Your Guide to 55 inch TV Dimensions – Know What to Expect!

Are you considering buying a 55-inch TV but unsure about its dimensions? Look no further! In this guide, I will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about the dimensions of a 55-inch TV.

Create an image that showcases the dimensions of a 55 inch TV. Use simple lines and shapes to convey the size and proportions of the TV, with a focus on its width and height. Incorporate a sense of perspective to give the viewer an idea of how large the TV is in relation to other objects in its environment. Use contrasting colors or shading to highlight important features, such as the bezel or stand. Avoid clutter and keep the design simple and minimalistic, emphasizing the TV's size and impact.
Your Guide to 55 inch TV Dimensions - Know What to Expect!

A 55-inch TV offers a perfect balance between versatility and screen size. The dimensions of a 55-inch TV can vary depending on various factors, including the aspect ratio and bezel width. However, I will provide you with average measurements to give you a general idea.

Chart of TV Dimensions

70.9 cm
39.9 cm
438 in²
0.283 m²
88.6 cm
49.8 cm
684 in²
0.441 m²
95.3 cm
53.6 cm
791 in²
0.511 m²
110.7 cm
62.2 cm
1068 in²
0.689 m²
121.7 cm
68.6 cm
1293 in²
0.835 m²
132.8 cm
74.7 cm
1538 in²
0.992 m²
144 cm
81 cm
1809 in²
1.166 m²
154.9 cm
87.1 cm
2092 in²
1.349 m²
166.1 cm
93.5 cm
2407 in²
1.553 m²
177 cm
99.6 cm
2732 in²
1.763 m²
188.2 cm
105.9 cm
3090 in²
1.993 m²
TV Width table 32″ to 85″

A 55-inch TV has a diagonal width of approximately 140 cm. The height of the TV can vary based on the aspect ratio, typically around 77.5 cm. Similarly, the width of a 55-inch TV can be influenced by factors such as the aspect ratio and bezel width, with an average width of around 122.9 centimeters. The actual height may measure around 68.6 centimeters, but these measurements can vary slightly depending on the specific model.

Key Takeaways:

  • A 55-inch TV has a diagonal width of approximately 140 cm.
  • The height of a 55-inch TV can vary, but it is usually around 77.5 cm.
  • The width of a 55-inch TV is typically around 122.9 cm.
  • The actual height may measure around 68.6 cm, but it can vary slightly depending on the specific model.
  • These dimensions provide a general idea and may vary based on factors such as aspect ratio and bezel width.
How Wide is a 55-Inch TV
How Wide is a 55-Inch TV

Use the Calculator Below: Click the Link


Best Samsung TV 55-inch (Tops Picks)

Is a 55-inch TV big enough for a living room?

A 55-inch TV is a popular choice for living rooms due to its generous screen size and compact nature that fits well in a variety of spaces. The dimensions of a 55-inch TV, namely its width and height, play a crucial role in determining if it is suitable for your living room. The width of a 55-inch TV can vary depending on the aspect ratio and bezel width, generally averaging around 122.9 centimeters. As for the height, it typically stands around 68.6 centimeters. These dimensions allow for an immersive viewing experience without overwhelming the room’s aesthetics.

When considering a 55-inch TV for your living room, it’s important to factor in the viewing distance. The ideal viewing distance for a 55-inch TV is typically around 7.7 feet, ensuring that you can fully appreciate the details without straining your eyes. However, personal comfort should also be taken into account. If you prefer a closer or farther viewing experience, adjusting the distance accordingly is key.

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While the dimensions and viewing distance are essential considerations, other factors contribute to an optimal viewing experience as well. Picture quality and resolution, such as 4K or HD, enhance the clarity and sharpness of images. Additionally, paying attention to sound quality and considering external audio systems can further enhance the immersive nature of your living room entertainment setup.

Video of 55 inch TV Dimensions

Aspect Ratio55-inch TV Dimensions (Width x Height in cm)
16:9122.9 x 68.6
21:9134.3 x 57.2
4:3105.8 x 79.3
How big is a 55-inch tv Chart

HOW WIDE IS A 55-inch TV dimensions in CM?

  • In the metric system, a 55-inch television measures 139.7 cm diagonally.
  • The TV is 55 inches wide and 55 inches tall.
  • The aspect ratio of modern televisions is 16: 9.
  • The height of the TV is nine parts if the screen’s width is divided into 16 identical parts.
  • This is a common standard for television screen production.
  • So you can calculate the height and width of a 55-inches tv screen.
  • The TV display has a height of 55 inches tv – 26.96 inches or 68.5 CM.
  • The width of the 55-inch TV screen is 47.94 inches (121 cm).
  • In reality, the larger TV will be a little giant. It would be best to consider the frame that frames the screen and holds the screen matrix.
  • The width of the frame is from 0.3 inches (7 mm) to one inch (2.5 cm). Depending on the mounting technology of the TV.

