Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes List?

There is nothing more frustrating than walking to your washing machine only to discover an error code, obscure symbols, or icons displayed. You have visions of costly repairs dancing in your head.

Therefore, today we will discuss the Samsung washer error codes, their meanings, and some simple solutions you can try to fix your washing machine.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code List
Samsung Washing Machine Error Code List

Ultimately, it makes no difference whether the error codes are Samsung front load washer error codes, Samsung top loader error codes, or Samsung Eco Bubble error codes. This list will assist you in diagnosing your system.

Samsung washing machines can display a variety of error codes when something goes wrong. LE, LE1, E9, 11E, LC, and LC1 are the most specific codes. These codes indicate water leakage, communication difficulties between the primary and sub-PCBs, and other problems. To remedy these difficulties, inspect the wire harness for damage and look for any signs of leakage.


Samsung Washing Machine codes are complex. Fortunately, most are straightforward to resolve. Below is a list of the various error codes, their meanings, and potential solutions to the problem.

There could be multiple Samsung washer error codes for the same problem. This is because the issue’s root cause may evolve. Even though the error codes appear to have the same meaning, the different codes will help a technician determine the exact cause of the malfunction.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes


Meaning: The washer is not draining correctly. This could result from improper or slow water drainage from your washing machine. It may also indicate that no water is draining.

Investigate the drain hose. There is a strong possibility that a clog or small object, such as a sock, is blocking the drain hose. Additionally, ensure that the line is not kinked.

You must contact a technician if the drain pump or impeller has failed. In addition, you must ensure that the water level switch and controller are not malfunctioning. Call a technician for an expert evaluation and repair.


What It Means: Unbalanced Washing Machine. The washing machine began the spin cycle but stopped when the load became unbalanced.

The solution involves rebalancing your load. Ensure that heavy objects are evenly distributed throughout the drum.


Meaning: Water Intake Problems. There is a problem with how your washing machine fills with water. It is filling insufficiently or not at all.

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Verify that the hot and cold intake hoses are correctly connected. Additionally, you must ensure that there are no kinks in the hoses. Check out the intake valves. Ensure that they are turned on and functioning correctly.

Verify that the door is securely closed and the cycle has begun. The water level sensor may malfunction and may require replacement. The controller may malfunction, necessitating a technician’s diagnosis and possible replacement.

How To Fix Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes List?
How To Fix Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes List?


What It Means: The VRT+ vibration sensor is malfunctioning. Models manufactured after 2013 are equipped with sensors to detect vibrations exceeding predetermined thresholds. This prevents excessive vibration from damaging your washing machine’s motor couplings and bearings.

The circuit containing the sensor and controller is not closed properly. The wiring and connections must be repaired. Possible sensor or control board malfunction Consult a technician for evaluation and repair.


What It Means: The Door Is Open and Unlocked

Verify that nothing is preventing the door of your washing machine from closing by inspecting it twice. Additionally, ensure that the latch is not broken. Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub it over the sensors to clean the connections.

It may also appear when the child lock is enabled, and the bathtub contains water. If the door is not closed or the child lock is not deactivated within 30 seconds, the washing machine will drain the tub.


What It Means: Unlocked and Unclosed Door

Verify that nothing is preventing your washing machine door from closing and locking correctly. Verify that the latch is not broken. Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to clean the connections.

The error code may also appear if the child lock is activated and the machine contains water. Within 30 seconds, the door must be closed, or the child lock deactivated. Otherwise, the machine will empty the tub of water.


What It Means: The Door Has a Problem. 

The controller does not receive a signal indicating that the door has shut. It may also indicate that the door will not open.

Please verify that the door is closed securely and that nothing prevents it from closing. If the door is closed correctly, the connection between the locking assembly and the controller may be broken.

Inspect the circuit with a multimeter and the contacts as well. You can try cleaning the contacts with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. Using the cotton swab, ensure that the contacts are clean.

Occasionally, the lock or hinges may become loose. You may require the assistance of a technician to replace the locking mechanism. Moreover, the door lock sensor or controller may be defective. If so, the component must be replaced.

How To Diagnose Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes List?
How To Diagnose Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes List?


