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Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location (ANSWERED!) [2023]

Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location? In the consumer sector, Samsung items like refrigerators are very significant. This is due to their long-term durability and ability to satisfy customers. Furthermore, Samsung refrigerators are widely renowned for their capacity to keep our stuff cool and make certain adjustments automatically.

However, you might want to be mindful of where the defrost drain is located in these freezers due to frequent problems with water leaks. The back of your Samsung refrigerator’s internal compartment is typically where you’ll find the defrost drain. 

Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location
Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location

It is located at the bottom of the refrigerator, to be more accurate. It is a tiny aperture that occasionally conceals behind a metal or plastic board. However, you can remove the board by unscrewing it to have access to it.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location

The defrost drain is cloggedThis can cause water to back up and leak. To clear the clog, you can use a straightened wire hanger or a vacuum hose.
The defrost drain is leakingThis can be caused by a crack or hole in the drain line. If the leak is small, you can try to repair it with epoxy or silicone sealant. If the leak is large, you may need to replace the drain line.
The defrost drain is not connected properlyThis can cause water to back up and leak. To check the connection, you can look for any loose or disconnected hoses.
The defrost drain is located in an inconvenient locationThis can make it difficult to clean and maintain the drain. If the drain is located in a difficult-to-reach location, you may want to consider relocating it to a more accessible location.
The defrost drain is not properly insulatedThis can cause the drain line to freeze and clog. To prevent this, you can insulate the drain line with foam or pipe wrap.

VIDEO: Samsung Defrost Drain Line


Location of Defrost Drain

The defrost drain is located in the back of your freezer. It is a tiny hole that is typically found near the bottom of the freezer. Occasionally, it may be concealed behind a plastic or metal panel that may be unscrewed to reveal the hole.

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The defrost drain on your Samsung refrigerator is located at the base back. The drain hole evaporator fan motor and defrost drain tube can be found if you look closely near the bottom of the ice chest. Better yet, look in the lower portion of the access panel on the refrigerator’s back wall with cold air in Samsung refrigerator leaking water; you’ll find it there.

The defrost system includes the defrost drain. It is devious and depends on numerous sequential, interrelated frameworks. But the evaporation coils, which eventually start to get icy, are where it all starts.

In order to prevent these coils from freezing solid, bear in mind to routinely defrost them. When the drain tube issue has one or two issues, you could occasionally even notice a bad or alcoholic smell coming from the refrigerator drain hose.

Make sure to alert your electrician so that he can inspect the refrigerator. Given that you are familiar with the region, you could even perform the inspection yourself. It’s just towards the bottom of the fridge water leak,at the back.


First, locate the drain pan of the refrigerator. It is typically near the floor, in the back or at the bottom of the unit. Simply remove the grill from the refrigerator’s front to reveal the drip pan, which looks like a little rectangular plate.

Grab it with both of your hands and try to slide and drag it forward. After that, you’ll discard the liquid and clean it. It’s crucial to empty the drip pan in your Samsung refrigerator.

It is a container that collects accumulation that is moving through your freezer’s water leakage thaw-out route. It’s important to do more than merely empty the drain pan ice makerdr. Follow the steps listed again.

1. Clean the drip pan with a bleach or sanitizing solution.

drip pan
drip pan

In a suitable shower enclosure, combine the bleach and warm water in a 2:1 ratio and stir until well combined. After that, thoroughly moisten the drip pan with the solution. After that, give the sanitizer arrangement around two to three minutes to sit on the surface.

To help remove it and sanitize the area, you can also spray extra cleanser on any form or mold that you notice growing on the trickling container.

Keep in mind that if your drip pan isn’t white, the color may alter. Bleach could be to blame for this shift to condenser fan. If you don’t like how harsh bleach is, try substituting vinegar.

2. Scrub the container with a piece of cloth to get rid of any accumulation or mold.

Use a piece of fabric to clean the pan’s interior after a few seconds have passed clogged drain freezer compartment. Carefully clean it to prevent the mold from spreading. While cleaning the pan, apply a lot of pressure to break and remove any built-up residue.

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Use paper towels as well to stop mold from growing on your texture cleaning clothes.

3. To remove any residue, rinse the drip pan in warm water.

The drip pan should next be thoroughly rinsed to remove any remaining residue. Run some warm tap water over the pan to accomplish this. Make sure to wipe out any buildup that is still present on it with a piece of fabric.

