Troubleshoot Samsung TV Error Codes List? Easy Guide!

Errors and technology go hand in hand. Whether you own a computer, smartphone, or smart television, you cannot always have a problem-free experience. If you own a Samsung television experiencing issues, we will discuss how to fix them. Error codes signify several types of Samsung television malfunctions. 

Let’s determine what error codes, such as 0-1, 001, 102, 012, 107, etc., mean and how to eliminate them. The majority of Samsung Smart TV issues are related to internet connectivity issues.

Samsung Error Code List
Samsung Error Code List

Before contacting Samsung support and allowing them to confuse you with their time-consuming walkthroughs and humorous excuses, you should attempt to resolve Samsung TV problem codes independently. 

Recall that most Samsung TV failures are connected to internet connection issues. Before proceeding, you also need to determine why the picture size options on your Samsung TV are disabled and how to resolve the issue.

Quick Answer on How To Fix Samsung Error Codes:

Samsung TVs can resolve error codes 0-1 and 7-1 by clicking the Home button, navigating to Settings > Support > Self Diagnostics, and selecting Reset Smart Hub. You may be required to provide a PIN. The Samsung handbook contains more information on how to resolve these issue messages.

Troubleshooting Samsung TV Error Codes

Quick Fix.

0-1Start Setup in Setting Menu-General-Start Setup.
0011.Check Internet Connection. 2. Automatically Update the Firmware on your Smart TV. 3. Manually Update the Firmware on your Smart TV. 4.Restart Smart Hub.
0121.Check Internet Connection. 2. Automatically Update the Firmware on your Smart TV. 3. Manually Update the Firmware on your Smart TV. 4.Restart Smart Hub.
102Smart TV won’t connect to wifi. Update your tv; go to settings, select support, select software update, select update now. You can update over usb if connecting to a network is not an option.
105Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to internet.
107Update your tv
1101.Check Internet Connection. 2. Automatically Update the Firmware on your Smart TV. 3. Manually Update the Firmware on your Smart TV. 4.Restart Smart Hub.
189Restart Smart TV
2021. Update your tv. 2. Change your Samsung Smart TV DNS server addresses.

Read the rest of the article for full details.

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The Samsung TV error codes 0-1, 7-1, and 0 are associated with the Smart Hub. It typically appears when attempting to connect to the Smart Hub on a television. 

When we attempt to connect to the Smart Hub, it attempts to download the Samsung terms and conditions, and if it fails, we receive Error code 0-1. Today, you have two options for resolving the Smart Hub terms and conditions problem.

Initially, you must ensure that your television has an internet connection. The required terms and conditions cannot be downloaded if your television is not linked to a network.

How To Fix Samsung Error Codes List?
How To Fix Samsung Error Codes List?


  • Choose Settings > Support > Self-Diagnosis by pressing the Home button.
  • Choose Factory Reset.
  • Inputting the PIN will reset the system. The PIN by default is 0000.

When the reset is complete, reload the Terms and Conditions page on your Samsung TV to see if it loads. If you receive the notice “Terms and conditions – server under maintenance,” you should wait and retry connecting.

If you dislike some of the pre-installed apps on your TV, you must read my comprehensive guide to uninstalling pre-installed apps on Samsung TV.


Error code 001, or Error.exe.001 (for earlier Samsung TV models) is once more a Smart Hub-related issue. This issue may also occur while launching the Web Browser app on television. 

In Samsung Smart TVs, the Smart Hub is a geolocation-based service. During the initial setup of your smart TV, you must select a country so that Smart Hub may download a list of apps and services appropriate to your country and region. Problem code 001 should be fixed after setting your country. Follow the below instructions to configure your location.

  • Choose the Home button on your remote control.
  • Go to Configuration > Support > Self Diagnose.
  • Click the Reset Smart Hub option after selecting it.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN (0000).

Sign in to Smart Hub with an existing Samsung account or create a new one. Error 001 should no longer exist.


Error code 012 may appear on your Samsung TV when attempting to execute applications. Several users have reported getting Error 012 when attempting to install or update apps on their television from the Samsung App Store. 

It may initially appear to be an app-related issue, but its origins lay in a weak network connection or other connectivity issues. To diagnose the problem, you can examine the following:

  • Turn off your TV and wireless router for 5 to 10 minutes, then reactivate them.
  • Ensure that your network connection is stable. Link your WiFi to another device (such as your phone) to determine if the internet is operational.
  • Connect your television to a different wireless network or hotspot.
  • Ensure that your television is receiving a solid network signal.
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If these conditions are met, and your Samsung TV still cannot connect to a wireless network, consider the following solutions to resolve internet connection issues. Or follow the procedures below to resolve Error Code 102.

