How To Watch Local Channels On Apple TV? (5 Easy Ways To Try)

Apple invented the majority of the technology that we use today. They revolutionized personal computers in the early 1980s. It has been a fascinating voyage of invention ever since.

They altered our music listening habits and phone functionality as well. Additionally, TV enjoyment has changed thanks to Apple TV and the included app. You can connect to the internet on Apple TV and watch regional channels.

Consequently, the set-top box is among the most excellent home entertainment systems. All you require is a cable TV and Spectrum internet connection. You may configure them to use and access local channels on Apple TV. There are various approaches to doing this.

How To Get Local Channels On Apple TV?
How To Get Local Channels On Apple TV?

How Do You Watch Local Channels On An Apple TV?

Joining a streaming service that enables you to stream local channels is the best option. Local channels are available on DirectTV Stream, FuboTV, Sling, Hulu, and Youtube TV. Although Apple TV isn’t directly compatible with antennas, utilizing one is still an option.

My local channels are available on Hulu, which I currently subscribe to. However, an antenna functioned perfectly well before I got Hulu.

Can An Apple TV View Local Channels?

There are two ways to accomplish this, yes. Using an antenna is the second option, while the first is streaming services. You may watch regional networks live online with streaming services. The only difference between it and free over-the-air TV is that it uses a different technology.

Many locations offer live streaming access to the primary network TV channels. If you choose the correct provider, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS are all available on Apple TV.

Streaming Platforms With Live TV

Many streaming services provide a combination of live television and streamed material. Some shows are available for on-demand viewing, while others can be seen live or recorded. In addition, they frequently provide local channels.

1. Hulu

Hulu is among the top streaming providers. One of their subscription plans, Hulu Plus Live TV offers local channels. In addition, the company has agreements with major network TV providers since they are skilled at negotiating with other television companies.

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If you follow local sports networks, Hulu is a terrific option. However, if you’re unsure which streaming service to pick, Hulu is arguably the most excellent option for most individuals.

2. Sling TV

Similar to cable, Sling TV is a subscription service. Typically, you watch live television rather than picking and choosing what to watch.

Additionally, there are many programs that you may view whenever you want, and you can record episodes and sports programs to watch later. Sling TV, though, resembles cable more than other streaming providers. Viewers mostly use Sling to stream cable network channels live or shortly after an episode airs.

Local stations are excellent on Sling TV, although it depends on where you live. It’s possible that you have a great selection to choose from or that you have yet to receive any local channels.

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How To Get Local Channels On Apple TV?

3. Youtube TV

YouTube TV is not at all like YouTube, despite its name. It is not a more advanced version of YouTube that you have to pay for, but a cable alternative like Hulu. It is similar to having cable or satellite to stream live on several cable channels.

An Apple TV set-top box performs excellently with Google’s Youtube TV. Although Apple and Google are rivals, they maintain most of their technology compatibility. In addition, the menus on Youtube TV are logically laid out and simple to navigate.

Local live broadcasts and regional sports networks are available. Some locations have a better selection than others. Always check if regional and local channels are accessible in your area.

4. FuboTV

For sports coverage, many individuals still have cable subscriptions. The most excellent streaming network for sports fans may be FuboTV. There is some 4K stuff accessible. Along with the most famous sports, the channel also features less well-known activities like cycling.

It frequently provides local channels and regional sports networks. Fubo can provide good local coverage and has numerous agreements with major networks. As always, your location determines how much local content you receive.

5. Maximum Plus

Unfortunately, local channels should not use this. Typically, CBS is the sole local channel available. You can typically view the channel live with Paramount Plus. Some streaming services do not offer local channels.

Is There Any Free Content on Apple TV?

Yes, you can stream some movies, TV series, and premiere episodes of shows for free with Apple TV. Apple TV plus, which contains a lot more programming, including Apple original content, is also available for a monthly price. To obtain local channels, you must sign up for another service, such as Hulu.

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Can Apple TV Be Used With An Antenna?

You can watch local channels on an Apple TV, but you’ll need to acquire an antenna. Unfortunately, an antenna is not included with your Apple TV streaming device, so you must purchase one separately.

An Apple TV antenna can be made to function using a few tweaks. The quality of antennas has improved, and they are now affordable.

Local Channels On Apple TV
Local Channels On Apple TV

Does Broadcast TV Still Have Value?

There are still many excellent series on broadcast TV, and it is also free. So instead of a cable subscription, people seeking to save money might have a membership to a cheap streaming service like Netflix and an antenna.

Local channels should be given more credit. You may watch free local sports, news, and some of the top popular shows on your antenna.

You may be shocked by how much better antennas are now if you last used one a few years ago. They utilize innovative technologies to make the image as straightforward as possible, support 4K resolution and pick up signals from further away.

How Do You Connect an Antenna to an Apple TV?

Instead of attacking your Apple TV box, you might assault your TV’s antenna. On your television, you might prefer a single input, nevertheless. Can you connect your antenna to your Apple TV device rather than your TV directly?

You May Link The Two Using An OTA DVR.

You might use your Apple TV box to stream the recorded content after using your antenna to record live TV on an OTA DVR. Although it is a little tricky, this does work. Your television will only have one input this way.

A gadget that records free TV is known as an OTA DVR. The recorded content is then saved and accessible via any compatible device for streaming. It works with the Apple TV box you have.

A Plex Media Server is Usable.

Another somewhat complex way is to link your antenna to your Apple TV box, which is generally incompatible, using a Plex media server. You can set up a Plex media server on your computer; you don’t need to purchase one. You must pay a monthly subscription for the premium version to make this function.

You’ll need to connect an antenna to your computer (or another compatible device) and utilize the DVR feature to record everything the antenna picks up and make it available for streaming. Your Apple TV will be able to receive the signal after you install Plex on it. You will also want a TV tuner to connect the antenna to the USB port on your computer.

Main Points

  • Streaming services are typically where users find local channels. You can stream your local channels live, depending on your location and the streaming provider you choose to sign up for.
  • To receive local channels on your TV, utilize an antenna. You can connect your antenna directly to your TV rather than through your Apple TV.
  • A more complex way to do this is if you decide to run the antenna through your Apple TV. It would help if you had other technologies like an OTA DVR or a Plex Media Server to connect the two. The only benefit of this is that it will only require one input on your TV, and all of your media will be in one location.
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How To Stream Local Channels On Apple TV?
How To Stream Local Channels On Apple TV?


So, both the Apple TV device and the app offer various options to access local channels. But not all of them will be useful to you. 

Some need additional tools, while others need a steady internet connection. So, if you are familiar with how Apple TV functions, you can pick one of the techniques described in this post.

You cannot link it to a network app if you don’t have a cable TV connection. Similar to how streaming services will only function properly with a strong internet connection. 

Additionally, there can be logistical and technical problems with the antenna. Therefore, before trying anything out, keep all these conditions in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Apple TV receive local channels?

The good news is that, with a bit of ingenuity, you can use an antenna to see local channels on Apple TV. Instead of connecting your antenna to your TV directly, you could do it through an OTA DVR. You can record live TV from your OTA antenna with OTA DVRs.

Can I use Apple TV to watch conventional TV?

You can access content through the Apple TV app if you have cable. Learn how to utilize your cable or pay TV provider on your Apple TV or sign in with your TV provider on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Can I watch ABC on Apple TV?

If your device is supported, check the App Store on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple TV to download the ABC app. These Apple device minimum system requirements are necessary for the ABC app: You must have a reliable, high-speed Internet connection with download speeds of at least 1.5 Mbps.

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