How To Backup Samsung Phone To PC? Easy Ways To Try!

Do you need to back up your Android phone to a PC or a Mac, including contacts, photos, files, music, and other important data? Here, we will demonstrate how to back up Samsung Galaxy devices to a computer.

You may use the Smart Switch Samsung program to transfer your old smartphone’s data to a new Galaxy device. Simply back up and restore all the content on the new Samsung Android device.

How To Back Up Samsung Phone To PC?
How To Back Up Samsung Phone To PC?

Here is a brief guide on how to back up data from your Samsung Android device to your PC or Mac. Then, check out our article for extensive, step-by-step instructions on backing up your Samsung Galaxy device using various methods.


Via Samsung Smart Switch
Via Samsung Smart Switch

Many customers may need clarification on creating a backup of their complete Samsung phone. Smart Switch lets you simply back up and moves your photographs, files, music, and other essential data. 

You can also generate a backup of the files on your old Samsung phone on your PC or Mac, which you can subsequently restore or transfer to your new Samsung phone.


Before collecting your data, verify that your computer fulfills the Smart Switch system requirements.

If your PC or Mac supports Smart Switch, visit the Smart Switch page and click Requirements under Overview to determine if your Samsung device is compatible with Smart Switch. Then, download the most recent version of the Samsung Smart Switch if you fulfill the prerequisites.

How to backup Samsung phone to PC?

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After installing Smart Switch, you must back up your Samsung phone or transfer files from your Samsung device to your PC or Mac.

  • Attach your Samsung device to your computer by Wi-Fi or a USB cord, and then click “Allow” on your Samsung device.
  • Click “Backup” after locating and launching Smart Switch on your PC.
  • Your computer will instantly begin backing up the data on your Samsung phone, which could take a few minutes. After it is finished, your display will indicate that it is complete. Next, click “OK.”
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Unless you specify a different place, when you back up your old phone’s data on a PC or Mac, the files are automatically stored in a default location. Below are the default backup storage locations, so you can determine where your backups are stored:

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows
  • Vista: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\
  • Samsung\Smart Switch PC
  • Windows 10: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\
  • Samsung\SmartSwitch
  • Mac OS X: /Users/[username]/Documents/Samsung/SmartSwitch/backup


Transferring the Backup files from your computer to your new phone lets you see all your films and photos. First, switch off or temporarily disable your PC’s or Mac’s anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security software so that all of your files can be transferred.

  • Launch Intelligent Switch on your computer. Connect your new Samsung phone to the computer via USB when requested.
  • The Smart Switch screen will show once the device is connected.
  • On your computer, click Restore and then, if desired, click Choose your backup data to restore specific data.
  • When prepared, click “Restore immediately.” Click OK after the restoration is complete.

Another approach to transferring files from your computer to your new Samsung phone is to synchronize your phone with your computer. Syncing ensures that the same information is stored on your computer and phone.

  • Click “Outlook Sync” on the Smart Switch display while using a PC. Sign in with your Microsoft Outlook credentials if you still need to log into your account. Choose Sync Preferences for Outlook, select the items you wish to synchronize and click OK. Click Sync Now, and then, when complete, click Confirm.
  • Click “Sync” on the Smart Switch screen using a Mac. Choose the content you wish to sync from your computer, then click Sync Now. Once synchronization is complete, click “Confirm.”
Click on 'Sync'
Click on ‘Sync’


DroidKit – Android Solution Toolkit lets you preview the Backup content to back up your Samsung phone to a PC selectively. Being a professional Android data manager, its newly-developed feature – Data Manager – allows you to examine the data more closely before syncing it to your computer.

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It is compatible with both PC and Mac computers. In addition to transferring and backing up Samsung data, its Data Recovery feature allows you to recover up to 13 types if you accidentally remove them from your Samsung phone or SD card. Learn about DroidKit’s remarkable features and highlights through a free trial.

Please follow the steps below to back your Samsung phone to your computer selectively.

  • Run the program once DroidKit has been installed on your PC > Choose the mode, Data Manager.
Launch the App
Launch the App
  • Attach your Samsung phone to the computer by USB > Once DroidKit finds your Samsung phone, it will scan the device’s data and display the following interface.
Choose the Data Manager mode
Choose the Data Manager mode
  • Choose the Export Content mode and navigate to the interface displaying the data on your Samsung device. You may now examine and selectively back up your Samsung phone to your Laptop.
Choose the Export Content mode
Choose the Export Content mode 


Although many Samsung customers would like to install Samsung Smart Switch to back up or transfer files, they need help with the entire backup process. Also, numerous users have stated that their Samsung Smart Switch occasionally malfunctions.

In reality, you can use other Samsung backup applications to back up your device in addition to Samsung Smart Switch. For example, phone runs allow you to back up your Samsung device to your Desktop with a single click.

PhoneTrans simplifies and expands the flexibility of backing up your Samsung phone to your computer by allowing you to select which content to back up. Regarding its Backup feature, PhoneTrans is distinguished by the following:

  • Support for one-click Samsung backup configuration.
  • More content is backed up than iTunes and other backup programs.
  • Ability to examine and select backup data kinds.
  • Keep your backups completely secure and protected.
  • Start PhoneTrans on your system > Choose Backup Phone > Choose Selected Backup> Click Backup to begin.
Select Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup > Click Start Backup
Select Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup > Click Start Backup
  • Connect your Samsung device to your computer, then tap the Backup button.
Tap on the Back Up button
Tap on the Back Up button
  • View and click the data types you wish to back up from your Samsung device to your computer > click Back Up Now.
Click on Back Up Now
Click on Back Up Now


Every Samsung gadget user recognizes this brand. Kies, which stands for Key Intuitive Easy System, is typically used to back up data from a Samsung phone to a Laptop. Follow the steps below to install Kies on your smartphone.

  • With a USB cord, connect your device to your device.
  • Choose “Backup and Restore” from the Kies interface.
  • Choose “Data backup” and the content type you wish to back up.
  • Choose the information you wish to transfer and click “Backup.”
  • After the Backup is complete, you will see a prompt. Click the “Complete” button to quit the application successfully.
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Backing Up Samsung Phone to PC
Backing Up Samsung Phone to PC

This device can connect wirelessly to Kies by selecting “Wireless Connection” on its home screen. Kies would also be used to update the firmware on your device and perform other essential activities. Nonetheless, it can sometimes be complicated, and other interfaces provide a better experience.


If you are obtaining a new phone, you must transfer your credentials manually. Smart Switch enables you to quickly move photographs, files, music, and other important documents and file kinds. 

To utilize Smart Switch, your mobile device must run Android 4.3 or iOS 4.2.1 or later. DroidKit also allows you to build a backup of your previous Samsung phone’s files. Try DroidKit on your computer after downloading it for free.


How can data be transferred from a Samsung to a computer?

Connect your Samsung phone to your Windows computer using any compatible USB cord. After discovering your device, you will get a relevant notification on your phone. Press it to select File Transfer as the desired connection mode.

Does Samsung own a redundant system?

Follow these measures to safeguard your data: Access the phone’s settings. Consider Accounts and Backup. Tap Backup in the Samsung Cloud area.

How do I move my entire collection of info to my computer?

Attach the device to a computer. Locate the device in your explorer, then drag the desired files onto the hard drive folder. Connect the hard drive to the new computer after safely ejecting it.

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