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The Samsung Galaxy a6’s sleek, metal design fits naturally in your hand And your pocket.  Samsung Galaxy A6 smartphone was launched in May 2018.  Samsung Galaxy A6 is powered by a 1.6GHz octa-core processor. It comes with 4GB of RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy A6 runs Android 8.0 and is powered by a 3000mAh battery.  The phone comes with a 5.60-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720×1480 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) Cell phone

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Samsung Galaxy a6 review

Samsung Galaxy A6 based on Android 8.0 and packs 32GB of inbuilt storage that can be expanded via microSD card (up to 256GB). The Samsung Galaxy A6 measures 149.90 x 70.90 x 7.70mm (height x width x thickness) . It was launched in Black, Blue, and Gold colors.

It’s immersive 5. 6″ Super AMOLED Infinity Display delivers an entertaining big-screen view, while the 16MP front and back cameras allow you to shoot stunning photos, even in low light. Plus, you can expand your memory up to 400GB to store all your favorite pictures and videos.

It uses  Biometric Authentication Intelligent facial recognition allows you to unlock your phone with a simple glance while convenient fingerprint recognition enables quick and easy access to your phone.  It is not just another smartphone, Galaxy A6 is just right. Battery Capacity = 3000 mAh (milli Ampere hours). Samsung Galaxy A6 Wall / USB Charger.  Connectivity options on the Samsung Galaxy A6 include Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS, and Bluetooth v4.20.

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Hot Features:

Comprehension Samsung Galaxy A6 Review

Samsung galaxy a6 / a6+

Samsung Galaxy a6 review Photos

Together with the Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6+, now Samsung is attempting to achieve a middle ground between budget and mid-range smartphones.

With this cleared out, there are loads of great things happening with the Samsung Experience UI.

To start with, visually it seems spot on. With contemporary iconography and components well-chosen to operate together, it looks beautiful.

Samsung makes a few of the core programs on this phone and all of them look good: the weather program is helpful and looks great, the preferences menu is well laid out, the camera is simple to use, and the built-in gallery and calendar apps are nice.

We’re glad that Samsung contains its Secure Folder environment on even such an inexpensive phone.

Safe Folder creates a safe space where you can put sensitive info and rest assured that not everyone that you hand your phone to will be able to accidentally have a look at your own keys.

Other Samsung A6 Functions

At the exact same time, we anticipate more from Samsung Experience: other businesses like Xiaomi now include super cool gesture navigation in even their cheapest mobiles, while no such option is present here.

On the right side of the telephone, you have a power key and on the left side, you get two separate volume switches. On the bottom, you can find a micro USB port for charging, a sad leftover from earlier times, and a minor annoyance that you bump into every time you attempt to plug that micro USB charging cable the wrong way.

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You also receive a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom, and people who still use their trusty wired headphones will be delighted to hear about this. On the back is a dual-camera system that bulges out ever so slightly along with a fingerprint scanner directly beneath the cameras.

The fingerprint reader can be set within easy access and registering your finger needs you to enroll it in all sides carefully, so you get very precise scans. What we did notice is that fingerprint recognition is accurate, but a little on the slow side.

There is a slight, but noticeable delay between the moment that you put your finger along the moment the system unlocks.

In addition, you have face recognition built-in. The practice of registering your face is simple and easy, and also face recognition works well during the daytime, but maybe not so perfectly at night.

There are just two points about it: it’s again on the slow side and it is not quite as secure as using your mic, but if you want to utilize it as an alternative unlock system (for those times when, say, your fingers are wet), it is a fantastic alternative.

As usual, though, the salient cosmetic difference is screen size. The A6 sports a 5.6-inch, 1,480×720-pixel screen, while the A6 Plus is bigger and clearer at 6 inches and 2,220×1,080 pixels. You’ll note both have a 18.5:9 screen ratio that follows the big screen, small-bezel trend of late.

The A6 Plus gets a slightly more powerful processor, too, with an octa-core 1.8GHz CPU over the A6’s octa-core 1.6GHz. It wasn’t clarified whether both will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip or one of Samsung’s own Exynos processors. Both models will have versions with either 3GB or 4GB of RAM.

