Can’t Find My Apps On Samsung Phone? [ Best Guide]

If you recently bought a Samsung phone and can’t locate your favorite apps, you’re not alone.

Many users struggle with finding their apps on Samsung devices, whether they have just upgraded or have had their phone for some time.

You can use several methods to find and access your apps when searching for them on a Samsung device.

In this article, we will discuss how to locate the apps on your Samsung phone, so that you can quickly access them whenever needed.

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Can’t Find My Apps On Samsung Phone?

How Can I Find Samsung’s Hidden Apps?

Millions of individuals use Samsung phones daily. Most people want to know where to look for hidden Samsung apps so they can keep an eye on their children’s activities when they use these phones. Kids can conceal offensive movies, photos, and texts and hide apps. Parents can uncover hidden apps on Samsung utilizing various techniques in addition to the kids using these hidden apps.

Why Are Samsung Apps Hidden?

Due to its personalization feature that allows users to remove unnecessary apps from the app drawer and home screen, Samsung is one of the most well-liked devices among consumers. Therefore, the hidden apps feature is the perfect choice if you want to secure your vital apps or have sufficient checks and balances on confidential apps.

On your Samsung smartphone, hide programs to prevent friends, family members, and children from using it. If your phone does not support hidden apps, you can download third-party app launchers that can accomplish that goal.

When you want to conceal business apps at home, this technique might be useful. You don’t want to be interrupted by pointless alerts when you’re talking to your kids, or maybe you hide entertainment software from view while you’re at work. The greatest choice out of all is to use hidden applications.

If you want to eliminate pre-installed apps but can’t, think about deactivating or forcing the app to pause and conceal it. This can help you limit the number of apps in your Apps Tray and on your “Home screen.” You might learn how to swiftly remove from your Apps Tray and add them back in again.

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How Can I Find Samsung’s Hidden Apps?

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Can’t Find My Apps On Samsung Phone?

We’ll talk about the top three techniques for hiding apps on Samsung phones in this section. So, without wasting your valuable time, consider each of these approaches carefully.

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Under Settings

The Setting option on Samsung phones is one of the easier ways to locate hidden apps. The setting feature makes it simple to obtain a comprehensive list of all compatible applications with Samsung devices.

Step 1: From the drop-down menu, choose the Settings option, which resembles a gear. The substitute can be found in the app drawer or on the home screen.

Step 2: In the settings menu, you will find the option to Select Apps and Notifications.

Step 3: Select See all apps from the menu. The choice will provide a list of all the applications and files included in the apps and required for the Samsung operating system to function properly and efficiently.

Step 4: To view all hidden apps on your Samsung screen, select the Show System option in the top-right corner of the screen. All of the apps on your Samsung phone, including those in the app drawer or home screen that are hidden or not, will be visible.

In the app drawer

You must tap the icon, which resembles a circle with six points in the lower-middle of the screen, to reveal any hidden apps on your device. You may get a complete list of the apps installed on your Samsung by clicking the icon. These apps come in both visible and hidden varieties. You should take the steps listed below to reveal hidden apps.

Keep in mind that not all Samsung phones may come equipped with the below-mentioned method by default. Your choice of launcher will affect this.

How Can I Find Samsung’s Hidden Apps? Using third-party applications

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Can’t Find My Apps On Samsung Phone?

The features of third-party programs used to look for hidden apps on Samsung will be covered in this section.

1. Parental Control for Android

One of the greatest programs that enables parents to quickly identify their children’s secret apps on their Samsung devices is AirDroid Parental Control. Additionally, it supports parents in assisting their kids in forming positive digital habits. Your child’s smartphone’s daily and monthly usage data, including details on usage patterns, app message counts, and traffic consumption statistics, may be viewed via the Data dashboard.


  • Install AirDroid Parental Control on your device first by downloading it.
  • then register using your Gmail address. Click “Sign in” if you have already created an AirDroid account.
  • Make an AirDroid account on your child’s phone right away. After installation, launch AirDroid Kids and set up particular phone settings. The device must then be bound by entering the pairing code.
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Use constraints allow you to control your child’s device’s timeslot or period easily. You can limit the overall run time, the number of allowed apps, and even instantly kill every application. You’ll sync them when your child’s smartphone receives app push notifications so parents can see if their child is utilizing sophisticated applications.

The app AirDroid Parental Control is excellent and helpful. It is really easy to download and utilize. It has clear and uncomplicated traits. This program is top-notch. I think everyone should install this application.

2. Secret Apps Finder

Hidden Apps Detector can analyze Samsung phones’ apps to look for hidden apps. The program Hidden App Finder for Samsung is available without charge. With Hidden Programs and Permission Settings, you may choose between malicious software, spyware, and undiscovered yet harmful apps.

In order to download:

  • Launch Google Play Store first, then select Hidden Apps Detector.
  • Next, select Install.
  • Download the app by following the instructions.

Your phone’s hidden apps will be found using a hidden applications scanner for Android. Install this hidden spy program detector for Android to discover hidden software or apps. This program finds hidden software.

Your phone’s hidden apps will be found using a hidden applications scanner for Android. Install this hidden spy program detector for Android to discover hidden software or apps. This program finds hidden software.


By hiding apps in Android launchers like Nova Launcher, you can prevent your kids from accessing certain apps. The Home screen and App drawer of your phone can be hidden most effectively this manner. Both the free and premium versions of Nova Launcher are available for usage. The premium version is necessary to hide applications from the launcher, though.

How to download:

  • Start by searching for “Nova Launcher” in the play store of your device.
  • To begin an automatic installation, click the installation button.
  • After installation, select “Open” and enter your Gmail login information.


The frustration of not finding an installed app on your phone can be overwhelming. It’s especially true when it’s a Samsung device, as the app layout is often different than that of other Android phones. If you’re having trouble locating apps on your Samsung phone, then this article is for you. Here, we’ll discuss why apps may go missing and provide helpful tips for finding them quickly and easily. We’ll also look at alternative methods for launching your favorite apps.

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How can I view every installed app on my Samsung?

Some of your apps will be on your Home screens, while All Apps will have all of your apps.

using short cuts

From the bottom, swipe up, hold, and then release. Tap Recent apps if you are using Android Go and the 3-button navigation.

To switch to the app you wish to open, swipe left or right.

Click on the app you want to launch.

How do I view every one of my apps?

By visiting the “My apps & games” area of your Google Play Store, you can view any app you’ve ever downloaded on your Android phone. There are two categories for the apps you’ve downloaded: “Installed” (all the apps that are currently installed on your phone) and “Library.”

Why don't my installed apps display?

Verify if the missing apps are concealed.

On the home screen, use two fingers to slide the interface outward. The interface’s hidden apps will then be visible to you. To view all of the installed apps, tap on the “Add” option.

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