Features of 55-inch TVs

When considering a 55-inch TV, it’s important to understand the features that come with this popular screen size. Many 55-inch TVs offer 4K resolution, which provides incredibly sharp and detailed images. The higher pixel count of a 4K TV enhances the viewing experience, especially when watching content that is specifically designed for 4K.

Additionally, some 55-inch TVs include full-array local dimming and high dynamic range (HDR) technologies. Full-array local dimming allows for precise control over individual zones of backlighting, resulting in improved contrast and deeper blacks. HDR, on the other hand, expands the range of colors and brightness levels that a TV can display, resulting in a more lifelike and immersive viewing experience.

When choosing a 55-inch TV, it’s essential to consider the dimensions in relation to the room and intended use. The table below provides a comprehensive guide to the dimensions of various 55-inch TVs available in the market. This information can assist in determining whether a particular model will fit comfortably in your space.

BrandModelHeight (cm)Width (cm)Depth (cm)Weight (kg)

As you can see from the table above, different brands and models can vary in their dimensions. It’s crucial to choose a TV that fits comfortably in your desired location without overwhelming the space. Keep in mind that the depth and weight of the TV can also impact how it can be mounted or placed on furniture.

How Big is a 55 Inch TV Chart

Is A 55-Inch TV Big?
How big in Dimensions of a 55 inch tv?

Here is a normal TV width chart to help you determine your tv size.

The Benefits of Choosing a 55-inch or 65-inch TV

Comparison of TV sizes
TV Width Chart

When it comes to selecting the perfect TV for your home, considering the right size is crucial. A 55-inch or 65-inch TV offers numerous benefits and can greatly enhance your viewing experience. These sizes are ideal for various rooms, whether it’s a spacious living room or a cozy bedroom.

For the living room, a 55-inch or 65-inch TV provides a captivating cinematic experience. Whether you’re watching your favorite sports events, movies, or gaming sessions, the larger screen size creates a truly immersive atmosphere. With the availability of high-resolution technologies like 4K, HD, UHD, OLED, QLED, LED, and LCD, you can enjoy crystal-clear visuals and vibrant colors, bringing your entertainment to life.

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In the bedroom, a 55-inch or 65-inch TV can transform your space into a personal sanctuary. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or cosying up for a movie night, the generous screen size ensures that you won’t miss any details. With features like 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR), you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies with stunning clarity and enhanced contrast.

Choosing the Right TV Size for Specific Needs

Viewing Angle and Distances for 55" for regular watching 7.5ft and Cinema 5.5ft
Viewing Angle and Distances for 55″ for regular watching 7.5ft and Cinema 5.5ft

When it comes to gaming, a 55-inch or 65-inch TV provides an immersive experience that transports you into the virtual world. The larger screen size allows you to see every detail, whether you’re exploring vast open-world environments or engaging in intense multiplayer battles. Combined with features like low input lag and high refresh rates, these TVs offer a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

For sports enthusiasts, a 55-inch or 65-inch TV ensures that you can catch every thrilling moment of the game. Whether it’s a football match or a basketball game, the larger screen size enables you to see all the action with incredible detail, making you feel like you’re in the stadium. With high refresh rates and motion enhancement technologies, you won’t miss a single play.

If you’re a movie buff, a 55-inch or 65-inch TV provides a cinematic experience right in the comfort of your home. The larger screen size allows you to fully immerse yourself in the movie’s world, capturing every subtle nuance and breathtaking scenery. With high-resolution technologies and advanced picture quality features, you’ll enjoy a true theater-like experience.

TV SizeIdeal Use
55-inchLiving rooms, bedrooms, gaming, sports, movies
65-inchLiving rooms, home theaters, gaming, sports, movies

Choosing between a 55-inch or 65-inch TV ultimately depends on the size of your room and your personal preferences. Consider the available space and the viewing distance to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whether you opt for a 55-inch or 65-inch TV, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to elevate your entertainment setup and indulge in a truly immersive viewing experience.

TV Dimensions For Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony 25″ to 85″ Chart.

Screen SizeRecommended Mixed Usage Distance
Recommended Cinema Distance
25″3.4′ (1.04 m)2.5′ (0.77 m)
30″4.1′ (1.24 m)3′ (0.92 m)
35″4.8′ (1.45 m)3.5′ (1.07 m)
40″5.5′ (1.66 m)4′ (1.22 m)
45″6.1′ (1.86 m)4.5′ (1.37 m)
50″6.8′ (2.06 m)5′ (1.53 m)
55″7.5′ (2.28 m)5.5′ (1.68 m)
60″8.2′ (2.48 m)6′ (1.83 m)
65″8.9′ (2.69 m)6.5′ (1.98 m)
70″9.5′ (2.9 m)7′ (2.13 m)
75″10.2′ (3.1 m)7.5′ (2.29 m)
80″10.9′ (3.31 m)8′ (2.44 m)
85″11.6′ (3.52 m)8.5′ (2.59 m)

Each TV has different dimensions based on the size of its display in inches. This is especially important if you don’t know the exact size of your modern tvs Smart TV and are looking for the ideal collection for your space.

