How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Fan not Working (ANSWERED!) [2023]

Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Fan not Working? It’s likely that the fan inside your Samsung refrigerator has stopped functioning if you notice it getting warm. The refrigerator won’t become cold enough to store your food products safely if the fan is broken. Therefore, you must investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as feasible.

Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Fan not Working
Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Fan not Working

You can fix the Samsung refrigerator fan using the instructions in this article.

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Quick Fix: How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Fan not Working?

To fix the refrigerator Evaporator fan issue:
1. Inspect the fan blade to ensure it is not obstructed. If it is, use a soft brush or cloth to clean it.
2. Confirm that the fan motor is securely connected and the wiring harnesses are properly connected.
3. If the issue persists, check for problems with the control board and replace it as necessary.

4. If the above steps do not resolve the issue, consider contacting a professional appliance repair technician for assistance.

As you might expect, there are a variety of causes for the fan in your Samsung refrigerator to stop working. But some factors are more serious than others.

So, the following are the most likely causes of your refrigerator’s fan not turning on:

1. Frost Around the Evaporator Fan

 Frost Around the Evaporator Fan
Frost Around the Evaporator Fan

What this component does: To start, let’s be clear about what the fan inside your Samsung fridge compartment is supposed to perform. The “evaporator fan” inside rotates to disperse the chilly air from the evaporator.

In order to start, air is blown through the chilly evaporator coils. But more crucially, the fan keeps running so that cool air may circulate throughout the whole refrigerator compartment.

The fan makes sure that everything cools down uniformly and stops warm areas from forming within the refrigerator.

What’s probably happening: The accumulation of ice around the fan blades is the primary cause of your Samsung refrigerator fan failing to operate.

That ice accumulation increases over time to the point where it interferes with the ability of the fan blades to turn.

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Two things will result from that. First of all, the fridge compartment is probably going to start knocking. The fridge compartment will then fail to cool down shortly after, and the fan won’t even turn.

How to fix it: To resolve this issue, melt the ice buildup so the fan can spin freely once again. Depending on how much time and effort you want to invest in it, there are a few different methods you can accomplish that.

Defrosting your Samsung refrigerator is the easiest method. It’s as simple as shutting off the appliance and leaving the door ajar.

Alternately, you might take out the harmed fan and thaw it independently. To reach the fan before disconnecting and taking it apart, you will need to remove the back panel, though.

2. Unwanted Object in Fan

What’s happening: Although less likely, it’s also conceivable that something alien has become lodged inside your refrigerator’s fan. Strong enough objects have the ability to stop the fan from turning and from operating at all.

For instance, cardboard from food boxes might rip and splinter, getting stuck in the refrigerator fan.

How to repair it: While the answer to this issue is simple, it is not always simple. You must first take the foreign objects out of the fan.

Make sure you have the fridge’s power supply turned off before doing that. This will lessen the chance that you will hurt your fingers while attempting to solve the issue.

3. Broken fan motor

Broken fan motor
Broken fan motor

What it does: Your Samsung refrigerator fan is made up of two components: the fan motor and the fan blades. The fan’s blades will turn when it receives electricity from the refrigerator, directing air where it needs to go.

What’s likely to be happening: A burned-out motor is another reason your refrigerator’s fan might not be working. Typically, a short circuit, such as one that occurs during a power surge, causes it to occur.

The ice accumulation discussed in the previous section, however, can potentially result in the same thing happening. The motor has to work harder to turn the fan blade when ice forms around it. If that continues for too long, the motor may burn out.

There are a few warning indicators you may watch out for in this situation. For instance, when you open the fridge door, a burned-out motor will emit a burnt scent.

In addition, if you closely examine the motor, you might possibly notice burn scars.

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How to fix it: If you discover that the fan motor is burned out, your only option is to buy a brand-new one.

The rear panel within the fridge compartment must be taken off first. By doing so, you may access the fan motor, which you can then detach and take out.

Replace the panel you removed earlier after installing the new fan in the same location.

4. Door switch failure

Here is one thing you should know about your Samsung refrigerator fan. When the fridge doors are closed, the fan only activates. The door switch is another element that affects this circumstance as a result.

To put it simply, the door switch informs the main control board if you have closed the fridge door or not. The fan starts to run when you do that.

What’s likely to be happening: Assume you’ve checked the fan and found it to be in working order. In such instance, the door switch is probably what’s keeping the fan from turning on.

The main control board will wrongly be informed that the refrigerator doors are still open when the door switch malfunctions. The primary control board never powers the fans as a result.

The door switch needs to be identified and changed in this situation. It’s somewhere at the top inside the refrigerator door.

To reach the wiring within the door, you must first remove the top panel. This will enable you to disconnect and remove the door switch so you can check its electrical continuity using a voltmeter. Once it’s been determined that the door switch is to blame, change it out.

5. Main Control Board fault

Main Control Board fault
Main Control Board fault

What it does: Your Samsung refrigerator’s primary control board acts as its brain. The appliance’s little printed circuit board (PCB), which keeps your food items cool, regulates every part and feature.

What’s likely to happen: Your primary control board may have acquired a defect, assuming you’ve thoroughly ruled out all of the above first. It’s possible that a short circuit or other types of damage occurred to one or more of its parts. That will ultimately prevent the refrigerator from properly turning on the fan.

Unfortunately, a malfunctioning main control board cannot be fixed. Because of this, you must first eliminate all other potential causes in order to be certain that it is the root problem. Once you’re certain, you’ll need to install a new board.

The main control board for your Samsung refrigerator can be found there. The board is kept in the refrigerator in a separate space protected by an access panel.

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Disconnect all of the inside electrical cabling after removing the panel. Press the clamps holding the board in place to release it.

Push the new board into position after that, then reconnect the wiring in the same manner.


Your Samsung refrigerator’s fan may cease functioning if there is a buildup of ice or a foreign object that prevents the fan blades from rotating.

An identical issue may arise if the door switch malfunctions or the fan motor burns out. Finally, a malfunctioning main control board may be unable to activate the fan.

Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Fan not Working

How do I reset the fan on my Samsung refrigerator?

For five seconds, simultaneously press and hold the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons. If the reset was successful, the refrigerator will ring and restart using its factory default settings.

Why isn’t the fan in my refrigerator working?

Poor cooling might result from clogged coils. The condenser fan should spin smoothly and be free of any obstructions (fan-less types have coils on the back). Pull the refrigerator out of the wall outlet to do this. To check if the fan is stuck, clean the fan blades and manually spin it.

What stops the evaporator fan from operating?

Either a defective defrost heater, a clogged drain from the evaporator unit below to the evaporator pan underneath the compartments, a defective power supply (wiring) from the control board to the defrost heater, a defective defrost thermostat, or in the worst scenario, a defective control board.

Does turning off a refrigerator reset it?

If you leave the refrigerator unplugged and undisturbed for 45 to 50 minutes, disconnecting the appliance will reset it. Do not open the refrigerator’s doors when it is disconnected.

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