How is the Samsung a6 Battery?

the Samsung a6 Battery?

The phone ships with a regular charger with 7.75-watt power output. This isn’t fast charging in any contemporary way, so completely charging the battery on this phone takes 2 hours and 11 minutes, a little more than just on flagships equipped with a quick charger, although not overly long.

It’s worth mentioning that the handset is constructed of metal and doesn’t support wireless charging of any sort. We ran our battery life test and also the Galaxy A6+ scored an admirable 9 hours and 47 minutes, while the typical amounts for most flagship phones these days rank at about 8 hours, which means you can easily see that this phone may last much more.

Together with the 3,000 mAh battery under the hood, the Galaxy A6 may last up to a day on average, with usage involving Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, web surfing, and watching some videos.

Display on times put at around the 3-hour mark, but moving beyond that will reduce the overall battery life, which makes this a no-go for significant users and tasks like navigation and extended hours of gaming.

There’s no fast charging support, which is to be expected considering the A6+ doesn’t have it either. Going from 0 to 100 percent may take up to two hours and 30 minutes.

You have the usual mix of energy-saving modes that can help extend battery life. Though the A6+ does not usually demand those modes to be permitted, the A6′ lower endurance makes them more necessary.

Samsung A6 Camera Features


The Galaxy A6+ comes with two cameras on its back and that might be one of its most impressive features. The thing is that those two cameras work together to create Portrait shots, or as Samsung calls it, Live Focus. This will blur the background on photos and have your subject stand out, just like on a professional camera.

So what are the specs? You get a 16-megapixel f/1.7 main shooter and a 5-megapixel f/1.9 secondary camera, while up front there is a single 24-megapixel camera and a dedicated LED flash for better-illuminated selfies.

As far as the cameras are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy A6 on the rear packs 16-megapixel camera. It sports a 16-megapixel camera on the front for selfies.

Both the front camera and the rear camera have the same resolution (16 MP). Photos have a resolution of 4608×3456 when shot with the 4:3 aspect ratio. However, photos shot with the 16:9 aspect ratio have a resolution of 3264×2448 (8 MP). Video can be recorded in Full HD at 30 FPS.


In daylight, the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) shoots well-detailed photos with natural-looking colors. Because of its limited dynamic range, the camera quickly reaches its limits in scenes with a lot of highlights, as can be seen in Image 1. In particular, bright areas become really overblown (look at the clouds in front of the light blue sky in Image 1). Therefore, the image quality is quite poor. Photos just do not look very realistic (take a look at Image 2). In low-light conditions, the pictures lose a whole lot of detail and look blurry even without zooming in.

Get creative with photos
Add a little imaginative flair to your photos with AR stickers, stamps and creative filters. The Samsung Galaxy A6 comes with each already installed so you can send them out to friends and family with ease.

Low light? No problem
Capture special moments with the 16MP rear camera for crisp, clear photos. Keep shooting, even as the sun goes down with the F1.7 aperture that helps keep your pictures bright and clear.

Samsung Galaxy A6 Video quality

In terms of video quality, you only get 1080p Full HD video recordings and no 4K video quality, which is a bit of a let-down considering other phones of a similar caliber do offer this option.

1080p videos turn out with decent quality, but nothing more: you don’t get a lot of detail in the videos and while you do get some stabilization it is not perfectly smooth. Continuous autofocusing is available, but it is not particularly fast.

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Samsung A6 Images

samsung a6 images photos 2

The 16-megapixel rear camera on the Galaxy A6 takes pictures with plenty of detail and pretty colors with good lighting.

The dynamic range is adequate, and the dedicated HDR mode can make it even better. As expected, in not-so-good light, there is less detail. It is respectable enough so long as you’re not shooting in the dark, though quite a bit of sound can creep .

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The nighttime manners help in taking better photos in low-light conditions, but it might take a few seconds so you have to hold the phone steady.

Samsung A6 Photo Samples

Samsung A6 Photo Samples  1 samsung a6 images photos 2

samsung a6 images photos 2

Under controlled lighting conditions, we utilize the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport to analyze more closely the color reproduction of this Galaxy A6 (2018). We also utilize our test chart to rate sharpness.

