How To Screen Record On Samsung Galaxy A20? Step-By-Step Guide!

Recording the screen of your mobile/cell phone Samsung Galaxy A20 in a video with Sound can be handy for creating a tutorial or demonstrating to a friend how to perform specific tasks on a Samsung Galaxy A20, saving the video as a file, and then sending or uploading it to YouTube or social media platforms.

Sometimes we would like to capture on video with sound an Instagram story of a friend, a phone chat or video call with a family member to save it as a memento, use it as proof, or create a TikTok movie.

How To Screen Record on Samsung A20?
How To Screen Record on Samsung A20?

The Samsung Galaxy A20 ships with the Android 9.0 (Pie) operating system, but there is currently no native way built into Android for recording the screen. Therefore, you must use the Game Launcher program from Samsung or third-party applications.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Screen Record on Samsung A20

Your Samsung A20 may not have a built-in screen recorder.You can download a third-party screen recorder app from the Google Play Store.
You may not have enabled the screen recorder feature on your Samsung A20.Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Screenshots and screen recorder > Screen recorder and toggle the switch on.
You may not have granted the screen recorder permission to record audio.Go to Settings > Apps > Screen recorder > Permissions and toggle the switch on next to Microphone.
The screen recorder may not be working properly.Try restarting your Samsung A20 or reinstalling the screen recorder app.
You may be getting an error message when trying to start the screen recorder.Check the error message and try to troubleshoot the issue. If you can’t resolve the issue, contact Samsung customer support for help.


Screen recording on the Samsung Galaxy A20 can be accomplished in two distinct ways. Let’s learn each one individually.

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How to do Screen recording in Samsung Galaxy A20?


Initially, we will verify that the screen recording icon is present in the fast access panel of our Samsung Galaxy A20. (If we already possess it, we can proceed to step 5)

To verify it, we open our Galaxy A20 and slide a finger from the top edge of the screen down a few millimeters to reveal the fast panel, which displays quick options such as connecting to a Wi-Fi network, connecting Bluetooth, mute, airplane mode, and so on.

Swipe down again with one finger to view the entire panel, and check if the icon depicted below is there.

Click on Devices
Click on Devices


If we do not notice the screen recording icon on the fast panel of our Samsung Galaxy A20, we must click the edit symbol, which is generally represented by three vertical dots.

Click on the Three Vertical Dots
Click on the Three Vertical Dots


Click “Button order” from the floating menu to modify the order of the quick panel buttons on your Samsung Galaxy A20.

Click 'Button Order'
Click ‘Button Order’


The icons of the settings that we have already defined in the Samsung Galaxy A20 quick panel will appear below, and a blank space will separate the settings icons that we can add to the panel. Next, we search for the screen recording icon, click on it, and drag it to the bottom to add it to the quick panel.

If you do not see the icon for screen recording on your Samsung Galaxy A20 device, it may have been disabled by the manufacturer or is not supported on Samsung Galaxy A20.

Click 'Record Screen'
Click ‘Record Screen’


We already have the screen recording icon on the Samsung Galaxy A20 quick panel; to begin recording, we have two options: press the volume up and power buttons of the Galaxy A20 at the same time, or unfold the panel quickly by swiping a finger down from the top of the screen and pressing the screen recording icon that we have seen previously.

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Click 'Devices'
Click ‘Devices’


If this is the first time the Samsung Galaxy A20’s screen has been captured, a message seeking permission to take images and record videos will display. If you decline permission, you cannot record the screen. You can grant permission only this time or every time the app is used.

Permission message will Appear
Permission message will Appear


The second permission it will request is access to the microphone for the “Samsung Capture” app to record sounds. You must grant permission even if you do not wish to capture the microphone’s Sound; we can signal later that the Sound is not recorded.

Allow permission on Microphone
Allow permission on Microphone


Next, the application will request permission to access the images, multimedia content, and files on the Samsung Galaxy A20. This does not indicate that the application will use the photos or videos, but rather that it needs this permission to save the movie to the device’s storage.

Permission on Photos
Permission on Photos


This phase lets you pick whether the video will be saved without Sound, with system noises, or with system sounds plus microphone recording. Choose the desired option and then click “Start recording.”

Click 'Start Now'
Click ‘Start Now’

A 3-second countdown will be displayed on the Samsung Galaxy A20’s display before the camera begins to record video of anything that occurs on the screen.

STEP 10:

To stop the recording, you can either touch the square stop button at the top right of the screen or slide your finger from the top to reveal the notification and quick settings bar and press the red button.

STEP 11:

The video will be instantly saved in your Samsung Galaxy A20’s photo gallery. You can locate the image gallery on the home screen; it should have a photo icon, an instant photo icon, or, depending on the version of software installed, the icon of a four-pointed paper star with a different color for each point.

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Click on Gallery to view the Recording
Click on Gallery to view the Recording


  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Galaxy A20.
  • Then type “screen recording application with audio” into the search field and press enter. Alternatively, visit this Google Play Store URL from a desktop browser.
  • Choose one of the offered screen recording applications and click the Install button.
  • To record the screen of the Galaxy A20 after installing the Screen Recording application, launch the Screen Recording application and click the start button. Occasionally, these settings can be found on the notification panel itself.
  • You have successfully recorded the screen of your Galaxy A20 using our guide.
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How To Screen Record On Samsung Galaxy A20? Step-By-Step Guide!


Suppose the screen recording icon is unavailable, and pushing the volume up and power keys simultaneously do not initiate video recording on the Samsung Galaxy A20. In that case, we must download an application from the application store.


Does the Samsung S20 support screen capture?

Slide down twice from the Notification bar, then select the symbol for the Screen recorder. Choose the desired sound setting, and then click Record. To pause the recording, click the icon labeled Pause. Finally, choose the Stop symbol to end the recording.

Where is the option to record the screen on the Samsung a20s?

With two fingers, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Quick panel. Tap the Screen recorder, then. Note: If the Screen recorder icon is missing from the Quick panel, you can add it. Choose the desired option from the Sound settings menu, and then press Start recording.

Where do I enable screen capture?

Slide down twice from the screen’s top. Next, tap Record on the screen. You may have to swipe right to locate it. Finally, press Edit and drag Screen recording to the Quick Settings section if absent.

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