How Wide Is A 32-Inch TV? (Everything You Should Know)

Retailers designate TV sizes based on screen size. Thus, a 32″ television is not exactly 32 inches. This precedent may cause individuals to question the size of a 32-inch television.

One must be familiar with the industry standard for measuring televisions to answer this question. However, if you are inquiring because you want to buy the most excellent television, you need to be aware of a few factors.

What Are The Measurements Of A 32-Inch TV?
What Are The Measurements Of A 32-Inch TV?

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What Are The Measurements Of A 32-Inch Television?

There are formulas for determining the height and breadth of a 32-inch television. These algebraic or trigonometric formulas are available online.

TV size comprises the screen’s diagonal length, which is required for mathematical calculations. However, you should also be aware that the most common aspect ratio for a widescreen television is 16:9 units, abbreviated as 16/9.

You can also utilize a website to compute the approximate height and width. Who could blame you if you don’t feel like using your high school arithmetic skills? For the calculator, you will need the same information I provided previously. In addition, there are charts available for standard TV sizes. A 32″ screen, for instance, is approximately 27.9″ wide and 15.7″ in height.

However, while measuring a space to decide the size of a TV that will fit, including a few extra inches for the bezel. However, if you require a much smaller, portable television, you may consider one of the best-rated portable televisions.

What Further Factors Should I Take Into Account?

When purchasing a new television, there are several aspects to consider, including the field of view, angular resolution, room size, and pricing. Consider your priorities to pick the finest television for you. If you are budget-conscious, you may prefer a less expensive television than if you are more worried about the field of view or angular resolution.

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Considering the Viewing Field

The term field of view relates to what is seen. For a television program to seem as desired, consider how far away you are from the television and how much of your vision the television should occupy. Thirty degrees is the suggested field of vision for mixed-use viewing, whereas 40 degrees is recommended for cinema.

Some propose sitting 4.5 feet away from a 32-inch television for mixed media. However, most individuals who watch television at home prefer to maintain the recommended mixed media viewing distance. Once you have determined the optimal viewing distance, you may focus on improving your TV signal and enjoying your favorite television programs.

Keeping in mind the Viewing Angles

The ideal viewing angle for a television would be straight on. However, when more people are present, different viewing angles are observed. Therefore, purchasing a television with particular features may appear more uniform from these varied angles.

When it comes to viewing angles, In-plane switching (IPS) panels on liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with light-emitting diode (LED) backlights are more versatile than vertical alignment (VA) panels. On the other hand, regarding viewing angles, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) televisions are more versatile than IPS or VA LCD televisions.

However, OLED displays are uncommon in 32-inch televisions. OLED televisions are also considerably more expensive because the materials may need to be more readily discernible. As OLED displays become more prevalent, the price differential may narrow.

Dimensions Of A 32-Inch TV
Dimensions Of A 32-Inch TV

Consider the Dimensions of Your Room

When selecting a television, you should consider the size of the room where the television will be placed. Many consider 32-inch televisions to be of the “little” variety. This category contains televisions between 24″ and 32″, with 32″ being one of the larger sizes.

Nonetheless, many believe this TV size is ideal for bedrooms, guest rooms, and kitchens. In addition, due to their smaller living areas, Europeans are more likely to use a 32-inch television as their primary set than Americans. Check out the TCL 32S327 for a comprehensive analysis of this smart TV if 32 inches sounds like a nice size for your location.

By determining its size, you may also determine whether a 24-inch television meets your needs. In addition, you may read about our comparison of 24-inch and 32-inch televisions.

Considering the Cost of the Television

When considering the purchase of a television, pricing can also be a crucial aspect. Many 32″ televisions are less expensive than larger televisions. Therefore they may be more budget-friendly. However, some features, such as innovative TV capabilities and higher resolution, increase the price of the television.

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Even though it may be challenging to locate a 32-inch television with a 4K resolution, many of these televisions can get away with lower resolutions due to their size. In addition, particular features, such as quantum dot light-emitting diode (QLED) televisions, can help improve the television’s resolution. As stated previously, OLED televisions will also boost image resolution, although they are more expensive.

What Are The Measurements Of A 32-Inch Television?

A 32-inch television is one of the most common sizes for apartments, bedrooms, RVs, and other locations. To get a 32-inch television, it is essential to know its measurements beforehand to ensure it will fit in the intended location.

A frequent myth is that all 32-inch televisions are identical in size. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as they might differ depending on the model and manufacturer. In addition, the screen size will be smaller than the overall size of the television, including the frame. Consult the following data to learn the exact measurements of a 32-inch television.

32-Inch Television Dimensions

To establish the precise dimensions of a television, you must examine its width, height, and depth. The television’s width is measured from edge to edge or side to side.

Height is measured from top to bottom, while depth is the front-to-back thickness of the television. Newer modern-style flat-screen televisions are far slimmer than in the past. Without the stand, it is common for a 32-inch television to measure only 2 or 3 inches thick.

A standard 32-inch television is 29 inches wide, 17 inches tall, and 3 inches thick. These dimensions do not include the stand. Including the stand, the depth of the television will expand to approximately 8 inches. This number can, however, change slightly.

The Samsung Q60A Series is an excellent 32-inch television. This television has the following dimensions: 28.47″ W x 6.07″ D x 18.80″ H (with stand) and 28.47″ W x 1.17″ D x 16.75″ H (without stand). In addition, the television itself is 1.17″ thick.

How Wide Is A 32-Inch TV?
How Wide Is A 32-Inch TV?

Can A 32-Inch Television Fit In My Car?

A benefit of purchasing a 32-inch television is that it fits readily in most vehicles. If the television is still in its original packaging, it should fit. It may not fit in a smaller car, but if you own a sedan or SUV, loading it in the back seat or through the hatch will be fine. 

Not only is it convenient to transport a 32-inch television in your vehicle, but it will also save you money on delivery fees or car rentals.

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Ideal Space For A 32-Inch Television

After determining your new television’s location, you can attach it to the wall or place it on a stand. You will also have more placement possibilities with a 32-inch television compared to larger televisions.

A 32-inch television can fit in fewer places than a 65-inch or 75-inch television, which is substantially larger. As a result, a 32-inch television is frequently used in bedrooms, dens, and smaller living spaces. Plan to sit a specific distance from the television, depending on its size.

It is referred to as the visual distance. On average, you should position yourself three times the height of the television’s screen. For example, the average viewing distance for a 32-inch television is around 4 feet.

3 x 16.75 inches equals 50.25 inches or slightly more than 4 feet. So if you can sit four feet away from a 32-inch television, you won’t need an ample space.

FAQs On How Wide Is A 32-Inch TV

What is the width of a 32-inch television?

There are charts available for standard TV sizes. A 32″ screen, for instance, is approximately 27.9″ wide and 15.7″ in height. However, while measuring a space to decide the size of a TV that will fit, including a few extra inches for the bezel.

Are 32-inch televisions indeed 32 inches?

32-inch televisions have a screen measuring 32 inches diagonally, from the bottom to the opposite top corner.

Are all 32-inch televisions identical?

32-inch televisions come in a variety of sizes. In addition to the specifications, the unit’s physical size is one of the most significant elements to consider when purchasing a television. Understanding how broad a 32-inch TV could be and evaluating various TV models is.

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