What This Term Denotes: Excessive Sudding. Too many suds are present during the wash cycle.

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You may have utilized the incorrect type of laundry detergent. Ensure that you are using a HE detergent that will not result in sudden. Additionally, you may have used more detergent than is required for a wash cycle. Use less detergent in your next load of laundry. The water from your washing machine is not draining correctly.

The foam level sensor may be defective or the circuit incomplete. Check the sensor with a multimeter and, if necessary, replace it. The pressure switch could be defective. Additionally, you will need to test it with a multimeter and replace it if necessary.

The controller may be experiencing issues. Consult a technician for diagnostics and repairs.


No signal was received from the water level sensor.

Verify that there is a good connection between the water level sensor and the controller by ensuring that all the contacts are not oxidized and are making a good connection. Then, ensure that neither the sensor nor the controller is damaged. You may need to contact a technician for diagnostics and maintenance.


Meaning: The washing machine is not filling.

Verify that the water is turned on and flowing to the supply valves. Ensure that the water inlet filters are not clogged by cleaning them. Additionally, if you own a front-loading washing machine, you should clean the debris filter.

Occasionally, the problem is caused by an improperly closing door or lid or a malfunctioning door or lid switch. The washing machine will not fill unless the door or lid is closed. Perform a continuity test on the switch using a multimeter.

Verify that the washer’s pressure is between 30 and 12 psi, as the washing machine requires this range.

Lastly, examine the water level switch. If the switch is faulty, the washer will not fill properly.


What It Means: An abrupt decline in water level. Typically, the LE error code indicates a leaking tank. Typically, you will find puddles on the floor.

A leaking hose, such as the drain hose, is responsible for the problem. Check the hoses and their connections twice. Additionally, the compressor may be leaking. You might have to contact a technician.


What It Means: Bathtub Too Full

The tub may not be draining correctly, the sensor may not function properly, or you may have used the incorrect type of laundry detergent. The most straightforward solution is to switch laundry detergent brands. Ensure that you use the appropriate amount of detergent per cycle. An excess of detergent will result in problems.

There may be a problem with the pressure switch or the inlet filling valve, or the circuits may be open. Check each circuit with a multimeter to determine if any component requires replacement.

Possibly, your washing machine is not draining correctly. View the solutions for error code 5E. The controller may be malfunctioning, necessitating the assistance of a technician.

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What It Means: No Signal from the Drive Motor’s Tachometer

You may have overloaded your washing machine, causing the drive motor to become overworked. The tachometer circuit may be open, or the contacts may not connect well.

The sensor may have dislodged if the tacho washer fixing coil had become dislodged. You might have a defective motor. The tacho generator may require replacement, or the controller could be defective.

Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes List: Easy Fixes!
Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes List: Easy Fixes!


Meaning: Laundry Machine Failed to Drain

Check and clean the debris filter to ensure no drain hose is blocking it. Examine the drain hose to ensure it is not clogged with residue or small objects. Connect the drain hose to a spray hose by disconnecting it from the machine.

Spray water downward into the obstructed hose until the water can freely flow. Additionally, you must ensure that the drain hose is installed correctly.


A well-maintained Samsung washing machine will last between 10 and 13 years.

It is advised that you replace your washing machine if it is older than eight years. Consider replacing your washer if the repair costs exceed fifty percent of the purchase price.


How do I reset the error code on my Samsung washing machine?

It is impossible to reset the washing machine. Instead, you can perform a power cycle: Unplug it (or turn off the power at the circuit breaker), wait for the electrical charge to leave the washer (usually between 1 and 5 minutes), and then plug it back in.

Why does my washing machine indicate an error?

Standard appliance error codes may indicate a problem with the door, a water heating sensor, a software or circuit board malfunction, a faulty motor or pump, and more. Simple things that could have an error code could be the door being left ajar on the machine or the detergent drawer not being in situ properly.

What is the 3C error code on a Samsung washer?

With a 3E or 3C error code, the motor is inoperable. First, ensure that the socket is operational. Turn off the washing machine and disconnect the connector. Determine if a different device can accept power.

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