[SOLVED!] Netflix Not Working With VPN? (8 Easy Ways!)

Is Netflix not working with VPN? How can I repair Netflix VPN issues?

Every country has a different selection of Netflix content. You can stream your preferred Netflix library from anywhere worldwide by utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to alter your IP address.

However, not all content’s worldwide distribution rights are held by Netflix. Therefore, the streaming service is required to implement geofencing and restrict VPN services due to these copyright agreements.

You will only see Netflix originals or the “excuse the interruption” proxy error if your VPN stops functioning with Netflix.

Why Is Netflix Not Working With VPN?
Why Is Netflix Not Working With VPN?

Why Won’t Netflix Function With My VPN?

You should always be aware of the following elements because they can sometimes affect the VPN:

  • Connection issues — Although this may seem like a no-brainer explanation for why your VPN won’t operate, many users fail to consider whether the connection is stable.
  • Interrupting antivirus programs – The VPN may not function on Netflix because of your overly protective software. Deactivate your PC’s security software for the time being.
  • Incorrect proxy settings – Proxy problems indicate that you are not authorized to access a particular website or URL, such as Netflix. Fortunately, we’ll demonstrate how to set these settings correctly.
  • VPN-related issues Running a non-professional VPN might get you into many problems. For improved results, choose a premium option.
  • Other problems include an old operating system, the cookies and cache of your browser, and incorrect DNS settings.

Let’s look at what you can do to address these issues and have 100% secure access to your Netflix collection.

Fixes for Netflix Not Working with VPN

Using a VPN service, you can access a different Netflix library on your computer or TV by connecting to a server in a different region. Usually, it ought to function as promised, but if the VPN doesn’t function with Netflix, you must take the below actions.


Usually, when a machine starts up, the VPN service automatically launches and runs in the background. However, it might not launch correctly on occasion, so you’ll need to reboot the connection to get it working again.

  • Open your favorite VPN client on Mac or Windows.
  • Reconnect to the VPN after disconnecting it.
Netflix Not Working With VPN? 8 Easy Ways For A Quick Fix
Netflix Not Working With VPN? 8 Easy Ways For A Quick Fix

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Are you attempting to connect to Netflix using a free VPN service? Unfortunately, the available bandwidth for these freemium VPN programs is constrained.

Using such a VPN service, you might have used up all the available internet bandwidth while streaming 4K Netflix material. To enable limitless data usage, you must subscribe; otherwise, choose another VPN provider that works with Netflix.


A failed account authentication could bring on Netflix VPN issues. You must log out of your VPN account and log back in using the same login information.

On Windows or Mac, launch the VPN application and select settings. Leave the VPN service and log back in using your account. Then, retry using a VPN to access Netflix.


Popular VPN providers have numerous servers in a particular region. For instance, you will see several places if you attempt to connect to one of the US or UK servers. VPN providers use this procedure to deliver faster speeds and more dependability.

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Occasionally, Netflix may notice anomalous activity coming from a particular IP address and prevent it from connecting to the corporate servers. This issue can also be resolved by connecting to a different server in the VPN.

You can connect to another service within the same nation and retry if you experience Netflix buffering troubles through a particular server. For example, when we couldn’t connect to Netflix UK, this technique helped us. We switched to the London server after disconnecting from the Manchester one.


The majority of for-pay VPN providers provide their customers with top-notch service. For example, you can directly ask the VPN provider (through email) which server to use if you have trouble accessing the Netflix library.

VPN providers cannot explicitly share such information on their websites (due to regulatory issues).


Netflix stores account details and search terms in the browser cache. When using a VPN connection with Netflix, you could experience problems if there is outdated cache data. Here’s how to delete the cache from your web browser.

Note: For this example, we’ll use Google Chrome.

  • Launch the desktop web browser, then select the top-left three-dot menu.
  • Select the Clear Browsing Data option from the More Tools menu.
  • Click the clear data button at the bottom of the advanced tab.


All browser extensions and trackers are disabled when you utilize incognito mode. It would help if you re-signed in using your Netflix account information.

Once it is open, click on the three dots menu at the top of your favorite web browser. Next, open a new incognito window and launch a VPN connection to access Netflix.


VPN providers frequently issue new versions that include bug patches and more servers. Therefore, you must apply the most recent pending update to keep the program operating smoothly.

Video: VPN Not Working With Netflix

VPN Not Working With Netflix

How Does Netflix Disallow VPN Access?

Netflix employs three primary techniques to disable VPNs:

1. Using Shared IP Addresses

When utilizing a VPN, you and the other users connected to the same VPN server share an IP address. Shared IP addresses are excellent for security and anonymity. In addition, they make it far more difficult for third parties to pinpoint certain users.

