Netflix Not Working With NordVPN? Try These 6 Easy Fixes!

Even if you have a Netflix account, the streaming service has added your VPN server’s IP address to its blocklist of local IP addresses, according to the streaming error message you receive when NordVPN isn’t working with Netflix.

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You’re probably viewing it from a different place, yet access to Netflix and its content varies by region. Therefore, it is challenging to view shows from different countries. I’ll describe how Netflix blocking on NordVPN operates and how to get past Netflix not working with NordVPN.

Easy Ways To Fix Netflix Not Working With NordVPN
Easy Ways To Fix Netflix Not Working With NordVPN

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How To Fix NordVPN Not Working With Netflix?

The suggestions of the NordVPN developers are an addition to practical techniques for blocking prevention. You must restart the NordVPN application and, if possible, the system itself after implementing each fix for the new settings to take effect. You can make these adjustments singly and jointly; they won’t affect the system.

You may watch Netflix using NordVPN in the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, the UK, Italy, Australia, and the US. However, before subscribing to a long-term plan, consider using NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee and free trial first.

1. Select an alternative server

The option with the least resistance can be instantly effective in a given situation. Servers with fewer users enhance the service’s performance and speed while lowering the danger of being discovered. Based on your location or needs, NordVPN’s clever algorithm will automatically choose the least busy or best VPN server for you (in this case, regional streaming).


  • On the device, launch the NordVPN program.
  • Enter the US #1473 server’s number in the top search box to connect. Keep in mind to verify that your status is Protected.
  • Open the Netflix website in Incognito Mode in your browser once you are connected.

Selecting a server near your physical location is what NordVPN suggests. For Netflix US, server #1473 was functioning smoothly at the time of writing. #4185, #5078, #5080, #5082, #5083, #5085, #5087, #5135, and #5601 are additional acceptable servers. Since these servers don’t fill up as rapidly as others, the NordVPN customer service team advised choosing server #5077 and higher.

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Speed is typically impacted by distance while using a VPN. However, selecting a less busy server among the available ones is preferable when selecting a region far from you, such as Netflix UK.

You will frequently be led to the Netflix UA library, but this shouldn’t worry you because it is the most sophisticated one. The problem with France, India, and Spain’s materials is the worst.

2. Delete Your Browser’s Cache

Netflix can pinpoint your location thanks to the data cached in your browser. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache before connecting to the Netflix server to prevent this. Let’s look at this example since most of us use Google Chrome to visit websites. Depending on your mobile device, you can either delete the browser’s cache or specific applications in “storage.”


  • Click the three dots in the top-right corner of Google Chrome to get More Tools, then select Clear Browsing Data.
  • The site’s cookies and other data, Clear Data, have been caching images and file boxes since the beginning.
  • Restart the device and reconnect to the NordVPN server for a new session.

3. Eliminate WebRTC Leaks

Even while utilizing a VPN, WebRTC leaks in some browsers might lead to displaying a valid IP address. But WebRTC leaks are simple to stop.


  • In the address box of Mozilla Firefox, type about: config after the search term. Double-click media. Peer connection. We are enabled to set it to false after scrolling down.
  • Install the WebRTC Network Limiter browser extension on Google Chrome to block WebRTC leaks.

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Netflix Not Working With NordVPN: How To Fix?

4. Prevent IPv6 Leaks.

You can turn off IPv6 leaking on your device by accessing the associated adapter’s properties if you’re experiencing issues with it.


IPv6 leak prevention for Windows

  • Open Network & Internet settings can be accessed by selecting the network icon from the notification tray’s menu.
  • Change adapter settings or access the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Select Properties by making one or two clicks on your network adapter.
  • Remove a checkmark from the list next to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). Click OK and Close after that.

You can manually set up DNS servers using Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties from the same menu. It is explained in part about configuring DNS addresses.

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IPv6 leak prevention for Mac OS

  • You must use the Terminal to execute the command on newer OS X versions. Please be aware that any network settings modifications may result in this option’s deactivation. You might need to execute the command once more as a result.
  • Double-click the Terminal application by opening Finder > Applications > Utilities.
  • Use the Terminal window to run the following command. Your network interfaces will be listed here along with their names: List all network services with Sudo network setup.
  • Find the network interface that was utilized (usually Ethernet or Wi-Fi). To stop IPv6 from being used on this interface, enter the following command in the Terminal window. Be aware that you need to enclose the interface name in quotation marks: To turn off Wi-Fi or Ethernet, do sudo networksetup -setv6off.
  • The OS X administrator password must be entered. After then, IPv6 will no longer function.

5. Configure the DNS addresses for NordVPN

When establishing a VPN connection, native NordVPN applications automatically use NordVPN DNS servers. This safeguards the confidentiality of your DNS requests by preventing DNS leaks while using a VPN connection.

The gadget can be manually set up to use DNS servers. This is helpful if you connect to NordVPN using a different program (such as third-party OpenVPN clients) or if the NordVPN app isn’t establishing DNS addresses correctly.


  • To block IPv6 leaks, execute steps 1-3 outlined in the preceding paragraph.
  • Choose TCP/IP Version 4 (should be ticked) > Settings > General Use the DNS servers listed below.
  • Manually input the addresses of the NordVPN DNS servers – and – in the Preferred DNS Server and Altered DNS Server lines.

Repeat each step (Wi-Fi, Ethernet) for each physical network adapter you are connecting from.

6. Speak with customer service

When all of the suggestions on this list have been exhausted, and the error message persists, get in touch with customer service by live chat or email (they are available around the clock and seven days a week).


Visit the NordVPN provider’s official website. The question mark in the lower right corner opens a pop-up window with the chat button. The chatbot may send you to an actual manager, depending on your responses. In addition, you can ask for Netflix-compatible server addresses and numbers here.

How To Fix Netflix Not Working With NordVPN?
How To Fix Netflix Not Working With NordVPN?

Does Netflix Work with NordVPN?

Yes, the best VPN for Netflix is NordVPN. The VPN is less dependable than it formerly was, but it still allows access to 10 additional libraries, including US Netflix. In addition, on various devices, including Smart TVs and Firesticks, the NordVPN streaming speed is lightning quick.

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In general, we advise using NordVPN as a Netflix-compatible VPN. However, you may always contact customer care to request a functioning server if you have trouble unblocking Netflix.


NordVPN is among the top VPN services on the market. It still offers the highest level of security. How many servers it enables you to connect to is ranked at the top. However, something is only worthwhile if it is working for you.

To find out if these tactics work, you can test them on your own. The majority of the time, these strategies have prevailed. You could utilize different VPN services if you’re still unable to see Netflix with NordVPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t Netflix function with my NordVPN?

Ensure you’re utilizing NordVPN’s DNS Servers, as this is a helpful additional strategy. How to do it: If you’re using a mobile device, exit the Netflix app; if using a desktop computer, clear the browser’s cache. Start the NordVPN program again.

Why does VPN no more extend function on Netflix?

Since the VPN restriction in August 2021, Netflix has automatically blocked access from all IP addresses associated with data centers. Simply put, you can only access Netflix if it looks that your IP address originates from an ISP. Netflix streaming will be disabled if it can be determined that you are using a VPN since your IP address comes from a data center.

Which VPN does Netflix not censor?

Even though ExpressVPN is more expensive than NordVPN and Surfshark, it is an excellent option for Netflix. It has a specific Netflix page, and a few VPN server locations can access Netflix with reliability.

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