How Long Does It Take To Charge Galaxy Bud Case? [2023]

How Long Does It Take To Charge Galaxy Bud Case? With their Galaxy Buds, Samsung made a big splash in the truly wireless, Bluetooth headphones market.

Galaxy buds, like the Galaxy phones that inspired them, are high-quality devices that, like all truly wireless headphones, are defined by two factors: charging time and battery life.

Samsung does not have an official charge time for 0-100 percent listed for any releases under the Galaxy Buds name.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Galaxy Bud Case
How Long Does It Take To Charge Galaxy Bud Case

Troubleshooting: Issues on charging galaxy bud case

The Galaxy Bud case is not charging at all.Make sure that the charging cable and adapter are properly connected. Try using a different charging cable or adapter. Clean the charging port on the case with a soft cloth.
The Galaxy Bud case is charging slowly.Make sure that the Galaxy Buds are placed correctly in the case. Try charging the case using a different USB port or outlet.
One side of the Galaxy Bud case is not charging.Make sure that the charging pins on the case are not bent or damaged. Try cleaning the charging pins with a soft cloth.
The Galaxy Bud case is not charging properly after a recent firmware update.Try restarting your Galaxy Buds and case. If the problem persists, you may need to reset your Galaxy Buds.
The Galaxy Bud case is not charging properly due to damage.If you think that the Galaxy Bud case is damaged, you may need to contact Samsung customer support for assistance.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Galaxy Bud Case?

Charging for 10 minutes in the case will provide 3 hours of battery life. Galaxy Buds have a play time of up to 6 hours, which can be extended to up to 7 hours with a fully charged case. Just 15 minutes of charging in the case will give you up to 1.7 hours of battery life.

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Galaxy buds 2 charging time

However, repeated testing by professional reviewers has revealed that they all charge from 0% to 100% in about an hour.

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The original Samsung Galaxy Buds pro, Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds 2 pro, Galaxy Buds Plus, Pixel buds pro and Galaxy Buds Pro all have a one-hour battery life.

However, there are some significant differences in quick charging, particularly for the case. Let us now examine this in greater depth. Let’s get started!

How long do galaxy buds take to charge?


Samsung’s original Galaxy Buds were an attempt to throw down the gauntlet with Apple, designing something that appears to have come straight from an Apple design think tank.

The battery in the buds google pixel lasts six hours, and the portable charging case adds another seven hours of listening time. Once you’ve depleted all available battery juice in your Galaxy Buds, place them in the case and they’ll recharge in about an hour.

If you need a quick boost, put them in their charging case for fifteen minutes and you’ll gain about 1.7 hours of listening time. That’s not bad, but there’s plenty of competition who can do it better.


The Galaxy Buds Plus is essentially a sequel to the original Galaxy Buds, with minor improvements throughout. The Buds Plus outperforms the original in every way, including sound quality, weather resistance, and battery life.

Galaxy buds pro charge time

The samsung galaxy buds 2 charging time provides an impressive 11 hours of listening time before needing to be recharged. The charging case extends the battery life by 11 hours. When you combine the two, you get a total of 22 listening hours before having to charge the case.

However, if you need a quick charge, ten minutes in the charging case will provide you with three more hours of listening time. Not bad if you’re on the go and need some music to accompany you.

In terms of charging time, you’ll get a full charge from 0 to 100 percent in about an hour.

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Samsung went with their now-famous bean shape for the Galaxy Buds Live. To each their own, someone thought it would be a good design decision.

Another odd design decision is Samsung’s return to six hours of listening time before returning them to their case. The case has enough juice to charge them to full capacity twice before they need to be charged again your earbud.

The Live Buds, like all Galaxy buds, take about an hour to fully recharge from 0-100 percent, but if you just need a quick boost, five minutes will give you another hour.


Galaxy buds pro 2 charge time

The Pro model is widely regarded as the best that Samsung has to offer in the “Buds” lineup. Unfortunately, all of the new technology they crammed into them is power-hungry, and as a result, these buds will only last you five hours.

