How To Join Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit [Answered!]

Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit how to join? You should be aware of a few things if you’re wondering about refrigerator class action lawsuit and how to join against Samsung refrigerators. There are a few class action lawsuits that were filed. See the list.

1. Samsung is being sued for allegedly marketing faulty refrigerator models that have a history of breaking down too soon.

2. Anyone who bought a Samsung refrigerator within the previous seven years is eligible for samsung refrigerator lawsuit file a claim that is defective or caused injury. Last but not least, you can participate in the lawsuit by calling the law office that is representing the plaintiffs or registering on the official website.

How To Join Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit
How To Join Samsung ice maker lawsuit?

3. A class action lawsuit claiming to represent all Samsung samsung ice machines claims that more than 20 models are flawed. The refrigerator will stop cooling if a circuit board malfunctions, and you can hear a clicking noise. Click here for more details

Which one of these applies to you?

To join class action lawsuit, you must complete the form on one of the open lawsuit investigation pages below. If eligible, your lawyer will get in touch with you. The manufacturer of Samsung refrigerators is being sued.

– You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade CommissionConsumer Product Safety Commission, and depending on where you live, with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office or the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Join Samsung Refrigerator Class

Not sure if I’m eligible.Check the class action lawsuit website to see if your refrigerator is included. You can also contact the law firm that is handling the lawsuit to ask if you are eligible.
Don’t know how to file a claim.The law firm that is handling the lawsuit will provide instructions on how to file a claim. You can also contact them for help.
Can’t afford to hire an attorney.The law firm that is handling the lawsuit may be willing to represent you on a contingency basis, which means they will only get paid if you win.
Don’t know where to start.There are many resources available to help you join class action lawsuit. You can contact the law firm that is handling the lawsuit, or you can search for information online.
Scared of the process.The class refrigerators process can be confusing and intimidating. However, the law firm that is handling the lawsuit will be there to help you every step of the way.

Key Takeaway: How to join Samsung ice maker class action lawsuit?

To join a galaxyclass action lawsuit, individuals must send a dispute letter to the company with the case number and their signature. The letter should explain why they are filing the case in the class action lawsuit and ask for a fix or proof of warranty. If successful, all members may receive monetary or other compensation without having to appear in court

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VIDEO: How To Join Samsung Refrigerator Action Lawsuit?

How To Join Samsung Refrigerator Class Lawsuit?


Addition Information on Samsung class action lawsuit ice maker

Please do so if you intend to bring a class action lawsuit. Food is lost when a compressor fails to keep a refrigerator cold. Samsung’s refusal to offer a free repair has prevented customers from using their refrigerators.

If the samsung ice machine is removed, unplug the refrigerator to prevent the cooling loop from freezing while it is in use.

The Ice Room will be steam cleaned of all ice and frost residue. You could want to drain the drain if the steam isn’t going through it adequately. Any residual ice may bring the problem to the surface.

Samsung fridges allegedly knew about the flaws in the samsung ice machine and Refrigerator Class but did nothing to fix them or replace them. The class action lawsuit is still continuing, and mediation is still taking place.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Samsung Refrigerators Due to Samsung ice maker recall 2022

No refrigerators made by Samsung customers or the Consumer Product Safety Commission have been recalled. Owners of these appliances have been unhappy with ice maker issues like ice maker failure and ineffective ice output as a result.

As a class action lawsuit claimed, Samsung allegedly has not instituted a recall, repaired, or replaced the refrigerators because of ice buildup. As a result, the corporation was the target of a class action lawsuit.


In a class-action lawsuit, customers of Samsung have sued the electronics business, saying that certain of the company’s refrigerators do not keep food cold enough. On behalf of the U.S. operations of the South Korean company, Matthew Jordan and Lisa Saghy, attorneys for the two, filed a complaint in New Jersey last Friday.

What Is The Samsung Class Action Lawsuit?
What Is The Samsung Class Action?

Are Samsung French Door Refrigerators Subject to a Recall?

They claim that Samsung refrigerators with French door dispensers have a noisy fan, slushy ice in the bottom, water under the crispers, or running down the wall. At this time, there hasn’t been a Samsung refrigerator recall in the USA on these refrigerators.

Models for Samsung refrigerator lawsuit

Samsung is being sued on behalf of a group of customers who claim that their refrigerators are defective and have caused them both material and psychological harm.

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The plaintiffs contend that Samsung was aware of the flaws in its refrigerator models but chose not to inform customers.

They are requesting compensation for the price of replacing their damaged refrigerators and for the suffering they have endured due to the faults in terms of both emotional suffering and monetary losses of ice maker problems.

Samsung Faces Lawsuit Over fridges Design That Allegedly Causes Food To Spoil

The complaint claims that all Samsung refrigerators have a label with a freezer drawer at the bottom and a twin-door (or “French door” door) design at the top. However, not all of the model numbers have been impacted.

Which Samsung Refrigerator Models Are In Lawsuit?

  • RF26J7500SR
  • RF27T5201

Food spoils more quickly and is less likely to stay in cold storage as a result of the design of these freezers, claims the complainant. It was submitted to the Northern District of Indiana’s federal court.

According to the complaint, more than 1,000 people have so far complained about the problem with the ice tray.

If your refrigerator is broken and you’ve noticed that your food is losing flavor more quickly or isn’t staying cold, you might want to think about bringing a samsung lawsuits.

