How To Secure Samsung Phone? Easy Methods To Try!

With all of the information we keep on our phones, we must take precautions to keep it secure. Fortunately, Samsung phones include a slew of features aimed at protecting your privacy and bolstering the security of your device.

How To Secure Samsung Phone?
How To Secure Samsung Phone?

Here are the six best ways to make your Galaxy phone more private and secure—they’re all built-in, so no additional software is required. Let’s get this party started!

Troubleshooting: Issues on Secure Samsung Phone

Your phone is not secure.Make sure that you have enabled all of the security features on your phone, such as a screen lock, a strong password, and a fingerprint sensor.
You lost your phone.If you lose your phone, you can remotely lock it and erase its data using the Find My Mobile service.
Someone hacked your phone.If someone hacked your phone, you can reset it to factory defaults. This will erase all of your data, so make sure that you have backed up your data first.
You are worried about your privacy.You can use a privacy-focused app store to download apps. You can also use a VPN to encrypt your traffic and protect your privacy.
You are worried about malware.You can use a security app to scan your phone for malware and other threats.

Key Takeaway:

To secure your Samsung phone, you can create a PIN, pattern, or password to restrict entrance and protect your data. This can be done by heading to the Lock Screen section of your settings and tapping the line labeled “Secure lock settings.” Also, you can boost password complexity and use multiple authentication factors to safeguard your device further.


The first step in configuring your Samsung phone is to create a Samsung account. This unlocks several Samsung services, including the Find My Mobile feature, which allows you to locate and control your device if lost or stolen.

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You will also need an account to back up your data to the Samsung Cloud to recover it later when you upgrade to a new Samsung phone, factory reset your current device, or want to clear some internal memory by sending old files to the cloud.

Also, if you forget your Lock screen password and the fingerprint sensor stops working, Samsung will be unable to unlock your device if it is not linked to a Samsung account. Also, remember that many Samsung services require an account to function.

We could continue, but you get the picture. If you don’t already have a Samsung account, you can create one by going to Settings > Accounts, and backup > Manage accounts > Add account > Samsung account and following the on-screen instructions.

5 IMPORTANT Security Settings Every Samsung Galaxy Owner Should Change ASAP


Although Chrome is the default mobile internet browser for most Android users, our detailed comparison of Samsung Internet and Google Chrome demonstrates why the former is more private and secure.

You can use Samsung Internet to block pop-ups and automatic downloads, prevent websites from reading your browser history, password-protect Secret mode (the app’s incognito mode), and monitor your privacy dashboard.

This disparity is not surprising. After all, Google is, first and foremost, an advertising company, and its business relies on collecting your data to understand you better and shows you more relevant ads. On the other hand, Samsung makes the majority of its money from selling hardware and is thus more private.


If you have sensitive files, you don’t want anyone to see; such as confidential business documents or private photos and videos, you can use Secure Folder on your Samsung phone to lock them away.

Secure Folder is a unique, secure environment that is password-protected (including biometrics) and protects your data with Samsung Knox security. Secure Folder data is encrypted, never backed up to the cloud, and stored separately from your regular files for extra security.

Easy Ways To Secure Samsung Phone
Easy Ways To Secure Samsung Phone

This means that even if your phone is stolen or hacked, no one can access the files in Secure Folder. Secure Folder allows you to clone files and apps, allowing you to use multiple accounts on the same device.

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As the name implies, Samsung phones include a feature called Private Share, which allows you to share photos and videos privately.

Private Share files are encrypted with blockchain technology and can only be opened by the designated receiver. They are also shielded from screenshots and cannot be shared with third parties.

As the sender, you can set an expiration date for files shared, revoke access to data sent at any time, and remove location metadata from photos before sharing. You can send up to ten files simultaneously, but the total file size must be less than 20 MB.

To share a file via Private Share, follow these steps:

  • Tap Share files after opening the Private Share app from your app drawer.
  • Choose the file type you want to send, then select your file and tap Done.
  • Select from contacts, select the person to whom you want to send this file, and tap Done.
  • Set an expiration date for the receiver’s access to this file, then tap Send.
  • You can invite the recipient via SMS, QR code, or other apps if they do not have Private Share. The files will be shared once they accept the invite and install the app.


You’d be surprised how many apps on your phone can access your microphone, location, contacts, camera, etc. Although Android 12 includes privacy indicators that show when an app is using your microphone or camera, there are none for other permissions.

How Do I Secure My Phone?
How Do I Secure My Phone?

Simply removing permissions from apps, you don’t use is one way to prevent your phone from tracking you. To do so, navigate to Settings > Security and privacy > Privacy > Permission manager and review each permission individually. You’ll see a list of apps that use each permission under it.

Remove an app from the list if it is using unnecessary permission. It makes no sense for a calculator app to need access to your microphone, but it makes perfect sense for a navigation app to need access to your location.


You can pin an app to the screen if someone borrows your phone to make a phone call and you don’t want them looking through your personal files and photos.

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This way, they won’t be able to access any app other than the one pinned to the screen, reducing the possibility of them invading your privacy. The Pin Window option is not enabled by default.

To enable it, navigate to Settings > Security and privacy > Other security settings and turn on the Pin windows option. The feature is now enabled. Navigate to the Recents page, tap the app icon, and then Pin. Unpinning an app necessitates using your fingerprint or the Lock screen password.

Increasing Security On Samsung Phone
Increasing Security On Samsung Phones


Regarding protecting user privacy on Android, Samsung phones are the most dependable. Secure Folder can be used to hide your files, Private Share to securely share files with others, Samsung Internet to browse the web safely, and Pin Windows to prevent people from opening apps they shouldn’t.

Keep your phone updated to receive the most recent security patches and new privacy-focused features added to One UI. If you recently purchased a new Samsung phone, you can expect it to receive up to five years of security updates—the most of any Android manufacturer.


Where can I find the security settings on my Samsung phone?

Go to and open Settings, then select Security and privacy. In the Security section, the following options will be available: Not all features will be available on all devices. Biometrics: Examine your options for unlocking your phone and confirming your identity when entering passcodes.

What kind of security features do Samsung phones have?

It’s a dual-lock for your sensitive data, which means that even if someone gets into your phone, you only have real access. Run-time protection ensures your Samsung mobile device is always safe from data attacks or malware.

How do I alter my security settings?

To do so, go to Start, then Settings, and finally, Privacy & security. A list of available privacy options will appear. There are links to specific privacy settings on the left side of the page.

How can I locate security on my phone?

Go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Advanced > Agents should be trusted, and Smart Lock should be enabled. Look for Smart Lock in the settings menu. Enter your password, unlock pattern, PIN code, or fingerprint into Smart Lock.

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