Netflix Not Showing 4K? Here Are 6 Easy Methods To Fix It!

You must be a member of the HD plan, have a connection that supports it, and have a device that can display videos in Ultra HD (4K) resolution to do so.

But occasionally, even that is insufficient, and you need to fix a bug or add a missing configuration to have that pleasant experience.

Make sure your display device has an output frequency of at least 60Hz and is compatible with Ultra HD streaming before moving on to the solutions. It would help if you also had a Netflix Ultra HD subscription that is active and not expired, and your internet connection must be at least 25 Mbps.

This guide will show you ways to fix Netflix not showing 4K.

How To Fix Netflix Not Showing On 4K?
How To Fix Netflix Not Showing On 4K?

Netflix Not Loading on Samsung TV: Issues & Fixes

1. Verify your Netflix configurations

Netflix won’t continuously stream in 4K by default. The “Auto” setting provides the best balancing act between quality and data utilization and is the default setting for streaming quality. However, you should adjust the setting to the highest to ensure you are streaming in 4K.

The first step is to load the Netflix profile you want to edit. While a desktop computer is preferred, mobile devices can also complete this. Then, click your profile image in the upper right corner to access the “Account” section.

Click “My Profile” next, followed by “Playback Settings.” To ensure that your data usage is as high as it can be without being throttled at the expense of quality, select “High.”

Remember that selecting this option will apply to all television programs and films you view. If you have a limited data plan, it would be worthwhile to return to these settings and reduce them as you get close to your monthly cap.

2. Verify your gadget

It’s likely that your specific gadget—whether you’re using a TV, laptop, mobile device, or streaming box—is incompatible with 4K. In certain circumstances, Netflix might still attempt to stream at 4K, which would use more data, but your device wouldn’t show it that way.

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While many contemporary TVs support 4K streaming, others are HD-Ready and do not. In addition, similar to streaming equipment, which typically comes in numerous variations, 4K streaming is frequently only available in the maximum configuration.

It’s uncommon for mobile devices like phones and tablets to support 4K streaming. Fortunately, excellent image quality on smaller screens may be achieved without that level of resolution.

The best course of action is to precisely identify the make and model of the gadget you’re using to watch. Then, check the support for 4K online by searching for the complete model name. Finally, it’s time to check your internet connection if it does.

3. Verify the internet connection.

To watch in 4K Ultra HD, Netflix states that you must have “a consistent internet connection speed of 25 megabits per second or greater.” Unfortunately, your connection might be slower even if your internet subscription offers more speed. Before you contact Netflix to remedy this issue, please verify this.

A quick and simple internet speed test will allow you to determine the speed of your connection. Utilizing the Ookla Speed Test is advised. Just let the test run after visiting the webpage. Before performing the speed test, make sure that Netflix is not operating because doing so will cause your internet speed to artificially slow.

As soon as the speed test is over, note the download speed. You’re good to go if it’s greater than 25 MB/s, and your internet connection shouldn’t be the issue. However, if your connection’s speed is less than 25 megabits per second, it is likely too slow to support 4K streaming. As internet speeds rarely remain constant throughout the day, check back later.

If you tried all these solutions and nothing worked, you should look at other Netflix hints that provide a detailed list of compatible 4K streaming devices. If everything is in order, but the streaming quality is still poor, contact Netflix for help.

Netflix Not Showing On 4K?
Netflix Not Showing On 4K?

4. Use the Netflix app on Windows 10

You must use the Windows 10 Netflix App to watch 4K definition videos on Netflix if you are running Windows 10. You’ll need to download and install it from the Windows Store if it still needs to be installed.

  • Search for Netflix on the Windows Microsoft Store.
  • To download and install it on your computer, use the Get button.
  • If your PC was explicitly developed for you, you might require HEVC Video Extensions from the Microsoft Store.
  • Once the app has been loaded and used, you can see the label Ultra HD 4k next to the video title to indicate that it is available in 4k resolution.
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5. Configure your Monitor to support HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color.

We enable the HDMI feature in the Monitor using this technique. This feature must be enabled to view the video in HD 4k on some displays.

Pro tip: Use Restore Repair to check the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files if the problem is with your PC, laptop, or notebook. When system corruption is the cause of the problem, this usually solves it. Download Restore by clicking this link.

  • Access Settings
  • Select HDMI 1 as the input type by clicking Input.
  • After that, switch HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color to On under Picture Adjustment.

6. Verify that Windows 10 is updated.

If you want to use the Ultra HD 4k resolution, ensure that Windows 10 is updated to version 1803 or above. This one is the first Windows 10 update to support DRM 3.0 (Digital Rights Management). Windows 10 1803 and earlier versions do not support 4k resolution. By using the procedure below, you may determine your Windows resolution:

  • Enter “WINTER” into the Windows search bar.
  • Go to the Windows 10 updates section and click the update button if you still need to install the 1803 update.

Anything Else I Can Do?

Call your ISP and report the problem if you’re experiencing problems streaming Netflix and are confident that your home network is stable and your ISP offers fast Netflix streaming speeds.

To avoid the agent making you repeat the same processes, which would be a waste of time for both of you, we advise you to start the phone call by outlining all the troubleshooting you have previously done. Then cross your fingers that they’ll make an effort to address the issue rather than blaming Netflix.

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Troubleshooting Netflix Not Showing On 4K
Troubleshooting Netflix Not Showing On 4K

Fortunately, this issue is now far less prevalent than it once was. But unfortunately, many consumers’ ISP services restrict their ability to improve their streaming experience.

If this is your situation, your only real option is to cancel your Netflix subscription and make it clear that you will not be paying for a subpar streaming service, regardless of where you live.

FAQs On Netflix Not Showing 4K

Why doesn’t Netflix offer 4K content?

The Netflix Basic subscription only permits standard definition streaming, while the Standard and Premium plan also provides HD streaming (SD). However, it’s worth at least double-checking because only the most expensive Premium plan offers 4K UHD and HDR (High Dynamic Range) streaming.

How can I make Netflix support 4K?

a Netflix subscription that allows for Ultra HD streaming. A computer or television with a 60Hz refresh rate that supports Netflix’s Ultra HD streaming. A consistent internet connection speed of at least 15 megabits per second. Auto or High streaming quality is selected.

How can I know if Netflix is offering 4K streaming?

By visiting a show (ideally a Netflix original) and searching under the title, you may determine whether the content is accessible. For example, instead of “HD,” it should read “Ultra HD 4K” or “Dolby Vision.” Make sure your 4K device is connected to an HDMI port that complies with HDCP 2.2, not one of the useless ones some TV manufacturers put around the sides.

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