Do Samsung Refrigerators Have Wheels? [ANSWERED!] (2022)

Do Samsung Refrigerators Have Wheels? The majority of Samsung refrigerators come with wheels or rollers so you can move the appliance across the kitchen floor without scratching it.

These casters, often referred to as appliance rollers, are designed to make it easier for you to move the french door refrigerator so that you may clean it underneath or behind it. On a Samsung refrigerator, though, how do you unlock the samsung fridge wheels?

Do Samsung Refrigerators Have Wheels
Do refrigerators have wheels?

Do Samsung Refrigerators Have Wheels?

Yes, there are 4 caster wheels used for leveling and moving the refrigerator. 

VIDEO: How Fix Samsung Refrigerator Rear Caster Wheels

How Fix Samsung Refrigerator Rear Caster Wheels Video

How to Unlock Wheels on Samsung Refrigerator?

You must take off the grille or kickplate from the refrigerator’s bottom in order to access the wheels and unlock them. Using fast-release screws to hold the grille in place depends on the refrigerator’s model from any home depot branch.

Typically, there are one or two screw-down pads under the grille up front. In order for the wheels to start rolling again, you must typically screw them back up.

Remember to turn off your residential refrigerator’s power source before removing the grille for safety reasons. Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies the power or unplug the appliance.



Are the wheels on a samsung refrigerator adjustable that come on the majority of refrigerators to level your appliance. This will, however, depend on the model you have because some freezers have leveling rollers or legs that are not adjustable.

Find the adjustment screw, which is typically located close to the top of the wheels, if your model has adjustable-height wheels. By turning the screw in either a counterclockwise or a clockwise direction, most wheels can be raised or lowered.

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Someone else could assist you by gently pressing back on the fridge’s front to make the job easier. The weight on the legs will be reduced as a result.

Additionally, it eliminates the requirement to stand up before stooping to sit down in order to check a level that is located on top of the refrigerator. If not, consult the user’s manual for your specific model to locate a potential method of adjustment of GE appliances.


It may be helpful to insert a small piece of wood or plastic furniture coaster under the wheels to stop moving even though rollers and appliance casters are frequently not made to do samsung fridge wheels lock in place.

Additionally, you might make use of the leveling feet, which are accessible by taking off the bottom cover. If necessary, think about re-leveling your refrigerator door afterward.

If you need to swap out either of the front rollers, tilt up the refrigerator’s front and remove the rollers’ pins to release them. Place the new roller between the holders and re-insert the pin to install the leg.

Keep in mind that a leveled fridge door refrigerator will have its front resting on the leveling legs and its front wheels off the ground. This will lessen the chance of potential cooling problems, leak problems, noise problems, and appliance damage.


image 21
RV refrigerator

Since most samsung refrigerator wheels or rollers, moving one shouldn’t be too challenging. To be on the safe side, empty the refrigerator, unplug the wiring and water lines, and defrost it if required. The appliance should be moved forward a few inches and then fastened with furniture sliders.

Then, starting from the front of the refrigerator, push it side to side while moving forward while holding both sides. Wait 30 minutes after you’re happy with the positioning before using it once more. It is advised to wait at least a day after your refrigerator has been lying on its side before moving it on adjustable rollers.

In order to move a stuck stainless steel refrigerator, start by taking off the bottom faceplate. Pull the device forward while sitting in front of it by placing anything weighty below it. Then, just take it out of the resting position hinge.

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Keep in mind that moving an RV refrigerator on its back is not advised. This is due to the possibility of injury even when an appliance’s functioning parts are not accessible due to the weight of the appliance’s body.


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The leveling procedure for Samsung of dishwasher refrigerators is straightforward and only requires three steps. Samsung advises you to find the leveling legs, set them, and make any necessary minor modifications if your refrigerator isn’t level like an ice maker.

The firm, however, doesn’t address further issues that can arise, such as how to adjust the legs when the unit is heavy on them, how to make the aforementioned “small changes,” and how to determine whether your refrigerator is level. Here is a more thorough process:

The leveling legs are first seen at the refrigerator’s four corners. You’ll need to move the appliance away from the wall in order to reach them all. By pulling on the back to lift the feet off the floor, have a helper tilt the refrigerator.

If you don’t have a helper, set a flat bar below the refrigerator and lift the appliance by pressing down on the bar.

Turn the rear feet clockwise or counterclockwise as necessary to position them so that there are approximately 34 inches between the bottom of each foot and the base of the refrigerator.

Turn the fridge refrigerator so that the front is facing you, then raise the appliance leveling feet so that they are about the same height as the ones in the back. In order to check the level, tilt the refrigerator downward and place a level on top, parallel to the door of the freezer compartment.

Push the appliance back against the wall after adjusting the feet as needed to center the bubble. When checking the level from front to back, think about turning the level 90 degrees of the Smart home.

The idea is to tilt your refrigerator just a little bit to the front, allowing any water to enter to drain out.

Therefore, the bubble should be somewhat ahead and 1/8 inch beyond the centerline rather than being perfectly centered. Keep in mind that only the feet need to be changed to make this adjustment on your GE appliances.

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Finally, double-check the level and make any required corrections. A few times opening and closing of the door will ensure that everything is stable and does not sway.

Frequently Asked Questions about Do Fridges have Wheels

Do all refrigerators have wheels?Not all are refrigerators on wheels. While some models are equipped with casters or wheels for easy mobility, many refrigerators, particularly larger ones or built-in units, do not have this feature. It ultimately depends on the specific brand, size, and style of the refrigerator.
How Do You Lower The Wheels On A Samsung Refrigerator?To lower the wheels on a Samsung refrigerator, follow these simple steps:
1. Locate the front wheels at the bottom of the fridge.
2. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts securing the wheels.
3. Gently slide the fridge forward and lower the wheels to the desired height.
4. Tighten the nuts to secure the wheels in place. Enjoy a more level refrigerator!

How do you engage the wheels on a Samsung refrigerator?

Most refrigerator wheels may be adjusted by simply rotating the screw either clockwise to raise the refrigerator’s front or counterclockwise to lower the refrigerator’s front.

How do I know if my fridge has wheels?

Slide and tilt your refrigerator out of its current position to see if it has wheels. You can roll your refrigerator back and forth if it has wheels, which you can see at the lower back of the appliance.

How do you move a refrigerator out of a tight space?

To ensure that the majority of the weight is supported by the wheels, pull the hand truck’s handles backward toward your waist. Always push the fridge forward when moving unless you have to move it out of a small spot.

How do you move a short distance fridge?

Remove the things and set them on the counters even if you only need to move the Samsung fridge a short distance within the same room in order to clean behind it, reorganize the kitchen, or any other reason. Moving will be safer and you won’t run the risk of toppling the refrigerator. To do this, set up some rolling rollers underneath the refrigerator’s feet.

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