Dimensions of a 70-inch television

  • The 70-inch display measures 154.9 cm wide by 87.1 cm high.

Dimensions of a 65-inch television in centimeters

  • 65-inch Smart TVs are not consistently as large as they appear. These powerful televisions are 144.0 cm wide by 81.0 cm tall.

42-inch tv widths dimensions in centimeters

  • 42-inch televisions are frequently effective in small spaces. This is because they are 20.5 inches tall and 36.5 inches wide.


  • A flat-screen TV’s size is typically measured diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right.
  • If you prefer, you can go from the bottom left to the top right.
  • This clearance is usually measured in inches. Manufacturers will offer a variety of sizes in their product line.
  • The size of the screen represents the width or height of a television screen. On the other hand, the conventional method is to use the diagonal distance new tv.
  • There are currently two main types of TVs: LED TVs and OLED TVs, and you may be surprised to learn that these two types are available in very different screen sizes.
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How To Measure A 55-Inch TV?
How To Measure A 55-Inch TV?
  • Televisions range in size from 15 to 80 inches. In some cases, even more.
  • OLED TVs, on the other hand, are only available in larger screen sizes. Usually between 50 and 85 inches.
  • As a result, keep in mind that the size of the screen you buy may be determined by the type of technology you desire.
  • How do you choose the right screen size for your room once you’ve decided on the type of HDTV you want? And what is the ideal viewing distance for your television?
  • However, you can find several TV-size calculators on the internet to assist you with your problem.

Recommended Viewing Distance Based On Image Resolution

The native resolution of a television screen is fixed. Ideally, the image on that screen will contain the exact answer. However, as you move away from the 4k UHD TV screen, you will be unable to see all of the picture’s details content.

This range will vary depending on the screen size and picture resolution. As a result, the further you move away from the longest distance, the more minor detail you will notice.

And the closer you get, the more imperfections you’ll notice in the image’s resolution. So, if you want to see every detail on your high-resolution screen, you should sit at a certain distance away from it.

So, this is another way to decide the best viewing distance for your TV. It would be best to keep in mind that this distance may vary depending on the person watching the screen. Visual acuity will differ from person to person.

Recommended Viewing Distance Based On A Range

image 69
Recommended Viewing Distance According To The Field Of View

The two solutions presented above will not always result in the same recommended viewing distance. As a result, you must choose one or the other or find a compromise distance that provides the best balance between the two.

In this case, there is no right or wrong answer. It frequently depends on personal preference, vision, or how you use the screen in your room-size tv stand. So, in the unlikely event that you have to choose one or the other, you don’t want to find out that getting it exactly right isn’t convenient or adequate for your situation.

Another option is to use a range rule of thumb to give you a target range. One foot of viewing distance is recommended for difference every 10 inches of diagonal screen size. This may appear to be more complicated than it is:

  • A 7-foot-tall 70-inch screen portion 
  • At 6 feet, a 60-inch screen portion 
  • At 5 feet, a 50-inch screen portion 

This results in a field of view of approximately 40°, which is slightly closer to the THX recommendation of 36°. This is, however, a reasonable distance for those who want to be close enough to have an excellent immersive experience without being too close to dimension.

Of course, if you like to be even closer, that’s up to you. Something like this can perhaps provide a starting point for a recommended viewing distance range content.


The diagonal measurement of a 55-inch television determines its name rather than its height and width. The screen size can be calculated by starting in the lower left corner of the screen (excluding the frame) and extending a measuring tape to the upper right.

You’ll need to do some high school math to figure out how big the actual TV is. Are you ready to put your Pythagorean Theorem knowledge to the test? Manufacturers (such as Samsung) construct sets with a 16:9 (or 16:10) ratio, which means that a 55-inch diagonal would have a width and difference height closer to 48 inches wide and 27 inches tall.


Knowing the dimensions of your television is only one part of the story. You should also consider the size of the space in which it will be placed. It’s best to sit back about three times the screen’s height for HD and 1.5 times for 4K Ultra HD portion viewing.

Using the chart above, you’d want to sit about three and a half feet away from the Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV AU8000 (28 x 1.5 = 42). This allows you to see the entire picture while avoiding distortion or color issues caused by being too close to content.

Where To Put A 55-Inch TV?
Where To Put A 55-Inch TV?

CONCLUSION On How Wide Is A 55-Inch

After exploring the dimensions and features of 55-inch TVs, it is clear that they offer a balanced combination of size and versatility. These TVs are well-suited for various living spaces, providing an immersive viewing experience.

The dimensions of a 55-inch TV can vary based on factors such as aspect ratio and bezel width. However, it’s important to consider the size-to-distance relationship when determining the optimal TV size for your space. Using a TV size to distance calculator can help you find the ideal balance between screen size and viewing distance.

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