How to take apart a Samsung refrigerator drawer? (4 EASY STEPS!)

How to take apart a Samsung refrigerator drawer? The procedure for taking apart the drawers on your Samsung refrigerator is straightforward, although it does include a few steps.

Given how frequently most households use refrigerators, maintaining the cleanliness of this device is essential. However, a Samsung refrigerator drawer with two plastic layers can be challenging to clean.

How Are Samsung Refrigerator Drawers Disassembled
How to disassemble samsung refrigerator drawers?

This is why it’s crucial that you understand how to totally disassemble these drawers by separating the front panel and white plastic components, as well as how to put them back together again after cleaning.

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How to take apart samsung refrigerator drawers?

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Most likely, one of the appliances in your home that you use every day is the refrigerator. Cleaning your refrigerator on a regular basis is essential to preventing the growth of bacteria and other germs within.

As a result, your food will be shielded from contamination and kept as fresh as possible for as long as possible on your refrigerator shelf.

How to Take Apart Fridge Drawer?

You may make your refrigerator look and feel more sanitary by washing down the inside and clearing out any significant messes, but you can also perform a more comprehensive cleaning by getting into all of the fridge’s tight spaces.

If you have a Samsung refrigerator, you might have noticed that the bottom crisper drawers have a second layer of plastic that might be difficult to clean the door hinge off.

A little amount of food and even some moisture can become caught in between these layers of plastic since these drawers have a primary drawer with a front panel that slides on.

In order to avoid harming the drawer or scratching the plastic while taking it apart, the operation of disassembling the Samsung refrigerator drawers should be undertaken with a lot of patience.

To disassemble samsung refrigerator drawer, take off the front panel and any white plastic accents attached to it. Then, put the drawer back together and into the refrigerator ice maker.

However, this disassembly procedure does require some finesse, so it can be beneficial to examine each step in greater depth of the water filter.



Take the drawers out of the refrigerator door as soon as you decide to disassemble the drawers on your Samsung refrigerator so you can reach the clips holding the front panel in place and empty the drawers for simpler movement and cleaning.

The drawers must then be turned upside-down so that you can see the clips on the corners of the bottom of the drawer. The panels can then be separated from one another by carefully inserting a flat screwdriver into these clips of the drain holes.

It will feel a little strange the first time you do this, but after you get the hang of the angle and pressure needed, the process will go much more smoothly and quickly the next time.

You can simply slide the front panel off the remainder of the drawer to disassemble these large sections when the clips have been loosened.

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Once the front panel has been taken off your Samsung refrigerator, the dishwasher parts drawer still needs to be disassembled.

In order to thoroughly clean these components and disassemble the freezer drawer, you must also remove the white plastic pieces that are attached to this panel on the majority of Samsung refrigerator models.

Thankfully, this procedure is comparable to that of removing the front panel. Simply place the front panel face down on a counter, push on the white plastic piece’s clips to release them, and then lift it up and out of the front panel using the same flat screwdriver of home appliances.


How to take apart a Samsung refrigerator drawer?
How to clean samsung refrigerator drawers?

You must rebuild the drawer drain tube after it has been disassembled and cleaned in order to put it back in your Samsung refrigerator door.

Snap the white plastic component back into place before you can proceed. It is preferable to push down on the remaining portion of the component to secure it in place after snapping the bottom clips into place.

The front panel must then be reattached. It is recommended to attach the top hinges first, and then, by pressing down on the panel, attach the bottom clips. As soon as the clips click into place, you will know the drawer has been put back together.

FAQs: How to Clean Samsung Fridge Drawers?

Questions Answers
How Samsung Refrigerator Drawer Disassembly For Cleaning?To disassemble the drawer of a Samsung refrigerator for cleaning, follow these steps:
1. Empty the drawer completely.
2. Pull the drawer out until it stops.
3. Lift the front of the drawer, disengaging the glides.
4. Tilt the front of the drawer upward and remove it. Clean the drawer with warm, soapy water and reassemble by reversing these steps.
How To Remove Samsung Fridge Drawer Front?To remove the drawer front of a Samsung fridge, follow these steps:
1. Open the drawer fully and locate the release tabs on each side.
2. Press and hold both tabs simultaneously.
3. Pull the front panel towards you while still holding the tabs.
4. The front panel will come off, allowing you to access the drawer for cleaning or repairs.
How To Open Samsung Fridge Drawer?To open a Samsung fridge drawer, follow these steps: First, locate the handle on the refrigerator drawer. Then, firmly grip the handle and pull it towards you. The drawer should slide open smoothly, providing easy access to your refrigerator items.

How do you clean fridge drawers?

Drawers in refrigerators frequently fill with debris, especially if produce is kept in them. Remove the drawers and give them a thorough cleaning in the kitchen sink using soap and water. Spray and wipe them clean, then dry them off before use if they won’t fit in your sink.

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Can I take the drawers out of my freezer?

It’s okay. I removed them and purchased large plastic crates that matched the available space to use as drawers. The freezer door can then be closed while I rummage or reorganize, and I can pull the entire drawer out.

Should I clean the inside of my new fridge?

Because all household appliances have a distinct odor, cleaning is necessary for new appliances. Because of this, it is essential to give the refrigerator a complete cleaning before using it for the first time. If not, there is a good risk that all of the goods you put in it will pick up the bad smell.

How do you clean a samsung refrigerator drawer cleaning?

Simply mix two parts warm water and one part distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle, then liberally mist the interior of the drawers. To prevent contamination, thoroughly scrub the entire samsung fridge drawer cleaning with a clean brush or sponge before rinsing with warm water. Ensure that the drawers are completely dry.

How do you clean drawers?

To get rid of clutter, vacuum the drawers and cabinet shelves. Spray the drawers, shelves, and doors (both inside and out) of the cabinets. Then use your microfiber cloth to wipe them clean. If you come across a stain, cover it with baking soda and scrub it with a sponge. Dry-clean and wipe.

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