How To Fix Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen On Android? (10 Easy Solutions)

Did you experience Netflix stuck on the loading screen on Android?

Do you want to know why Netflix keeps loading on your phone and how to stop it? If the answer to that question is yes, this site is undoubtedly for you.

How To Fix Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen On Android?
How To Fix Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen On Android?

Everyone is so busy these days that we hardly have time to unwind. So, we frequently consider watching movies or reading short novels to calm our minds.

Netflix is one of the top options for customers during this leisure time. Android phone users can view everything they want using this software with ease on their devices.

How To Fix Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen On Android?

Tips: Quick Solution to Try.

To fix Netflix stuck on the loading screen on Android, try clearing the app’s cache, restarting the device, or reinstalling the app. If none of these solutions work, it may be due to an issue with your internet provider, missing files/cache from your device, exceeding the maximum number of viewers for your account, authentication failure with the Netflix system, or an issue with the Netflix serve

But when you get errors like “Netflix not working” or “Netflix stuck on the loading screen,” it can be very aggravating. Imagine having very little time to pass by yourself for entertainment while dealing with problems.

There may be many causes for this kind of issue, but there are also solutions, so there is no need to panic.

Why Is The Netflix Loading Screen Stuck On Android?

The Netflix app may become stuck on the loading screen for several reasons. The most frequent one is SafetyNet failure, a DRM security feature that stops the program from functioning on unsupported devices and ROMs. The local data might also be corrupt, so you’ll need to clear it and log in again.

Solution 1: Reset Your Phone

Restarting your device is one of the simplest and best ways to fix Netflix not working on Android. Sometimes a cache issue prevents the program from functioning correctly.

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However, after restarting the device, all background-running apps are terminated, and your phone is refreshed. Restarting the phone can fix minor bugs or issues.

It would help if you restarted your phone after doing this once. If that doesn’t help, try the next suggestion.

Solution 2: Close The Netflix Application

Logging out of the app is another option to resolve the Netflix mobile loading screen issue. When the error repeatedly occurs, log out of the application. Then, wait a short while before logging in once more.

Many customers have found this to be the solution to Netflix freezing on Android. This is another straightforward option that is also well known for being quick and efficient.

Solution 3: Force The Netflix App To Close

You can forcefully exit the program if Netflix is locked or stuck on the loading screen to clear the problem.

The steps are as follows:

  • Go to Settings on your phone to find the Netflix app and select Apps/App Manager.
  • Open the application to reveal the FORCE STOP button.
  • Your app will no longer function if you click on it.

Now restart your phone and try the app once more to see whether the error persists.

Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen On Android
Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen On Android

Solution 4: Upgrade Android OS

Check to see whether your Android phone needs an update as well. When an app’s version does not match the phone’s OS, it frequently displays an error message.

So, to ensure that no apps stop working, you should always upgrade your Android OS. You may verify this by selecting Check for Updates under Settings > System menu > system update.

You can check here to see if there are any updates. Then, download and install the most recent OS version if any updates are available. This is strongly advised because system updates can resolve any flaws on the phone as well as Netflix issues.

Solution 5: Verify Internet Connection

For optimal performance, your Netflix app requires a reliable internet connection. The app will display the error message “Netflix stuck on loading screen” if it cannot establish a proper connection.

Therefore, before using this app, ensure your phone has a strong enough internet connection. If the internet is slow, your app won’t function. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, consider switching to mobile data and check to see if everything is working correctly.

Solution 6: Upgrade Netflix App

Because it is incompatible with Android OS, your program may display an error message if it is not running in the most recent version.

Therefore, you should check your app to see whether it requires changes when updating your phone’s OS. There is no question that a Netflix loading screen issue might happen in such a circumstance.

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As a result, you must upgrade your app. Go to Google Play Store, select My Apps and Games, search the list of apps for Netflix, and then hit the Update button next to it. The app will automatically update to the most recent version when you click on it.

Solution 7: Log Out of Netflix on All Devices

It is assumed that if you use multiple devices, you are also using Netflix on those additional devices and with the same user ID. This can sometimes interfere with the server, causing Netflix on Android to halt continually.

Log out of the Netflix app on all devices to resolve this. This will enable you to handle undesirable errors of this nature. Visit the Netflix website, select Account settings, and then select Logout.

Wait a short while, then log back in using backup. Then, hopefully, you won’t see the error warning on Netflix anymore.

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Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen On Android Phone Device

Solution 8: Reinstall the Netflix app

Reinstall the app once if you continue to have the problem. This has worked well for several users. Search for the Netflix app in the Google Play Store and select Install after removing the Netflix app.

It is also regarded as one of the most excellent solutions for Netflix for Android stuck on the loading screen because it typically resolves the issue.

Solution 9: Contact An Internet Service Provider

You should contact your internet service provider when things reach their lowest point.

If you’ve tried everything to solve the issue, but it keeps happening, your ISP may be at fault. It can occasionally spiral out of control and cause you pain. Therefore, it is preferable to phone the internet service providers and ask them to investigate the problem you are experiencing.

Solution 10: Verify If Netflix Is Unavailable.

You should check to see whether Netflix is down since it’s crucial. For example, the Netflix service may be unavailable when the Netflix app on Android stalls, and you cannot watch any movies or TV shows.

You can find out if Netflix is down by clicking the link “Check if Netflix is down,” where you can learn if the issue is with the server. Unfortunately, if this is the problem, there is nothing you can do but wait until it goes away.

Solution 11: Perfect Way To Fix Netflix Not Working On Android (Recommended)

In addition to the previously mentioned options, Android Repair software is one of the best. On Android phones, this specialized software can quickly and easily cure any flaws or problems. You can quickly cure “Netflix not loading” or “Netflix stuck on loading screen Android” by using this wonderful tool.

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In addition to this, the software can fix several other problems, including Android being stuck on a black or blue screen, Android apps that keep closing or crashing, settings that have stopped working, the Twitter app that keeps crashing, etc.

As a result, you should download Android Repair software and fix Netflix’s continued loading on phone problems by using this software to resolve Netflix issues.


Well, millions of people utilize the well-known video streaming program Netflix. But unfortunately, users can become quite frustrated when problems or errors arise.

Customers become quite anxious when encountering the “Netflix stuck on loading screen mobile” bug. However, there is no need to worry because this blog thoroughly explains several solutions to the Netflix on Android problem.

Ways To Fix Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen On Android
Ways To Fix Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen On Android

I also hope these strategies will make it easier for you to deal with the circumstance. Then, use the Android Repair app to resolve the problem for a quick remedy quickly. Please leave any further questions or comments in the space provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Netflix loading screen stuck?

Restart your Android or non-Android TV by unplugging it for a moment and then plugging it back in. Or, you may hold down the Power/Off button on the TV remote for a few seconds.

Why won’t my phone’s Netflix load?

Any TV episodes and movies you have downloaded to your device will be deleted, and you will be signed out of your account if you clear the Netflix app’s data. To get app info, tap and hold the Netflix app icon. To clear Storage, select Storage & cache > OK. Retry using Netflix.

Why does Netflix start to load but not play?

Refreshing the data is necessary to make the Netflix app functional once more. However, how do you update the data? Go to Settings > Apps > Apps in the Android Settings app, scroll down, and hit the Netflix entry. Navigate to the Storage section of the Netflix submenu, then select Clear data and Clear cache.

Why does the Netflix app only display the logo?

If the Netflix app won’t run or is stuck on the loading screen, try turning your TV off and back on. Most problems can be solved with this straightforward approach. Next, try forcing the app to shut down and restarting it if the problem persists.

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