4. Before reinstalling the drip pan, make sure it is dry.

Make sure there are no water traces on the pan by wiping it down with a cleaning towel. When you turn the fixture back on, mold could reappear if you let water condenser coils water wdroplets sit on the drip pan.

When you see that the pan is getting dry, put it in the refrigerator and replace the panels to make it usable again. Your drain pan can be so simple to empty. Simply locate it near the refrigerator’s base, carefully pry it out, and pour out anything you find inside.

In order to prevent accidently shocking yourself while attempting to empty the pan, make sure you unplug your refrigerator from the power supply as well.



Your refrigerator’s bottom water line may indicate a frozen or plugged defrost drain. It might freeze as a result of ice or other particles. In addition, this incident causes water to drip down the compartment’s bottom. When there is enough water in this area, it spills out onto the floor.

There may be further causes for the leak at the bottom of your refrigerator. It’s possible that the water lines have damage as well. This problem is typically prevalent with refrigerators that include an ice/water dispenser. The water lines may occasionally suddenly break.

When they do, the water may flow back and form a pool at the bottom of your refrigerator, which obviously poses a serious problem. An overflowing drain pan could also be the culprit. I’ll attribute this cause to the defrosting drain that I described earlier, which is currently clogged.

The main purpose of a drip pan or drain pan is to collect any water inside the refrigerator so that none of it leaks out onto the kitchen floor. The accumulation of defrost hot water within, however, can be too much for the drain water tank dish to handle, resulting in flooding on your floor.

You can see that, taken as a whole, one issue could very easily result in another. Because other problems could develop, I really suggest that you regularly check your defrost drain to make sure that it isn’t frozen or clogged.

Unclog it if the need arises. By doing this, water drain line is kept from building up in the unit pan. You won’t need to be concerned about more leaking as a result.

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The best way to defrost or thaw out your Samsung ice chest is to turn it off, unplug it, remove all of its contents, open the doors, and let it rest for a time. The ice would gradually melt away. This method works well for more than just Samsung refrigerators.

For some other ice coolers, it works perfectly. It’s a tactic with no drawbacks. In addition, I have another tactic that I recently discovered. You’ll probably be startled by it, as I don’t think anyone has ever had this concept before.

Purchase some expensive, highly perishable products and $200 worth of frozen food for the Samsung cooler. Simply place the products in the refrigerator as soon as you acquire them, go to sleep, and then wake up.

You’ll discover that the food has probably spoiled and that the cooler has undoubtedly defrosted. Before putting the things in the refrigerator, it is generally a good idea to unplug it. The question of whether it is possible to defrost the refrigerator without unplugging it from the mains may be on your mind.

There are ways to reduce your energy bill, but they might take longer. Your electricity provider will also send you a card of appreciation.

Seriously, I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to turn off the freezer’s power. However, if you still don’t want to unplug it, get a hairdryer and blow hot air onto the ice. Keep in mind that it’s not very safe, and I don’t advise it.

Another option offered by many users is forced defrosting. However, it’s not a pleasant solution and might lead to a lot of unanticipated problems or issues with your fridge. Never push your Samsung refrigerator to defrost! Manually defrost it the manner I advised.

It’s better that the defrosting process for your Samsung ice chest just takes six hours on average. Don’t be fooled by the shorter amount of time required by the force defrost method to thaw out.


Samsung refrigerators have a defrost drain that is typically located at the back wall of the freezer. The drain pan, which is located around the defrost drain and is essential for collecting moisture, is there. Always make an effort to periodically empty and thoroughly clean the drain pan.

Carefully taking it out of the back will allow you to get rid of it. Additionally, be sure to regularly inspect your defrost drain, especially if you notice water at the bottom of the refrigerator. Ensure that everything is always clear!

Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Location

Where is the Samsung refrigerator’s drip pan located?

Most likely, the drip pan for your refrigerator is hidden beneath the kick panel. You can remove a front-access drip pan if you have one. If not, try removing the refrigerator from the wall and seeing if you can get to it from the rear.

Why is my Samsung refrigerator accumulating water?

Condensation or a spill you missed are frequently to blame when you witness a pool of water (or one that turned into a sheet of ice). The bottom of the compartment, such as beneath the vegetable or crisper drawers, is where water is most frequently found.

Does my Samsung refrigerator have a drain pan?

The defrost and frost functions of the refrigerator are alternated. The ice melts and runs as water into the drain tray that is attached to the bottom back of the refrigerator during the auto defrosting operation.

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