Like with many other smartphones, the colors of the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) are oversaturated. However, the colors are not completely overblown. They still seem natural. The center of the chart is rendered very sharply. The camera also has no problems with color bleeding or color aberration. However, sharpness is lower at the edges than in the

 Samsung Galaxy G6 Gallery

Photography is evidently a focus here, with plenty of megapixels to go around. The A6 Plus has a 16-megapixel and 5-megapixel dual-camera combo on the rear, and a big ol’ 24-megapixel camera on the front. The A6 has 16-megapixel cameras on both the front and back.

Samsung Galaxy a6 review Lighting Samsung Galaxy a6 Photos5 Samsung Galaxy a6 Photos


What is Samsung A6 Sound Quality?

Sound quality

You have one loudspeaker on the Galaxy A6+, however, unlike most phones, this speaker is located on the right side of the phone, right over the power key.

The sound quality you get through this loudspeaker is great with a decent quantity of clarity and loudness punch, but naturally, it is not quite on par with all contemporary flagship phones which have double speakers.

And once more, you can get a headset jack on this telephone so that you don’t require clunky adapters to connect with wired headphones.

The Galaxy A6 is similar to the Galaxy A6+ in this regard. Dolby Atmos isn’t very helpful, aside from raising the volume somewhat and adding just a sprinkle of encircling sound-like effect. It only works over Bluetooth and earphones; Samsung has bundled its lowest earphones with the phone, so using a better third party pair is recommended. So far as call quality is concerned, I ran into no difficulties. Both parties can hear each other properly, and network reception was normally quite exceptional.


Samsung A6 Display

  • 1480 x 720 OLED screen
  • Rich color
  • Slightly fuzzy display image

The Samsung Galaxy A6 includes a 5.6-inch Super AMOLED display with an 18.5:9 shape. More of this front is taken up by the display as compared with other mid-range phones.

Some areas of the screen are very strong, others fall behind standard at the purchase price. The strong elements are those usually associated with OLED.

The contrast is exceptional and the colors really shine out if you want them to be. Like other Samsung phones, you can choose between color profiles that radically alter the look.

The Samsung Galaxy A6’s standard mode is adaptive Display’. A screen equivalent of a power drink, it makes color seem lively, increases tonal contrast, and utilizes color temperature to maximize perceived brightness.

When it comes to the picture quality, the display of the Galaxy A6 (2018) checks each of the boxes. With an average brightness of 458.9 cd/m², the smartphone is smart enough to be useable outdoors. The screen brightness is controlled mechanically to prevent people from becoming entangled in low-lying surroundings.

Within our APL50 test pattern, which consists of equally dispersed white and black squares, the brightness is even higher (507 cd/m²). The display can only attain 298 cd/m² with the light detector disabled.

Unlike with LCD displays, each pixel in OLED displays can be turned off on an individual basis, meaning the OLED displays can create”true” blacks. The screen also does well in different locations. The differences in color cannot be perceived with the naked eye. The color temperature of 6356 K can be near the perfect value (6500 K).

The Samsung Galaxy A6, however, and one of the primary budget-cutting features becomes clear. This mobile includes a 1480 x 720-pixel screen, and it is a taller version of what we saw from the Galaxy A3 last year.

The display is less eloquent than that of the Moto G6 or Honor 9 Lite; it’s nearer to those of the considerably cheaper Moto G6 Play and Honor 7S.

Overall,  this is a good display at its price point.

Conclusion:  Samsung Galaxy A6 Summary

Summing up, the Galaxy A6+ is an elegant and sturdy metal phone with an impressive AMOLED screen with lush colors, a very good camera that punches above its weight with striking portrait shots, and some of the best selfies on a reasonable cellphone. It’s also got a solid battery life that helps you undergo long, busy days.

What it’s not is a fast cellphone: the Snapdragon 450 processor under the hood drags performance down and you frequently will need to wait an extra second or two for programs and games to load. This isn’t a complete deal-breaker: nothing stinks and the phone still moves, it’s just not quite fast.

Other minor annoyances are the older micro USB port used, the slow charging rates, the lack of 4K video, and so forth.

