How To Check If Samsung Phone Is Unlocked? 3 Easy Steps!

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How To Check If Samsung Phone Is Unlocked? The distinction between a locked and unlocked phone is that a locked phone cannot accept a sim card from another carrier.

As a result, most users prefer an unlocked smartphone to use any sim card when traveling to another country.

This will save you money on roaming and provide you with a connection with better signals. As a result, it is preferable to determine whether your Samsung smartphone is locked or unlocked.

How To Check If Samsung Phone Is Unlocked?
How To Check If Samsung Phone Is Unlocked?

A locked smartphone can be easily unlocked by purchasing an unlock code from your carrier. So, before you contact your carrier to unlock your Samsung (if) your Samsung smartphone. Check to see if your Samsung smartphone is unlocked or locked.

Key Takeaway:

Open the dial-up window and enter *#7465625# to determine if a Samsung phone is unlocked. The phone is locked if the status under Network Lock reads [ON]. Alternatively, adding a SIM card from a different carrier can also expose the locked status of the phone.


While it was understandable for a carrier to want to restrict the features of their specific models, it made reselling or refurbishing smartphones difficult for anyone who wasn’t a high-level tech genius, resulting in tons of smartphone waste.

The majority of carriers will sell you a device on an installment or leasing basis. That phone will be locked to that company’s network until it is paid off. Because they had carrier-specific features, older phones were not always compatible with other carriers.

Your carrier can unlock your Samsung phone if certain criteria are met, or you can buy an unlocked device. Although purchasing an unlocked device directly from the manufacturer is safer, these cross-compatible cell phones can be found at a lower price on eBay and other third-party seller sites.

Because not all phones ship from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) unlocked, knowing if the device works outside of the current carrier is critical.

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How to Check if Samsung Phone is Unlocked or Locked?


Where Can I Find Out If My Samsung Phone Is Unlocked?
Where Can I Find Out If My Samsung Phone Is Unlocked?

If you purchased your phone from a carrier, whether on a two-year contract or a monthly payment plan, it is locked to that service provider, even if it is compatible with other networks.

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Because you signed a contract with that specific carrier, you must stick with them until the contract expires or the payment plan is completed. After that, you can unlock it and use it with your preferred carrier.

How can you tell if your device’s SIM card has been unlocked after you’ve paid it off? The answer depends on the phone you’re using and whether it supports multiple carriers. Let’s go over this in greater detail.


The methods listed below will help you determine whether your Samsung phone is unlocked or locked.

Examine the SIMLock Status in Older Samsung Smartphone Models

  1. Open your dial-up window and enter the following: *#7465625#
  2. A dialog box with a menu will appear.
  3. If the status under Network Lock is [ON], it means that your Samsung smartphone is locked. If it is unlocked, the status will be [OFF].

A network lock is a restriction lock that prevents the phone from being used with anything other than the carrier/sim card. The user must enter an NCK code to unlock the device in order to disable the lock. On the other hand, a Network Subset Lock only limits the smartphone to a certain number of carriers/sim cards. You must have an NSCK code to use this feature.

An SP Lock, which is an abbreviation for Service Provider Lock, on the other hand, restricts the device to being used only with a network’s designated service provider.

In layman’s terms, if a carrier has three different sim cards, you can only use one of those sim cards from that carrier, though you can use all three if the phone has a Network Subset Lock.

To unlock it, the user must enter an SPCK code. Finally, the CP Lock, which stands for Corporate Lock, functions similarly to a Network Subset Lock, with the exception that the Corporation provides the device to its employees, who select their default network, lock operator. You must have either a CPCK or a CCK code to unlock it.

  • Examine the SIMLock Status on Newer Samsung Smartphone Models

You can use the method described above to determine whether your Samsung smartphone is locked or unlocked. However, if the above method fails or you receive the message “Connection Problem or invalid MMI code,” you must use the following methods:

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Is My Samsung Phone Unlocked?
Is My Samsung Phone Unlocked?
  • Determine whether your Samsung phone is unlocked or locked.

