How To Pull Out Samsung Refrigerators? (Easy Guide)

How To Pull Out Samsung Refrigerators? You must remove refrigerators from their original locations and set them farther from the walls if you want to clean them or move them.

The two primary steps you should take to remove it are unplugging the power source and turning off the icemaker’s water supply or water filter.

How To Pull Out Samsung Refrigerators
How To Pull Out Samsung Refrigerators

Knowing how to remove the Samsung refrigerator will make it easier to relocate it or shift it from one location to another for cleaning home depot.

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Do the following to remove a Samsung refrigerator from the wall or from any other location:

Step 1

french door refrigerator
french door refrigerator

Remove all food from the french door refrigerator and freezer and place it in a different refrigerator. Put them in a cooler if you don’t have access to a french door refrigerator. But use ice packs to keep them cool.

The need to store food will depend on the reason for pulling out the unit, it is vital to keep this in mind at this point. You must preserve the food if the intention is to clean it because cleaning could take some time to go for appliance repair.

And it will take considerably longer if you are moving residences. If you’re using a cooler, be sure you have adequate ice. If they are in another refrigerator, you are still protected because of external filters.

However, if all that needs to be done is transfer it inside the house, it won’t take long. You might choose to store the food in a different container from a Samsung representative.

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Step 2

By disabling the temperature controls, turn off the refrigerator. Next, unplug the device from the wall outlet if you can reach it. Trip the circuit breaker if you can’t. Now shut off the water feed to the ice maker in the refrigerator.

Step 3

If your home’s floor is constructed of wood or another readily damaged material, tape pieces of paper or cardboard to the area where you plan to relocate the refrigerator.

By doing this, the floor is protected from harm. However, you might not need to protect the floor if it is built of cement or another similarly durable material in cubed ice.

Keep in mind that the first step in keeping yourself safe is unplugging the refrigerator. Additionally, it prevents damage to the refrigerator in condenser coils.


Cleaning bottom freezer drawers is typically not too difficult. Just use a moist towel to clean the drawer, then let it air dry.

Avoid using soap or detergent since they could harm the finish in twin cooling.



You must unfasten the screws holding the refrigerator to the wall in order to remove it from the wall. Then, raise the refrigerator’s base off the ground. Slide the refrigerator away from the wall after lifting the bottom.

You must place something under the refrigerator’s base to prevent harm to the wall. It might be made of cardboard, plywood, or even wood. Place the fridge back into position after sliding it away from the walls. Re-tighten the screws in the evaporator fan.


Samsung freezers are incredibly durable. However, you should get in touch with Samsung right away if you discover any issues with your refrigerator. Remove the outer panel from the front of a Samsung refrigerator to open the door from craft ice.

The door panel should then slide off the back of the appliance. The screws keeping the Samsung ice maker door panel in place should be removed. Slide the door panel out from under the appliance.

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Two screws holding the inner liner in place should be removed. Pull the cabinet’s water line inner liner away from it. The screws keeping the top and bottom shelves in place should be removed from the water inlet valve.

Out of the unit, slide the shelves. Four screws keeping the top shelf in place should be removed. Out of the unit, raise the top shelf.

The three screws holding the bottom shelf in place must be removed. Extend the lowest shelf upward. The screws holding the inner liner and the cabinet together must be removed. Out of the cabinet, slide the inner liner. Six screws should be removed.


drawer's bottom panel
drawer’s bottom panel

To replace a broken freezer drawer, you must first take the old drawer out of the freezer. The screws holding the drawer to the freezer frame should be removed.

After that, remove the drawer from the freezer. Eliminate any ice accumulation on the drawer’s edges. Remove the drawer’s bottom panel. The two bolts securing the drawer’s rear panel should be removed.

The back panel should be lifted out of the drawer. The screws holding the drawer’s sides in place should be removed. The Drawer should be removed from the frame. The screws keeping the drawer’s front panel on must be removed.

Find the four screws keeping the drawer’s top in place. Take these screws out. From the freezer, remove the drawer. In the freezer, replace the replacement drawer.

The screws are reattached. Place the new drawer’s back panel back in its original position. Install the back panel using screws. Reinstall the drawer in the freezer. Screws are reinstalled.


Simply take the drawer out of the fridge and wipe the interior with a moist towel to clean the drawers on your Samsung refrigerator.

Apply a little lubrication to the tracks before cleaning to ensure the drawer slides back into place easily. By doing this, wear and friction will be reduced.

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Therefore, removing the Samsung refrigerator from its location is not simple; if you attempt it alone, however, you can obtain support from any helper. Additionally, unplugging the refrigerator is the first step to ensuring your safety and security.

Additionally, it is best to take safety steps to prevent damage to the fridge when replacing its placer for cleaning.

FAQs On Samsung Refrigerators

How do I pull my refrigerator out from the wall?

The best and safest approach to move your refrigerator away from the wall is to hold it by both sides of the door and tilt it slightly forward while moving carefully and step by step. This works really well for most people who are frightened by the size of their refrigerator!

Are Samsung refrigerators on wheels?

The refrigerator may be moved using its four caster wheels as well. Open both doors on Side by Side and Four Door models to make it simpler to reach the leveling legs. For simpler access to the leveling legs, the refrigerator’s front leg cover must be removed.

How do you lower the wheels on a Samsung refrigerator?

Most refrigerator wheels may be adjusted by simply rotating the screw either clockwise to raise the refrigerator’s front or counterclockwise to lower the refrigerator’s front.

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