At the end of the day, we feel that with all those inconveniences, Samsung is asking a little too high a cost for the Galaxy A6+. In the event the company drops the price slightly, it would be an easier recommendation. Still, if you’re interested in finding a reliable affordable phone with an excellent camera, the A6+ will not disappoint.

The Galaxy A6 isn’t for people who appreciate performance or battery life. It is for people who appreciate a premium construct, easy-to-use software, and also the peace of mind that comes from having a phone by a huge company like Samsung. Even then, it’s too expensive for many clients. That’s the problem with the Galaxy A6+ too, making these telephones quite confused offerings.

Samsung A6 Pros and Cons

  • Decent day-to-day performance
  • Pleasant metal shell
  • Takes very good looking photos
  • Super AMOLED screen looks great; has lush, vibrant colors
  • Decent front-facing camera


  • Low-end graphics chip – Weak GPU
  • Low-res screen 
  • Lack of Auto HDR spoils the camera
  • You get more for your money elsewhere

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What is the Samsung galaxy a6 price?

The price of the 32 MB Samsung Galaxy A6 Factory Unlocked Phone – 5.6″ – Black (U.S. Warranty) is around $202 on Amazon.

Price and Alternatives

The Galaxy A6+ might be an affordable phone, but it is not downright cheap:  At its current price, the A6+ enters a crowded space with some truly powerful phones and there are even some cheaper phones that offer more on the spec sheet.

Here are some popular alternatives that you might want to look into if you consider getting the A6+:

 –Honor 10 No products found.  – it features a more glitzy look, faster processor, and arguably better cameras
 – Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro – offers a faster processor, gesture navigation, and a similar portrait mode with a dual camera
 – Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra –  another option with fast performance and likable design
 – Nokia 7 Plus – offered for the same price as the Galaxy, but has faster performance and a clean interface with the promise for faster future updates
 – Huawei P20 Lite – another phone with a shiny glass design that many might like
– Apple iPhone SE – the iPhone alternative that offers you access to the Apple ecosystem and features like 4K video that are missing on the Galaxy

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What are the Samsung galaxy a6 specs?


Brand Samsung
Model Galaxy A6
Launched May 2018
Form factor Touchscreen
Dimensions (mm) 149.90 x 70.90 x 7.70
Battery capacity (mAh) 3000
Colours Black, Blue, Gold

Samsung galaxy a6 Display

Screen size (inches) 5.60
Touchscreen Yes
Resolution 720×1480 pixels


Processor 1.6GHz octa-core
Internal storage 32GB
Expandable storage Yes
Expandable storage type microSD
Expandable storage up to (GB) 256

Samsung galaxy a6 Camera

Rear camera 16-megapixel
Rear flash LED
Front camera 16-megapixel


Operating system Android 8.0

Samsung galaxy a6 Connectivity

Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth Yes, v 4.20


Samsung Galaxy A6 Full Specifications

LAUNCH Announced 2018, May
Status Available. Released 2018, May
BODY Dimensions 149.9 x 70.8 x 7.7 mm (5.90 x 2.79 x 0.30 in)
Weight 162 g (5.71 oz)
Build Glass front, aluminum back, aluminum frame
SIM Single SIM (Nano-SIM) or Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)
Samsung Pay
Size 5.6 inches, 79.6 cm2 (~75.0% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 720 x 1480 pixels, 18.5:9 ratio (~294 ppi density)
PLATFORM OS Android 8.0 (Oreo), upgradable to Android 10, One UI 2.0
Chipset Exynos 7870 Octa (14 nm)
CPU Octa-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53
GPU Mali-T830 MP1
MEMORY Card slot microSDXC (dedicated slot)
Internal 32GB 3GB RAM, 64GB 4GB RAM
eMMC 5.1
MAIN CAMERA Single 16 MP, f/1.7, 26mm (wide), PDAF
Features LED flash, panorama, HDR
Video 1080p@30fps
SELFIE CAMERA Single 16 MP, f/1.9, 26mm (wide), 1/3.06″, 1.0µm
Features LED flash
Video 1080p@30fps
SOUND Loudspeaker Yes
3.5mm jack Yes
COMMS WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot
Bluetooth 4.2, A2DP, LE
NFC Yes (market/region dependent)
Radio FM radio
USB microUSB 2.0
FEATURES Sensors Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
BATTERY Type Li-Ion 3000 mAh, non-removable
MISC Colors Black, Gold, Blue, Lavender
Models SM-A600F, SM-A600FN, SM-A600A, SM-A600G, SM-A600GN, SM-A600P, SM-A600N, SM-A600T1, SM-A600AZ, SM-A600T
SAR EU 0.49 W/kg (head)     1.39 W/kg (body)
Price $ 282.90 / £ 216.56
TESTS Performance AnTuTu: 63632 (v7)
GeekBench: 3718 (v4.4)
GFXBench: 3.9fps (ES 3.1 onscreen)
Display Contrast ratio: Infinite (nominal), 3.397 (sunlight)
Camera Photo / Video
Loudspeaker Voice 76dB / Noise 72dB / Ring 91dB
Audio quality Noise -92.8dB / Crosstalk -91.7dB
Battery life
Endurance rating 83h

