Netflix Not Working With ExpressVPN? 6 Easy Methods For Quick Fix!

Currently, Netflix is the most popular website for streaming videos. With a monthly user base of approximately 73 million. Anytime we wanted to watch a show or web series unavailable in our nation. Then we often favor using VPNs.

ExpressVPN is one of the most well-known and popular VPNs for Netflix. But occasionally, we get ExpressVPN issues and cannot connect to Netflix while using Express VPN.

Even though ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs, many users have experienced this issue.

Netflix Not Working On ExpressVPN (Easy Fixes)
Netflix Not Working On ExpressVPN (Easy Fixes)

One of the most frequent issues we see when watching content on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and occasionally even Youtube is: “You seem to be using an adblocker or proxy. Turn off any of these services and try again.” A u7037-1101 problem also appears occasionally when using Netflix.

Therefore, a variety of causes could be to blame for these mistakes. Let’s review all the potential fixes we have to eliminate this problem.

How to Solve If Netflix Not Working WIth ExpressVPN?

Method 1: Verifying Your IP Address

One of the most frequent issues while utilizing a VPN is this one. Let’s say Netflix isn’t compatible with ExpressVPN. Use to acquire your real IP after connecting to Express VPN, then compare it to the location you selected while connecting to the app.

If the location it displays differs from or is close to your location, you are not connected to the VPN. Reconnect once more and examine the error once the location is similar.

Method 2: Internet Connection Issues

There may occasionally be an issue with your Internet connection. For example, an inactive internet connection could cause you to receive an error. Therefore, you only need to disconnect from the Express VPN to check whether your Internet connection is active.

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Once you have disconnected from the VPN, try to access any website. If there is a problem or you are unable to access the website even after doing so, then you need to check your Internet connection.

You should check the next few steps if you can access it while you are not connected to a VPN.

Method 3: Test out a different Express VPN server.

You can also alter the server or the place you are connecting. For example, the Netflix server may occasionally block the IP address of the location you are connecting, preventing you from accessing it. Changing the location can enable you to resolve this issue. Let’s examine the process for doing this.

  • To view all possible places, choose the “Choose Location” option.
  • Next, choose the server location you want to connect to, then press the ON button ( Connection can also be made by right-clicking twice on the location).
  • You may quickly look for it under the Recommended page if you want to view the location that the VPN recommends.
  • By selecting the All tab, you can also view a list of all the VPN locations and servers organized by area.
  • The Favorites tab is the last one. To access all the places you have marked as favorites, click this. Additionally, you can view some of the most recent places to which you have connected.
  • Additionally, you can connect to a specific place. Press CTRL F to bring up a search bar for this. After that, you can type the name of the place you wish to connect to and double-click it.

You can quickly return to the intelligent location by selecting the Smart Place option after disconnecting the Express VPN from the location you choose.

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Netflix Not Working With ExpressVPN? (Solved)

Method 4: Modifying the Protocol Setting

Therefore, follow the instructions below to change the Protocols settings:

  • Click the menu button in the Express VPN window, then choose Options (make sure you are disconnected from the VPN while doing this).
  • An “Option” window will then appear. There are a tab labeled Protocols within this pane. To view all of the possible protocols, click on it. Click the OK button after choosing the desired procedure.
  • Perhaps you are unaware of this. To connect, your device needs a specific VPN protocol. Unfortunately, UDP, the Express VPN’s default protocol, is prohibited in various regions, including the Middle East.
  • You can attempt to alter the protocol here. Occasionally, switching protocols can make your network run faster. Select Open VPN TCP first, followed by L2TP, if you wish to experience better performance. The PPTP protocols are then used to place an order.
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Additionally, remember that not all protocols offer the same level of security as the others.

Method 5: Turning Off Security Apps and Other Antivirus Software

Therefore, if you have done all of the methods above, you can also attempt this option. Your machine might be running a firewall or an antivirus program. These security programs may be preventing you from using the VPN connection. Let’s take the following actions then:

  • The program that prevents you from connecting to Express VPN must be located and configured. The security settings must then be changed from high to medium, with an exception made for Express VPN or UDP ports 1194–1204, though you can also set it to Trust Express VPN.
  • The security service application preventing your access to the Express VPN may be reinstalled. It should only be installed after the VPN has been set up to prevent connection issues. Just remove Express VPN, then remove the application interfering with Express VPN connections. Reinstall Express VPN at this time. Reinstall the platform that was previously preventing connection after that.

Method 6: Examine various VPN providers.

Netflix is very concerned about user privacy on its website. As a result, they may block most of an individual VPN’s IP addresses. And your VPN may keep re-connecting you to those IPs. As a result, if ExpressVPN is using IP addresses that are blocklisted, Netflix will not function with it. In addition, if the VPN provider doesn’t renew all of its IPs, the user will experience connection issues.

Therefore, try a different VPN service to resolve this. For example, it might enable a successful connection to Netflix without errors. Popular alternatives to Express VPN include:

  • NordVPN ( with over 5678 servers in 58 countries and one of the most reputable VPNs for utilizing on Netflix) ( with over 5678 servers in 58 countries and one of the most credible VPNs for using on Netflix).
  • Another well-known VPN on the market is PureVPN, which has more than 2000 servers spread throughout 141 nations.
  • With the most servers available, CyberGhost (which has significantly improved) is currently one of the best VPNs for Netflix, with over 7100 servers in 89+ countries.
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How To Fix Netflix Not Working With ExpressPVN?
How To Fix Netflix Not Working With ExpressPVN?


You might want to consider using these VPNs instead of Express VPN. They might work and resolve the issue you are experiencing when connecting to Netflix with Express VPN. However, before leaping to the conclusion and hoping one of the above methods would work for you, you should try all the above steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix still support ExpressVPN?

Absolutely, yes. Netflix streaming is fast and throttling-free on ExpressVPN’s servers.

Why won’t Netflix function with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN has frequently stopped functioning with Netflix because the streaming service has blocked the VPN server’s IP address. So, for instance, when you choose the United States in ExpressVPN, New York is immediately connected to it.

Why won’t Netflix function with a VPN?

In brief, some shows can only be viewed in specific nations since Netflix only has the legal right to stream them there. In addition, it is challenging for Netflix to keep its license agreements since a VPN can give the impression that you are in another country.

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