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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Listen for iPhone – Mystic Black Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Listen blue-tooth fast-charging long-battery

Color: Mystic Black

Upgrade your sound and style with Samsung live listen samsung. Designed with the largest Galaxy Buds speaker, improved bass and an open fit, playlists sound more like live music than ever before. When you need to block out background noise for a phone call or important task, initiate Active Noise Cancellation with a touch. Samsung earbuds live are easy on the eyes, light on the ears, and has long-lasting battery life.

Features including Active Noise Canceling are enabled through a Bluetooth connection or the Galaxy Wearable app on Android, available through Google Play Store and the Galaxy Buds app on iOS devices, available through the App Store. Actual battery life may vary and depend on usage conditions such as function settings, playback file type, and Bluetooth signal strength.

Introducing Galaxy Buds Live

The newest shape of true wireless earbuds

The Samsung samsung buds live listen designed to tune in to every moment. With an iconic shape and ergonomic design, a fit that lets in your natural surroundings, and a speaker optimized for a better experience. This is sound made for your ears.

Samsung ear-buds head-phones for cell-phone cordless blue-tooth fast-charging long-battery

Hear every sound come alive. 12mm speakers with sound by AKG work together with Samsung live listen samsung buds to ergonomic design to deliver spacious sound, while the large driver and bass duct help emit deep bass with airflow that lets sound flow seamlessly.

Made for your ears.  The Samsung live listen sits softly inside the ear, giving you a fit for all-day comfort with less fatigue.
Active Noise Cancellation. The first Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for open type on Galaxy’s true wireless buds keeps the noise out, but lets the world in. It reduces background noises without missing what’s important, like voices and announcements, so you hear more of what you want to hear

Samsung ear-buds head-phones for cell-phone cordless blue-tooth fast-charging long-battery
Samsung ear-buds head-phones for cell-phone cordless blue-tooth fast-charging long-battery

Highlights and Features:


excellent for music, and when testing a call to a friend he said I “sound crystal clear; clearer than I normally sound”.

Comfort: I like the feel of these live listen galaxy buds more than the original buds. The rest comfortably in my ears and I don’t get that odd feeling that you normally get from traditional ear buds with suction cups. I tested to see if they would fly out by shaking my head back and forth violently and they didn’t budge.


they are already rated to have a shorter life than the original buds and buds plus, and with minimal use, they have already dropped to 82% from 100% in less than an hour, but at least the case provides additional charge, plus you can get an hours worth of playtime with a 5 minute charge.

Build quality:

the quality is excellent. I thought with them being shaped strangely, they would be large and uncomfortable, but I was wrong. They are smaller than the regular buds and so is the case, albeit the case is shaped differently (small square verses pill shaped). The case for these seems a bit more premium than the original case, as well.

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Noise Cancelation:

I can say if it’s good or bad, honestly. I usually have audio at full blast and can’t hear anyway, and that was still the case with these just like with the regular buds. Of course if nothing is playing, I can hear well, in fact better than with the regular buds due to the lack of suction cups.

Pairing: instant!

What more do you need to know? I have a Note10 Plus at the time of writing this and upon opening the case, they immediately try to connect to my galaxy device, and from that point onward, they work just like the original buds, pairing immediately when placed in your ear(s). Also, remember that you can use one at a time if you want.

I’m sure some other reviewers will elaborate on things that I haven’t, but that was my take. If you have the money and want to try them, you’ll enjoy them, but if you are hesitant about the $170 price tag, the regular buds or even a cheaper product will do just fine. Refurbished regular buds can be found for as low as $60 and work as good as new. Overall I give them a 5 out of 5!

Customer Reviews

 Honestly, these buds are amazing

Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2020

Color: Mystic BlackVerified Purchase
I wasn’t planning on leaving a review on these Samsung live listen on samsung earbuds but I’ve seen all the negative reviews that this product has got. One main complain that I’ve seen is that the call quality is bad. I am here to say that the call quality is on par with AirPods (one of the best earbuds out there for call quality). Don’t let these negative reviews tell you otherwise because these are great. Another complaint that these have gotten are problems with the sound quality.
The sound quality of the Live listen for samsung is better than the past iterations of the galaxy buds. These have better bass, lows are great, and vocals are nice and clear. You can also choose between different preset equalizers directly from the app. Overall, these are a great pair of earbuds for the $170 asking price. Apple charges $250 for basically the same thing except that the AirPods Pro sound like garbage. I definitely would recommend the live listen android to anyone on the market for new truly wireless earbuds

 Comfy Wireless Buds

Reviewed in Australia on September 23, 2020

Color: Mystic Black Verified Purchase
Comfort is the one and the only thing I was focusing on when choosing these Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Listen as I really do not like buds that go into the ear canal.
These samsung earbuds live listen pretty much work as advertised and are quite comfortable. They are surprisingly small and convenient to take with me. The magnetic placement of the buds within the case is quite nice with decent strength so that they don’t fall out when the case is opened and flipped upside down.

There are things to definitely consider when purchasing these.
– I have doubts that these Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Listen will fit everyone well. Personally, it is an absolutely great fit for me and I have no concerns about these falling out or being uncomfortable for long periods.

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– The sound does get better if the buds are pushed further into the ear which can compromise the quality of the microphone audio as they may get covered up when pushed in and may cause discomfort.
– The active noise canceling (ANC) function is not going to be on par with what people may generally expect. The ANC is suited to function for the open ear design of these buds. I don’t care too much about noise cancelling so this did not affect me.

– The touch controls and the pairing are a bit odd. Pairing these with my mobile and computer took some further understanding and trial and error. Once it is paired though whether for mobile or computer it works well consistently. The touch controls work as advertised, but its not always responsive and may require an additional attempt to trigger the touch controls (it very often is only one additional attempt). Touch controls are definitely awkward as whenever these buds may need adjusting whilst in ear the touch controls are probably going to trigger frequently.

– Volume over 40% is probably going to noticeably leak audio nearby when in low volume environments.
– Getting the microphone to work may require further understanding and tweaking such as with a computer I found that I had to do some trial and error with disabling and enabling my own audio devices as well as the buds to eventually have the buds microphone function on my computer.
– The containment of the buds within the case is likely going to require more gentle care when taking out and placing back the buds unlike other wireless buds that seem to be far more carefree.


 Exceeded All Expectations

Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2020

Samsung hit this one out of the park. Unique design, outstanding sound and hours of comfort. To me, the sound is the second most important feature in any earphone or ear bud device. What good is fantastic audio if you are uncomfortable wearing the product.
These little Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Listen beans are so amazingly comfortable that you can forget they are in your ears. Once in, they stay in – to a point where you actually have to pull them out when finished listening. The audio is on par with over the ear phones costing three times as much. I know because I have them.
Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ these are more comfortable to wear and easier to put on. They have a wider sound, clearer mids and highs with a better bass sound. Bass heads rejoice. The Galaxy wear app has the settings to increase various ranges but the “Dynamic” does it best for most genres. These are set up on my Galaxy S10 phone and I cannot attest the sound will be the same on others.
I only had taken one call while using the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Listen and it was clear on both ends. The caller did not know that I was using a Bluetooth device during the conversation. So far these rank #1 in my opinion for the reasons stated and you can’t go wrong in buying these. An absolute winner!
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