It will take about an hour to charge from 0% to 100%. However, in this case, just ten minutes will give you an extra 85 minutes of listening time, which isn’t bad for what is essentially the length of time for a restroom or water break at work.

The unfortunate combination of similar batteries with technological advancements depletes the energy levels of the Pro’s batteries. Nonetheless, they are among the best truly wireless buds available.

Galaxy buds 2 charge time

Galaxy buds 2 case charging time

The Galaxy Buds Plus stole the majority of the thunder from the original Galaxy Buds. The addition of active noise cancellation was greatly appreciated. However, as with the Pro, the new feature drains the batteries, limiting them to five hours of listening time.

Five minutes in the charging case will give you an extra hour of battery life. The Buds 2 will take approximately one hour to fully charge from 0-100 percent, as with every other Galaxy Bud on this list.


Moving on to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung claims 1 hour of battery life after 5 minutes of storing the earbuds in their case. That’s an improvement over the original Galaxy Buds, but it’s still a long way from the fast charging found on the Buds Plus. Charging the Galaxy Buds Pro for 10 minutes results in 85 minutes of additional playtime, which is again inferior to the Buds Plus.

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How long to charge Galaxy Buds?

And, last but not least, there are the Galaxy Buds 2. The Galaxy Buds 2 pro charge time as the Buds Live, with 1 hour of use after 5 minutes of charging. Aside from the first-generation galaxy buds charge time, the rest of the lineup’s fast charging times are very respectable. Although Samsung does not break new ground with each new release, its charge times are consistently quick and useful in a pinch when extra juice is required right away.

Samsung does not provide exact numbers for full charge times for any of its earbuds, but users can expect it to take about an hour or so to go from 0-100 percent when placing the earbuds in the charging case. This is about average for most true wireless earbuds, with the main differentiator being the initial fast charge times. The Galaxy Buds Plus continues to lead in this category, but any of Samsung’s more recent Galaxy Buds will suffice.

CONCLUSION: How long does it take for Galaxy Buds to charge

With the possible exception of the Buds Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Buds lineup isn’t going to start any new fires in terms of battery longevity, but they’re all quality headphones.

Thankfully, no matter what advancements or design choices Samsung made throughout the five iterations, Samsung maintained a consistent charging time of one full hour for hours of listening entertainment.

FAQs Galaxy Buds Charging Time

How long does it take to charge the Galaxy Buds case?The Galaxy Buds case takes about 2 hours to fully charge using a standard USB-C cable and adapter.
How long does it take to charge the Galaxy Buds case wirelessly?The galaxy buds pro charging time case takes about 3 hours to fully charge wirelessly using a Qi-compatible charger.
How long do the Galaxy Buds last on a single charge?The Galaxy Buds can last for about 6 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. The charging case can provide an additional 24 hours of playback time.
How do I know when the Galaxy Buds case is fully charged?The LED light on the front of the charging case will turn off when the case is fully charged.
What is the Galaxy Buds Live Charging Time?
The samsung buds 2 charging time Live charging time is approximately 1 hour. These wireless earbuds from Samsung offer quick charging capabilities, allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted music and calls with minimal downtime. With just a short charging session, users can get back to their favorite audio experiences in no time.

How do you know if your Galaxy Buds case has been fully charged?

To check the status of the earbuds and charging case, use the battery indicator light. The case can be charged without the earbuds; when they are inserted, both the earbuds and the case charge. Always in red: charging. Always green: fully charged.

How long does it take to charge the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ case?

A 10 minute charge in the case will provide 3 hours of battery life. The Galaxy Buds have a play time of up to 13 hours, with the earbuds charging for 6 hours and the charging case charging for an additional 7 hours. Only 15 minutes of charging time in the case is required.

How can you tell if your Galaxy Buds case is fully charged?

The battery indicator light can be used to check the status of the earbuds and charging case. The case can be charged without the earbuds; when they are inserted, the earbuds and case charge at the same time. Red all the time: charging. Green all the time: fully charged.


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