Insert a different carrier’s sim card and then turn on your smartphone. If your Samsung smartphone is locked, you will see a message that says ‘Sim Network Unlock PIN’ or ‘Enter Network Lock Control Key’ and will be prompted to enter the unlock code.

  • Determine whether your Samsung phone is locked or unlocked.

If you have used a different sim card and have not received any messages. However, you are not receiving any signals. Then, as the older model method mentions, try entering the same number in the dial-up screen.

Which is now #7465625*638*# without the asterisks because the *638 extension checks for Network Lock. If the Samsung smartphone is locked, the same message as in Method 1 will appear. To check for the remaining three locks, dial the same number but with different extensions. Check out the list below for more information:

  • #7465625*782# Network Subset Lock
  • #7465625*77# SP Lock
  • #7465625*27 CP Lock

So, if you’ve determined that your Samsung smartphone is locked, you can purchase an unlock code from UnlockBoot.


Having an unlocked cell phone allows you to travel internationally and use it with various carriers. Your phone will accept a SIM card from another network or provider (in most cases), and you will be able to make calls, surf the web, and send texts as usual.

If you want to use another carrier’s SIM card in your phone, make sure it’s unlocked. Once unlocked, you can use the phone however you want. You’re stuck with the original network operator provider until then.


Unfortunately, unlike newer iPhones, Android does not have a setting to check SIM restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck.

How to Check the Locked/Unlocked Status of an Android Device?

  1. “Settings” can be accessed via the drop-down menu or the App Drawer.
  2. Depending on the brand and model, select “Connections,” “Network & Internet,” or another variation.
  3. Depending on the brand and model, select “Mobile network,” “Cellular network,” or other variations.
  4. To open the list of carriers, tap “Advanced” (if necessary) and select “Choose mobile Network,” “Automatically select a network,” or another variant.
  5. If multiple carriers appear, it is likely that your phone is unlocked and only requires the appropriate SIM card. Continue to “Step 6” for more confirmation.
  6. Remove your phone’s old SIM card and replace it with the newly activated one from the other carrier. Use mobile data to browse the internet, but make sure Wi-Fi is turned off.
  7. If you were able to successfully browse the internet, your phone is undoubtedly unlocked.
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To test whether your phone is unlocked without an activated SIM card for the new carrier, borrow someone else’s SIM card and see if you can make a call or browse the web.

In addition to inserting a valid SIM card, you can contact your current carrier to confirm the locked/unlocked status.

How To Check If Phone Is Unlocked?
How To Check If Phone Is Unlocked?

FAQs: Check If Samsung Phone Is Unlocked

Can I find out if my phone is unlocked?

To determine if your phone is unlocked, look for a ‘Carrier Lock’ option in the Settings menu. If “No SIM limitations” is displayed, your phone is unlocked. You can also try inserting a SIM card from a different provider to check if you can make a call. On Android smartphones, the locked/unlocked state is accessible via the Connections or Network settings. In addition to displaying the phone’s locked status in the About part of the settings, certain models additionally provide this information in the About section.

Is my Samsung phone’s network restricted?

You may determine if the network on your Samsung phone is restricted by validating the account and services, checking your coverage, rebooting the phone, and adjusting the advanced network settings on your Android device. In addition, many Samsung Galaxy phones may be subject to a flex lock policy in which the handset will remain inactive until a specific carrier’s SIM card is attached.

Can you tell me if my phone is locked?

The best method for determining whether your phone is locked or unlocked is to insert a SIM card from a different carrier and attempt to make a call. Alternatively, you can access the Cellular Data option on an iPhone by going to Settings and choosing Cellular. Select Connections, Network & Internet, Mobile Network, and Network Operators from the drop-down menu or App Drawer in Android’s Settings.

Do I verify that my phone is unlocked?

The best approach to determine whether your phone is unlocked is to insert a SIM card from a different carrier and make a call. Alternatively, you can use a free IMEI checker or the Settings menu on Android smartphones to determine whether your device is locked or unlocked.


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