What is the best 43 inch Smart tv?

If you are asking what is the best 43 inch TV,  then stop looking you have come to the right place.  See our top list of Smart TVs and compare yourself.

In this article, we will review the best 43 inch tv and give you a list for you to take action and buy yours today.

What is the Best Samsung 43 inch TV?

If you’re asking what is the best 43 inch smart TV, chances are that you’re looking for something to fit a space smaller than most living rooms.  Perhaps a bedroom or kitchen.

This is great and means two things. You’re going to want to make sure you’re viewing distance is measured properly and you’re going to be able to save yourself some cash.

Below is some information to help with all of that.

What is the Best 43 inch TV?

Best 43 inch TV on Sale

If you’re in the market for a new TV, you might be wondering which one to choose. Samsung is a great option, and their 43 inch TV is one of the best on the market. It’s a great size for most rooms, and it has features like Bluetooth and 4K resolution that make it a top choice. Plus, in our opinion, it’s one of the most stylish TVs out there.

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best 43 inch tv

Best 43 inch tv: What Do Small TVs Cost?

Best 43 inch tv: What Do Small TVs Cost?

No matter the time of year you should be able to find yourself small TVs at a reasonably small cost. There are not many high-end models that are sized at 43 inches. So finding a deal should be very easy.

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There are three different things to note when looking at this graph. The three colors.

  • Yellow is for a TV that is often too cheap to be true. You’ll often be lacking features or better performing basics that a normally priced TV would have.
  • Green is for TVs that are often reasonably priced for the features they offer. You’re likely to get a deal when you find a TV size within the green prices.
  • Red is for TVs that are often overpriced. They do not offer a considerable amount of advantages for the features they often charge for. This is also when often times you are charged a price premium for a brand’s name. Such as Sony or Samsung.

Best 43 inch TV:  View Distance

Distance and picture quality

If you’re not sure which screen size is best for your room size and viewing distance, use the charts above as a guideline. They’re based on the recommendations of TV industry experts.

If you sat too close to an old-school tube TV, you’d be distracted by the screen’s scan lines. Today’s TVs don’t have scan lines. If you sit too far away, you’ll be missing some of the picture detail you paid for.  Selecting the best 43 inch TV you need to consider the viewing distance.

Of course, it is possible to sit too close to your TV. You’re too close if you find yourself noticing the screen’s “structure” — those rows and columns of pixels that look like tiny dots.

You’ll notice that we provide a range for each screen size, rather than a hard and fast number. That’s because of the viewing distance you prefer will depend on your personal tastes. And rather than rearranging your room so you can sit closer, it may just be easier to get a larger TV.

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Screen Size Recommended Mixed Usage Distance
Recommended Cinema Distance
25″ 3.4′ (1.04 m) 2.5′ (0.77 m)
30″ 4.1′ (1.24 m) 3′ (0.92 m)
35″ 4.8′ (1.45 m) 3.5′ (1.07 m)
40″ 5.5′ (1.66 m) 4′ (1.22 m)
45″ 6.1′ (1.86 m) 4.5′ (1.37 m)
50″ 6.8′ (2.06 m) 5′ (1.53 m)
55″ 7.5′ (2.28 m) 5.5′ (1.68 m)
60″ 8.2′ (2.48 m) 6′ (1.83 m)
65″ 8.9′ (2.69 m) 6.5′ (1.98 m)
70″ 9.5′ (2.9 m) 7′ (2.13 m)
75″ 10.2′ (3.1 m) 7.5′ (2.29 m)
80″ 10.9′ (3.31 m) 8′ (2.44 m)
85″ 11.6′ (3.52 m) 8.5′ (2.59 m)

Best 43 inch TV  distance chart

Best 43 inch TV: Dimensions

Size Width Height Area
32″ 27.9″
70.9 cm
39.9 cm
438 in2
0.283 m2
40″ 34.9″
88.6 cm
49.8 cm
684 in2
0.441 m2
43″ 37.5″
95.3 cm
53.6 cm
791 in2
0.511 m2
50″ 43.6″
110.7 cm
62.2 cm
1068 in2
0.689 m2
55″ 47.9″
121.7 cm
68.6 cm
1293 in2
0.835 m2
60″ 52.3″
132.8 cm
74.7 cm
1538 in2
0.992 m2
65″ 56.7″
144.0 cm
81.0 cm
1809 in2
1.166 m2
70″ 61.0″
154.9 cm
87.1 cm
2092 in2
1.349 m2
75″ 65.4″
166.1 cm
93.5 cm
2407 in2
1.553 m2
80″ 69.7″
177.0 cm
99.6 cm
2732 in2
1.763 m2
85″ 74.1″
188.2 cm
105.9 cm
3090 in2
1.993 m2

Best 43 inch TV  dimension chart

Best 43 inch TV: Our Conclusion

There are many options for the best 43 inch TV.   We hope you will make the best choice.  But our choice is always to go with something Samsung.  It has proven quality and reliability.  It is the best overall TV around.   So take our recommendation and consider which of the best 43 inch smart TV is for you.

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Although no television is perfect, most televisions are decent enough to satisfy almost everyone, and the variations are sometimes not apparent unless you look for them really.

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