How To Open An Ice Maker On Samsung Refrigerator? (4 Easy Steps!)

How To Open An Ice Maker On Samsung Refrigerator? While Samsung goods often have an excellent reputation for their durability and lack of major difficulties, the ice maker might occasionally experience some complications.

If the ice maker isn’t operating, it can be because of ice buildup, a broken water inlet valve, low water pressure, a degraded water filter, or an auger motor that’s broken.

How To Open An Ice Maker On Samsung Refrigerator
How To Open An Ice Maker On Samsung Refrigerator

We demonstrate how to open a Samsung refrigerator ice maker in this article. This is for you if you are having some difficulty with it.

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Remove the ice bucket from a Samsung refrigerator in order to access the ice maker. The door of the ice makers is often the ice bucket or ice cube.

Grab the handle and pull it straight out to remove the bucket. If your model has an opening underneath it, just insert your hand into the opening, gently lift the bucket out of the way, and pull it out.

However, if you’re unsure of how to take it out, examine your refrigerator’s user guide. You can now see the ice machine itself once the ice bucket in ice production has been removed. You might also check to see if the bucket has any ice.

To avoid damaging it, don’t push the ice bucket too hard if it is difficult to remove. Wiggle it around a bit to see if it comes loose. Typically, doing this makes it looser.

Additionally, if you’ve never removed the ice bucket before, it can be a little challenging to do so. But don’t worry; just tilt the bucket and attempt to remove it carefully. That works most of the time.

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The ice bucket or ice dispenser might be frozen in place if you have tried everything listed above and it is still stuck. The ice will thaw sufficiently to allow the bucket to move if the refrigerator is forced to defrost in the water supply.



The ice maker must be removed from the compartment if you wish to peek inside it. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Step 1:

circuit breaker
circuit breaker

Close the circuit breaker or unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet. Which of these you can do safely and easily will rely on you to force defrost mode.

Step 2:

The screws holding the wire housing cover to the compartment wall must be removed. To reveal the wires and the harness, remove the cover. Disconnect the harness and move the wires to one side.

Step 3:

The one screw holding the ice tray to the ice machine must be removed. The tray can then be carefully pushed from the leftover to the right using a flat-bladed screwdriver. Then, press it down to reveal the ice maker’s base on forced defrost.

Use the same screwdriver to gently press the coil downward if the ice maker has one. Give the ice maker adequate room to exit without catching in the Samsung freezer.

However, exercise caution when relocating the coil. Any damage to it will harm the entire refrigerator. There is no repair; a new refrigerator must be purchased.

Step 4:

The ice maker’s center top lock should be unlocked. Pull the ice maker toward you as you do this to free it from the container.

If after performing all of the aforementioned steps-including forcing the refrigerator to defrost-the ice tray motor maker still won’t operate, report the problem to Samsung and ask for service.

Additionally, there are independent refrigerator specialists that can expertly solve your issue. Today, talk to any of them.


water line
water line

Do the following if the door crushed ice or flap on your Samsung ice maker chute door keeps opening and closing:

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Verify whether the warm water line enters the left door from the top of the refrigerator. If it does, disconnect the device. The waterproof cover that is attached to the sides of the wire harness that connects to the water line should then be removed.

It’s possible that if you do this, water will collect inside the harness. The connector pins are shorting due to the water, which is causing the chute door to open and close continuously.

In order to get rid of the water flow there, blow air into the harness. Set a hair dryer to the coolest setting and aim it at the harness to make sure it is completely dry.

Reconnect the harness and put everything back in place after it is completely dried. Next, observe if the chute door is operating normally once more.

The fast connector on the water line became somewhat loose and developed a hole. Every time the dispenser was used, a tiny amount of water would leak through that hole and collect on top of the refrigerator, directly behind the harness cover.

Over time, moisture built up beneath the plastic seal of the harness and into the actual harness. The connector’s pins began shorting as a result, causing uncontrollable door movement.

For roughly 12 seconds, press the Lighting and Power freeze keys simultaneously if this doesn’t work with the model of your refrigerator. The device would halt and beep if the display was blinking.

Error codes will then show up on the display. These codes explain the cause of the issue with your refrigerator. Read them and look in the user guide for instructions on how to fix those particular mistakes.


Understanding how to open a Samsung ice maker is not a difficult chore. However, contact Samsung’s Support department as soon as you can if you experience any additional problems with the ice maker or the chute flap.

Unplug the refrigerator before doing any diagnostics or repairs on it. Trip the circuit breaker if you can’t get to the wall outlet. The first step toward safety is this.

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If you have a nice pair of work gloves, you should also wear them. By doing so, additional defense is added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my Samsung ice maker come out?

Because of the ice jam, your Samsung ice maker won’t open. You might not be able to pull it out because the compartment’s frost buildup is too thick. The water may overflow and freeze because there may be ice stuck in the drawer. A frozen water intake or an excessively low temperature may also be to blame for this.

Why won’t my Samsung fridge dispense ice?

Ice buildup or an ice blockage is one of the most frequent causes of an ice maker in a Samsung to cease working. Ice typically accumulates in the dispenser tube or ice machine tray. The ice will need to be defrosted in order to fix the ice-building problem.

How do I manually reset my ice maker?

After unplugging the device, wait ten seconds. Press the ON button and re-plug the device. A blue light that indicates the machine has been reset should display.

Will unplugging my Samsung refrigerator reset the ice maker?

There are a number of potential causes for this, but the solution is rather simple. By shutting off the electrical breaker that powers it or unplugging it from the wall, you must reset the Samsung ice maker.

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