Netflix Not Working On Chromecast? 11 Easy Fixes To Try!

The most authentic option available is, without a doubt, Google Chromecast if you intend to enjoy streaming on the smart TV in your living room. However, you might become upset if Netflix and Chromecast are synchronized.

However, if, despite numerous attempts, you are still unable to link both and receive a rejection, then this is likely the tutorial that you have been desperately searching for.

Netflix Not Working On Chromecast? 11 Easy Fixes To Try!
Netflix Not Working On Chromecast? 11 Easy Fixes To Try!

Well. Although the incidence is cause for alarm, there is no need for concern. I thoroughly investigated the problem as a tech enthusiast and came up with a variety of fixes without the aid of any third-party tools or apps. So let’s get started without wasting any time.

Go on reading. Please don’t skip any sections so you may get all of your questions answered.

Netflix Not Loading on Samsung TV: Issues & Fixes

Causes for Netflix Not Working on Chromecast

Netflix has over 222 million active subscribers worldwide and is the most extensive video content streaming service. Although the service models may vary from country to country, they can reach practically all countries.

Netflix offers many video content, including documentaries, reality shows, animation, and more, ranging from movies to television shows and web series. The most fantastic feature is that you can watch Netflix on your TV with a Chromecast or Xbox even without a smart TV or Apple TV.

But based on comments I’ve heard, many consumers are having trouble setting up Netflix on their Chromecasts or other modern gadgets.

You are aware that nothing occurs for no particular purpose, and this is no exception. However, there are a few apparent causes that the issue is actively driven by.

How to Fix Netflix on Chromecast Not Working?

Tips: Quick Fix to Try

To fix Netflix not working on Chromecast, check that it is connected to your device’s Wi-Fi network. Then, force stops, clear the Netflix app’s cache, and ensure the HDMI extender is inserted correctly. Additionally, update the Netflix app and your device OS, and reset your Chromecast. If these steps do not work, contact the support team

I’ll go over every potential solution to this issue while closely monitoring the causes. You will learn the procedures in detail. As a result, they will be simpler to complete and won’t need a lot of technical knowledge.

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The following are the fixes for Netflix not functioning on Chromecast:

1. Verify the server’s condition

Due to Netflix’s server-based subscription model, every subscriber experiencing any trouble, no matter how minor, wherever in the globe, is thought to be a result of a server fault. Therefore, even though it is unlikely to occur, there is a chance that the streaming service may be interrupted as a result.

As a result, please verify the server status. Then, go to their official website for the most recent and reliable news. Additionally, social media pages, organizations, and forums may appear reliable sources of information.

If the server is down, wait patiently until it starts up again.

2. Examine your internet connection

Once your server appears to be functioning correctly, check your internet connection. From my research, I discovered a ton of serious incidents that ultimately resulted in a shaky internet connection. Therefore, confirm that the connection is solid and stable.

Another thing that must be guaranteed is this. The Chromecast and the device you want to connect it to must be on the same Wi-Fi network. If not, calm down first. Then, restart your router and check again for better results.

3. Switch off the VPN or antivirus

Another issue that people frequently overlook earlier and regret doing so is this. However, I will let you pay attention to the repair while I’m on; you never know if your antivirus program or VPNs are to blame.

I’m telling you this because they occasionally take additional care and ban sites and apps that are required to access and run. Therefore, issues arise.

Check to see if Netflix is banned by antivirus software or a VPN on your computer if you use one. For instance, Netflix may be one of the programs that AVG blocks. So, try turning them off temporarily and see whether the problem still occurs.

How To Fix Netflix On Chromecast Not Working?
How To Fix Netflix On Chromecast Not Working?

4. Make Browser Updates

An old browser can lead to several issues. Therefore, if your browser needs an update, install it and keep it current.

The procedures to upgrade your Google Chrome browser are as follows:

  • Navigate to the 3-dot icon in the browser’s upper right corner.
  • Touch it. There will be a dropdown menu with several rows of choices.
  • Navigate to the Help sub-menu and select About Google Chrome. You can now check to see if there is an updated version available.
  • To install the newest version, click Update.
  • Wait until the Update is complete.
  • Reopen the browser after closing it.

Now Netflix should be cast on your Chromecast.