However, Netflix assumes the IP address is a VPN server and blocks it if more than 1,000 people simultaneously stream Netflix from it.

2. Locations of DNS and IP servers

By determining if the location of your IP address and DNS server match, Netflix may also identify VPN traffic. This identification approach is less reliable on desktop traffic because VPN services might mask your actual location by routing traffic through their DNS servers.

On mobile devices, though, this detecting method is compelling. Unfortunately, the Netflix app may force your device to use its default DNS servers rather than the VPNs. This explains why unblocking Netflix on a mobile device is frequently more complex than on a web browser.

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3. IP Addresses For Data Centers

Since the VPN restriction in August 2021, Netflix has automatically blocked access from all IP addresses associated with data centers. Simply put, you can only access Netflix if it looks that your IP address originates from an ISP.

Netflix streaming will be disabled if it can be determined that you are using a VPN since your IP address comes from a data center. Residential VPN IPs, however, are pricey and not the best option for privacy. Due to this, Netflix no longer supports the majority of VPNs.

How Can Netflix Error Codes Be Obsolete?

You may have various error codes or issues using the service if your VPN isn’t compatible with Netflix. To get around the most typical Netflix problem notifications, follow these steps:

Netflix Error Code M7111-1331-5059: “Pardon the Interruption”

When Netflix notices you are utilizing a VPN, it displays this problem message. This will be displayed when you click the play button on a geo-restricted TV program or movie.

The quickest resolution for the “excuse the interruption” problem is to delete the cookies and cache from your browser. Then, reopen Netflix after you have restarted your browser.

Netflix Error Code 22004: “This Title Is Not Available to Watch in Your Area”

This error message will appear on your iOS device if Netflix discovers you are streaming a region-restricted TV show or movie using a VPN. For instance, we experienced this message when attempting to access Power using a local UK VPN server.

Connect to a functional VPN server from the abovementioned ones to fix this. Then, use uNoGS to check whether the content is accessible in the nation to which you are connected.

Netflix Error Code UI3012: “Pardon the Interruption”

This error number will appear when there is a widespread issue with your network. For example, if you can view Netflix while your VPN connection is off, there is a problem with the VPN connection.

Contact the customer support staff of your VPN provider to resolve this. They will let you know if there is a problem with their server network or if you have the VPN misconfigured.

Netflix Error Code NW-2-5: “Netflix has encountered an error.”

The same as before, if there is a network issue, you will receive the NW-2-5 error code. It does not automatically imply that your VPN has been found.

Contact the customer service of your VPN provider to fix this. They can spot flaws with your VPN configuration or inform you if the VPN is experiencing connectivity troubles.

Why Won't Netflix Work With A VPN?
Why Won’t Netflix Work With A VPN?

Netflix-Only Programs YouTube Originals

Only Netflix original content will be shown if Netflix determines you are using a VPN. There is no need for Netflix to geo-lock these titles because it owns the rights to their worldwide distribution.

This also holds for licensed material for which Netflix later acquired worldwide rights. For instance, even if Netflix is aware that you are using a VPN, you can still access Seinfeld and Monty Python episodes. Alternatively, switch your VPN provider to avoid this. Finally, connect to one of the servers that we’ve confirmed work with Netflix if you’re still experiencing problems.

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If you still have problems using your VPN on Netflix, you must switch to a different VPN service compatible with the video streaming platform. Read our dedicated page to learn about the top hidden Netflix features once you have access to Netflix again.

Which method did you use to resolve VPN-related Netflix issues? Post your research findings in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t Netflix function with a VPN?

In brief, some shows can only be viewed in specific nations since Netflix only has the legal right to stream them there. In addition, it is challenging for Netflix to keep its license agreements since a VPN can give the impression that you are in another country.

How do I get Netflix to stop banning my VPN?

Using a dedicated IP is the most effective way to get around Netflix’s VPN ban. Your IP address won’t be used by anybody else in this situation, making it less likely to be found and blocked. The top VPN for streaming, NordVPN, has a dedicated IP option.

Which VPN does Netflix not censor?

Even though ExpressVPN is more expensive than NordVPN and Surfshark, it is an excellent option for Netflix. It has a specific Netflix page, and a few VPN server locations can access Netflix with reliability.

Has Netflix censored ExpressVPN?

You’ll receive a US IP address that Netflix isn’t blocking. Update for November 2022: ExpressVPN is our top-ranked VPN for Netflix, but it is incompatible with the Netflix libraries in India, Ireland, South Africa, and Thailand. The best VPN for unblocking these areas is PrivateVPN.

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