Netflix Not Showing In Play Store? Here’s How To Solve It!

Out of all the primary streaming services, Netflix is undoubtedly the one with the most locations. It is available in 190 countries. Thus the vast majority of people on earth can find it in the Google Play Store.

However, some customers claim that, for some reason, Netflix not showing in Play Store. Please read the explanations we have provided for this in the sections below.

Netflix Not Showing In Play Store?
Netflix Not Showing In Play Store?

Why Is Netflix Not Showing On Play Store?

Because your device is not supported, the SafetyNet check is failing, or there is a Play Store bug in your area, the Netflix app could not be available on Google Play. To get around most of these problems, you may always try sideloading an APK.

1. Verify That Your Device Is Compatible.

Making sure your device is supported should come first. Many devices can download Netflix via the Play Store, starting with ChromeOS and Android and continuing to set-top boxes and smart TVs that run Android. So a lot of them already have Netflix installed.

Most current devices can access Netflix, but older devices, particularly those that are not permitted, cannot.

A quick Google search should reveal whether your gadget supports Netflix or not. First, however, we must point out that your device must be old (older than Android 2.3) for Netflix to not appear on the Play Store.

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2. Examine SafetyNet

The SafetyNet protocol on Android-based smartphones is the second factor to consider. You will only be able to download and utilize a few apps if the protocol fails, considering your Android device is vulnerable.

Although the list is short, it contains bank apps and streaming services, enough for many folks to avoid beta testing and custom ROMs.

The SafetyNet frequently fails if your device is rooted, running a custom ROM, or using a beta release. Also, you won’t pass the SafetyNet if the app is not Google-certified.

Using SafetyNet Checker, you may determine whether your device passes SafetyNet. It is available here on the Google Play Store. Now proceed to the following step if your Android passes the test, but you still can’t find Netflix in the Store. Although it gets more challenging to get past SafetyNet over time, it is still doable.

Troubleshooting Netflix Not Showing On Play Store
Troubleshooting Netflix Not Showing On Play Store

Netflix Not Loading on Samsung TV: Issues & Fixes

3. Retry-After Installing The APK.

The absence of Netflix (or any other software, for that matter) from the Google Play Store does not preclude you from using it. The option to sideload an APK to your device and add Netflix that way is always available.

Here, we have provided comprehensive instructions throughout the entire process. But we can get to the point if you care about something other than learning more.

To install the Netflix APK from APK Mirror, follow these steps:

  • Visit APK Mirror by clicking here.
  • Run the APK after downloading it. To improve stability, stay away from beta releases.
  • Permit installation from outside sources.
  • After installing the APK, log in using your credentials.
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It is not advised to download modified Netflix versions. First, most of them are phony peer-to-peer apps with several ads. Second, if your country has stringent rules against pirating intellectual property, which most of them do, you run a lot of risk in addition to security concerns.

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Netflix Not Showing On Play Store Solved

Is Netflix Available Without An App?

Anywhere and at any time. Sign in with your Netflix account to instantly access Netflix from a computer or any other internet-connected device with the Netflix app, such as a smart TV, smartphone, tablet, streaming media player, or gaming console.

How can a standard TV be transformed into a smart TV? Your non-smart TV can be converted to a smart TV in several ways, but the best way is to purchase an intelligent media player (also known as a streaming device) and connect it to your TV’s HDMI input. The sizes and shapes of intelligent media players are varied (and innovative operating systems).


That said, we can now conclude this article. Thank you for reading, and please remember to comment with your thoughts on the problem and potential solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Netflix work on the Play Store?

By connecting your Netflix and Disney+ accounts to the Play Movies app, you may browse their content. Go to “Manage services” in the app’s menu to achieve this. You’ll find a list of streaming services you can choose from and add.

Why can’t Netflix be accessed via Android TV?

It’s very conceivable that Netflix messed up your streaming experience since the most recent update needed to be installed correctly. You can remove Netflix updates and return to the previous, stable version. Step 1: Utilize the Android TV Apps menu to locate Netflix (check the steps above).

Why is it that Netflix won’t download it?

Poor network connectivity, obsolete firmware, or a lapsed subscription can all contribute to Netflix not downloading content. Try restarting the device, upgrading the application, or deleting the app’s and browser’s cache to see if it helps.

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