Samsung Action Lawsuit
Samsung Action Lawsuit

Other Past and Current Lawsuits against Samsung


You might be qualified to join a class action lawsuit against Samsung if you bought a Samsung product in Illinois within the last four years.

Samsung is accused of engaging in unfair and deceptive business practices by selling devices that were known to be defective and neglecting to disclose them. You might be eligible to join the samsung lawsuits and seek damages if you feel that Samsung’s actions have hurt you of consumer complaints.

Would you take someone to court in a group action? In the US, 97 percent of adults and 92 percent of those 65 and older have cell phones.

If you complete the form in a matter of minutes or seconds, you could wind up receiving thousands of dollars back.

Bajarin claims that class-action lawsuit settlements are frequently insufficient. Many prospective litigants investigate if a business that has settled a lawsuit has resolved the issue.

When everything is said and done, you won’t know how much money you’ll receive, but any prizes will be far more than your budget. A total of 2.3 million claims were approved when the lawsuit was resolved.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has not yet provided any compensation to consumers. In the lawsuit, a few irate filers are attempting to recoup $88 million in legal costs.


Samsung is the target of a class action samsung lawsuits alleging that the firm concealed a significant design flaw that enables its Galaxy cellphones to prematurely overheat and catch fire.

On behalf of every American who bought a Galaxy smartphone, a complaint was filed in federal court in Northern California, asking for monetary reparations and the recall of the faulty products.

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According to the lawsuit, Samsung’s french door refrigerator was aware of the flaw that causes the battery to overheat and the phone to catch fire but chose not to inform customers of it.

Action Lawsuit Against Samsung
Action Lawsuit Against Samsung

In addition, the lawsuit asserts that Samsung was aware of numerous instances of fires and injuries brought on by the flaw yet did nothing to rectify them.

You may be eligible for compensation if you bought a Galaxy smartphone. For a free consultation, kindly get in touch with our office.

Galaxy S7 Edge consumers have launched a lawsuit against Samsung. Numerous Galaxy Note 7 devices have overheated and caught fire, causing both personal injury and property damage.

At first, it was considered that the battery issue was specific to a particular model. Samsung maintains that there is no issue, despite the fact that some of its other models have some problems. Samsung has recalled all Note 7 devices from the prior model year.

Not just Note 7 owners are experiencing difficulties. Despite Samsung’s assurances that the S7 and S7 Edge versions are secure, owners have reported incidences.

Two lawsuits have been filed against Samsung: one for the Galaxy Note 7 and the other for overheating mobile devices. Attorney Mike Morgan claims that a government probe into the explosion is necessary to determine whether the Note 7’s defective battery caused it.

Samsung might be held responsible for an explosion or fire if a lawsuit is brought against the business. Please get in touch with us if your Samsung gadget has blown up or caught fire so we can look into your legal possibilities.

Is Samsung Galaxy Suing Anyone?

You might be able to join a class action lawsuit if you bought a Samsung Galaxy model after March 8, 2019, to demand monetary damages and a halt to any fraudulent or deceptive marketing. For more details about Samsung’s trolling lawsuit, please visit our website.

Samsung Fridge Freezing Up Lawsuit

Samsung has faced a lawsuit regarding their fridges freezing up. This specific issue has led to legal action being taken against the company. Customers have reported that Samsung fridges have a tendency to freeze up, causing inconvenience and potential damage to stored food items. The freezing up problem has resulted in a lawsuit being filed against Samsung, as affected customers seek compensation for their losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit about?The Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit alleges that Samsung knowingly sold defective refrigerators that were prone to ice maker leaks, mold growth, and other problems.
Who can join the Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit?Anyone who purchased a Samsung refrigerator between 2010 and 2020 may be eligible to join the class action lawsuit.
How to join class action lawsuit against samsung?You can join the class action lawsuit by contacting an attorney who is participating in the lawsuit.
What are the potential benefits to join samsung class action lawsuit?If the class action lawsuit is successful, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your damages, such as the cost of repairs, the cost of food that was spoiled, and the cost of emotional distress.

What is the nature of the Samsung refrigerator class lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung, alleging that their refrigerators do not keep food sufficiently cold. The lawsuit asserts that the ice makers integrated into the doors of these refrigerators are faulty and can cause a variety of issues. In addition, the complaint asserts that the refrigerators exceed a safe temperature for food storage. The parties in this dispute are Samsung refrigerator owners and Samsung USA.

What is the samsung refrigerator ice maker recall class action?

A class samsung fridge lawsuit has been filed alleging that Samsung refrigerators’ built-in door ice makers are defective and can cause a variety of issues, including water leaks, “freezing up” parts, and loud fan noises. The complaint asserts that thousands of consumers have been exposed to refrigerators with leaks. Currently, the case is in mediation.

Do they have a lawsuit pending against them?

Samsung is currently facing multiple legal actions. These include a class action lawsuit in response to a data breach in July of this year, a proposed class action lawsuit alleging violations of the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), a class action alleging false advertising of Galaxy S21 storage capacity, and a penalty for misleading claims regarding the water-resistance of seven Galaxy phones.

Samsung Ice Maker Class Action

A samsung fridge class action lawsuit was filed against the company for alleged defects causing ice makers to freeze and malfunction. Customers experiencing issues with their Samsung refrigerators’ ice makers may be eligible to join the class action and seek compensation.


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