FAQs  for the Samsung A6

When was the Samsung galaxy a6 release date?

Samsung Galaxy A6 smartphone was launched in May 2018. The phone comes with a 5.60-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720×1480 pixels.

What are Samsung a6 similar phones?

The A6 Similar phones are the Motorola Moto G6 Plus,  the Honor 7X,  the BQ Aquaris X Pro, and the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus. It also competes with its own line of products Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy J7 (2017).

What is the Comparision between the Samsung galaxy a6 vs s9?

The comparison with the galaxy a6 vs s9 is as follows

The Samsung Galaxy A6 is a budget alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s less powerful, a little less pretty, but also costs a third of the price.

Whereas the Galaxy s9 is designed with a high price point and quality in mind.  The Samsung Galaxy A6 on the other hand has a few more obvious cuts, made in order to lower the price further. It uses an 18.5:9 OLED screen, but the resolution is just 1480 x 720 pixels

For some, the combination of a desirable family name and smart design will be enough. However, the Moto G6 Play and Honor 9 Lite gets you more in almost every area for less money is hard to ignore.  According to Samsung, our review device, the Galaxy A6 (2018), is intended for demanding users who want a reliable and stylish smartphone.

Other smartphones in the same class as the A6 with a similar price tag, performance, and specifications. The competitor’s devices include the Honor 7X, the BQ Aquaris X Pro, the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, and the Motorola Moto G6 Plus.  And Samsung’s own Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy J7 (2017).

Does Samsung a6 support fast charging?

The answer is the Samsung galaxy a6 does not support fast charging, which is to be expected considering the A6+ does not have it.  It is worth mentioning that the handset is made from metal and doesn’t support wireless charging of any kind.

Going from 0 to 100 percent can take as many as 2 hours and 30 minutes. You have the usual mix of energy-saving modes which may help extend battery life.  Connectivity – Dual-SIM, but no USB-C

Samsung galaxy a6 what does a stand for?

The  Samsung Galaxy A6 stands for a Samsung Phone that has a 5.6-inch Super AMOLED display with an 18.5:9 shape. It’s powered by the octa-core 1.6 GHz Samsung Exynos 7870 processor. The phone also features a 3,000 mAh battery which does not support fast charging.

How to make your page smaller in a Samsung galaxy a6?

Here are the steps to make the page smaller in a Samsung galaxy a6


  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to display the notification panel.
  2. Tap Settings to display the Settings screen.
  3. Scroll to the Device section and tap Display and Wallpaper.
  4. Tap Font.
  5. Drag the Font Size slider to the left (smaller) or right (larger) to change the font size
  6. Tap the name of a font to switch to that font.
  7. Tap Default to return to Samsung’s default font.
  8. Tap Done.

How do I get rid of games on my Samsung galaxy a6 phone?

Here are the steps to uninstall and get rid of games on the Galaxy A6 Phone:

  1. Start the Settings app and tap “Apps.”
  2. In the list of apps, find the app you want to delete.
  3. Tap  Unistall



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