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How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Chromecast?

5. Update the Netflix app

The Netflix app on your phone should be the most recent version if you plan to use it to cast Netflix videos on your television. Update it immediately if it is not.

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The steps to upgrade the Netflix mobile app are as follows:

  • Launch the Google Play Store.
  • Fill out the search bar with Netflix.
  • From the list of suggestions, pick Netflix.
  • If there is a button that says Update, click it. Your application is current if this is the case.

To save the inconvenience of manual upgrading, you can enable automatic updates.

6. Restart Chromecast or reset it

There is just one way to fix a problematic device: restart it. There may occasionally be fatal issues with Chromecast’s programs and files. But, most of the time, restarting it resolves the problem and prevents further disruptions.

First, disconnect the Chromecast from the wall and turn off the power. Then reconnect it or plug it back in and turn it on. Now verify that it is entirely functional.

7. Remove the Chromecast’s unique character

Although it may seem strange, using special characters in your Chromecast name may lead to malfunction. Maintain brevity and simplicity. Let’s try the subsequent actions.

The steps to removing special characters from Chromecast are as follows:

  • On your smartphone, launch the Google Home app.
  • Visit the Devices page.
  • Choose the Chromecast that needs a name change.
  • Toggle the 3-dot icon on. Then a dropdown will appear.
  • Choose Device settings from the list of choices.
  • Select the Chromecast’s current name by tapping it.
  • Avoid using any unusual characters while changing the name.
  • To save the changes, click OK.

8. Chromecast update

You can experience problems if your casting device is outdated, like the browser and the Netflix program. When your smartphone, browser, and apps are all current, but Chromecast is not, a problem quickly arises.

Use the Google Home app to accomplish this since Chromecast lacks an interface (UI). Tell me what happens next, please.

9. Delete Cache in Browser

Casting difficulties may arise if your browser maintains broken or corrupted data in its cache files. Additionally, it may jeopardize your security system, including transactions, passwords, etc.

To clear the browser’s cache memory, follow these steps:

  • Toggle the 3-dot icon on.
  • Choose Settings in the dropdown menu.
  • From the left pane, tap Security and Privacy.
  • Select Clear browsing history. There will be a pop-up.
  • Ensure that the time range is set to the last four weeks and that all the boxes are checked.
  • Select “Clear data.”

You may clean up and update your cache storage in this manner.

10. Verify HDMI

The HDMI cable is crucial in connecting the Chromecast to the TV. The network strength may degrade if you place the Chromecast far from the router or Wi-Fi source.

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Place the Chromecast device inside the Wi-Fi range or use an HDMI extension to prevent a shaky connection.

Ways To Make Netflix Work On Chromecast
Ways To Make Netflix Work On Chromecast

11. Speak to customer service

With all the fixes above, you can get the Netflix app to function correctly with your Chromecast device. If nothing works, it is better to get in touch with customer service and seek expert guidance.

If you discover that the Netflix app is the cause of the issue, get in touch with Netflix customer service. On the other hand, you might need to repair or replace the device if you discover it is a problem. For assistance, get in touch with Chromecast customer service.

Even after attempting all the methods above, you could try replacing the Chromecast if the source is still not supported. Alternatively, realize that the Netflix service’s content is geo-restricted and won’t load.


The simplest ways to handle this are the ones I showed above. Please let me know which approach works best for you. If you still have problems setting up Chromecast or casting videos on your TV, contact Chromecast Customer Support for more help.

They will undoubtedly assist you as soon as they can. You can contact Netflix’s customer support if you encounter any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix support screencasting?

Open the Netflix app on your mobile device and log in. Select Cast in the screen’s right-hand corner, either upper or lower. Choose the platform on which you wish to watch your TV program or movie.

How can Chromecast be updated?

Press and hold the button on the back of the Chromecast while it is powered on and plugged into the TV. Yellow blinking should begin on the LED. Release the button when the LED light turns completely white, and the Chromecast should restart.

Why won’t my Netflix app launch?

Users with smartphones should first force-quit the Netflix app. Then, try turning it off and on again with your phone if the problem persists. You’ll need to uninstall the program and reinstall it from the relevant app store if it still doesn’t function. Using a set-top streaming box requires the same approach.

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