrigerator models, there is a reset button. If that’s the case, it will be prominently marked and situated either on the control panel or behind the ice bucket. Without a specific reset button, Samsung refrigerators can typically be restarted using a regular key combination.

How do I reset the power on my Samsung refrigerator?

On the majority of Samsung models, holding the “power freeze” and “power cool” buttons simultaneously for five seconds is effective. The majority of Samsung refrigerators include these two buttons. The refrigerator may generally be reset by simultaneously holding both of them for a few seconds.On the majority of Samsung models, holding the “power freeze” and “power cool” buttons simultaneously for five seconds is effective. The majority of Samsung refrigerators include these two buttons. The refrigerator may generally be reset by simultaneously holding both of them for a few seconds.

Why is my Samsung fridge not getting power?

Cut the refrigerator’s power. Check to verify if something else receives power by connecting it to the same outlet. If it doesn’t, use a different outlet for the refrigerator and get assistance from an electrician with the outlet. Check to see if the outlet is 120V, 60 Hz, and grounded.

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