Troubleshooting Samsung Error Codes
Troubleshooting Samsung Error Codes


Without a network connection, a smart TV is still a standard television. Without it, you won’t be able to utilize the web browser, play YouTube videos, or stream online content via apps such as Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Video, Disney+, etc. 

Error 102 is shown if your Samsung TV cannot connect to the server. There could be a variety of causes for your TV’s unstable internet connection or inability to connect to WiFi.

To eliminate Samsung TV Error code 102, address the above causes and try the following potential solutions.

  • Manually configure the DNS server settings. Go to Settings > General > Network > Network Status > IP Settings and manually alter the DNS settings to or
  • If your TV’s Mac address has failed or your ISP has blacklisted it, the TV will not function.
  • Verify that your television has the most recent firmware installed. The Samsung TV software can be manually updated using a USB flash drive.
  • Your television cannot connect to a wireless network if your router or modem is very old or has a technical issue. Attempt to link your TV to the hotspot network on your phone. If the connection is established without problems, your router has a problem and should be replaced permanently. If resetting the router’s settings is unsuccessful, it should be replaced.
  • Check your TV’s network settings to see how many signal bars are visible. If there are just one or two bars, move the router closer to the television to ensure a good signal.
  • Occasionally, a minor, transitory flaw on the television may create connectivity troubles. Just disconnect the television’s power line from the wall, wait 5 to 10 minutes, and then power it back on.
  • The 2018 Samsung TV and previous models only support 2.4 GHz networks. In this situation, configure your router to ensure 2.4 GHz network output. Moreover, you might attempt to transition between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.

Complete instructions for resolving the difficulties above in my guide to resolving Samsung TV WiFi connection issues.

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How To Fix Samsung TV Error Code 105?
How To Fix Samsung TV Error Code 105?

The Samsung Smart TV error 105 is again caused by network connectivity troubles. Error 105 appears when your TV cannot locate and connect to a WiFi or wired connection. You can use the following solutions to resolve this issue. 

Before proceeding, connect your mobile phone as a hotspot to determine if the television connects to a wireless network. Attempt the following if your TV can connect to a hotspot:


  • Verify that your router is not preventing access to your Samsung TV.
  • Open your router’s settings on your computer and add the MAC address of your television.
  • Go to Settings > Support > About This TV to determine your TV’s MAC address. Notate the Wireless MAC address and submit it to your ISP so it can be unblocked or added to a whitelist.
  • Also, choose Network > Network Status > IP Settings.
  • Highlight the IP setting and select Manually enter the IP address.
  • Next, manually assign an IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway.


There is one more way to fix the Samsung TV error number 105.

  • Choose the Home button on the remote control.
  • Open TV Settings and navigate to the General menu option.
  • Click on IP Settings within Network > Network Status.
  • Choose Enter Manually within DNS Settings.
  • Input a public DNS address, such as

SAMSUNG TV ERROR CODE 107 / 116 / 301

How To Troubleshoot Samsung TV Error Code 107?
How To Troubleshoot Samsung TV Error Code 107?

Check your connection settings if you possess a Samsung Smart TV and get Error code 107 or Message code: 107. Error number 107 indicates problems with OpenAPI and is related to Smart Hub’s inability to function owing to a weak or nonexistent network connection.

Suppose your Samsung television cannot connect to the Samsung server. In that case, you can follow my lesson on resolving network connection issues on Samsung televisions or attempt the options outlined above. Try the following specific things.


What do the codes on Samsung televisions indicate?

Three numerals indicate 8K models, while two digits indicate 4K models. B: This indicates the year of production. In recent years, Samsung has skipped some letters, but A denotes 2021, and B indicates 2022. A: The release code or generation of the TV in question, which is the first generation in this case.

What is my Samsung Smart TV passcode?

On earlier televisions, it is located on the back of the television. However, you must consult the TV’s settings menu with recent models. With the TV’s remote, navigate to Settings and then Support. This window displays the model code when you select About this TV.

What is the reset code for my Samsung television?

On the Settings menu, select General. Enter your PIN (0000 is the default), then select Reset. To finish the reset, press OK. Your television will automatically restart.

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