Best Samsung 75-inch TV in [2023] (Top Choice!)

The best Samsung 75-inch TV is a major step up in size and immersion, and they can turn your living room into something like a full-on movie theater.

Best Samsung 75-inch TV
Best Samsung 75-inch TV

Best Samsung TV 8 Top Choices

These days, 65 inches isn’t nearly as big as it used to be on TVs. Sure, 65-inch is plenty huge too big for smaller spaces and apartments—however, with 75- and 85-inch designs becoming more common, anything smaller does not say “big-screen TV.”

It’s also important to note that big TVs are no longer expensive. There’s no need to worry about prices reaching five digits. Many extra-large TVs can be purchased for between $1,000 and $2,000. That’s a pretty fair price for how much space you’re getting on the screen.

When you add these things up, it’s no wonder more people are buying TVs with very large screens than ever. Here are the best TVs we’ve tested, along with tips on what to look for when buying a 75-inch or bigger TV.

Best Samsung 75-inch TV for your Home
Best Samsung 75-inch TV for your Home

Even though we don’t recommend it right now because of the price and lack of content, if you want an 8K set, 75 inches is the best size because it gives you enough screen space to enjoy the higher resolution.

What is the Best Samsung 75-inch TV for your Home?

Here is our List of the Best Samsung TV 75-inch

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Final Thoughts 75-inch TVs

Our suggestions above are what we consider are the best 70-inch, 75-inch, and 77-inch 4K TVs for most people to buy right now in each price range. We consider the price (a cheaper TV beats a more expensive one if the price difference isn’t worth it), the feedback from our visitors, and the product’s availability.

Here is a list of all our reviews of 70-inch, 75-inch, and 77-inch TVs if you want to do the work of selecting yourself. Don’t let the details distract you too much. Even though no TV is perfect, most are good enough to please just about everyone, and the discrepancy are often hard to spot unless you look for them.


Is a TV that’s 75 inches too big for the living room?

Many ads and marketing pictures might make you think that a 75-inch TV is too big for a living room, but this isn’t true for average-sized living rooms.

A 75-inch TV won’t take up as much space as you might think as long as you put it on a table or stand that can handle its size and leave enough room for things like soundbars and speakers.

Remember, though, that you may need to move things around in the room to make the TV the best place to watch it.

How far away from a 75-inch TV should you sit?

For the best viewing experience with a 75-inch TV, we recommend sitting about 50 to 60 inches away from the screen. Rearranging your room’s furniture to make room for this will help, and it could be as easy as moving your couch a little bit.

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Is a 75-inch TV too big?

Size of the room, distance between seats, and personal preference are all important. A 75-inch TV works well in a big living room or den, but most bedrooms are too small for it. Sitting closer to the TV makes it better to watch.

For the best theater experience, THX and SMPTE recommend sitting 7.5 to 10 feet away from a 75-inch screen. However, many people prefer to sit further back. You can sit 4.5 feet away from a 75-inch 4K TV and not see individual pixels if you have 20/20 vision.

What’s the width of a 75-inch TV?

Most 75-inch TVs have a width of 65 to 67 inches. Since the frames of newer TVs are narrow, all 75-inch TVs have the same width.

The frame of the 75-inch Samsung QN90A is 65.7 inches, while the frame of the TCL 4-Series is 66.1 inches. If you don’t mount the TV on the wall, the piece of furniture that holds it should be at least as wide as the TV, if not wider. Visit the website of the TV maker for exact measurements.

What’s the weight of a 75-inch TV?

Depending on the type, a 75-inch TV with its stand weighs between 75 and 100 pounds. With the stand, a 75-inch TCL 4-Series TV weighs 75 pounds, while a 98.8-pound Samsung QN90A does.

Taking off the stand lets you mount the TV on the wall and makes the TV lighter (stands can weigh up to 20 pounds). Shipping adds 10–20 pounds to the total. Websites for TV makers list how much a 75-inch TV weighs.

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