5 Common Samsung Smart TV Troubleshooting You Should Try!

Problems with your Samsung television? It’s common for electronic gadgets to experience problems occasionally, but fortunately, you can typically resolve these issues on your own.

Yet, knowing how to troubleshoot your Samsung television to save a trip to the repair center would be advantageous.

Samsung Smart TV Troubleshooting
Samsung Smart TV Troubleshooting

Key Takeaway:

If you are experiencing issues with your Samsung Smart TV, there are several measures you can take to resolve the problem.
First, ensure that the wires and outlet are connected and operational. Next, you can run self-diagnostic checks using the television’s settings menu.
If neither of these solutions resolves the problem, please visit Samsung’s support website or contact their customer service for further assistance.


Here are some of the most common concerns that arise when consumers use their Samsung televisions, along with the most straightforward solutions!


You may occasionally meet a program that needs to function correctly. For example, you attempt to open an application, but it either does not launch or repeatedly crashes during use.

There are various approaches to resolving this issue. The initial step is to give the television a cold boot.

  • A cold boot allows your television to restart from a complete shutdown.
  • When turning off the TV using the remote or placing it in standby mode, a cold boot resumes it with no additional burden.
App Not Working on Samsung TV
App Not Working on Samsung TV

You have two options for performing a cold restart:

  • Hold the power button on the TV’s remote control until the TV turns off and then back on.
  • Unplugging the television from the power source and waiting 30 seconds before connecting it back is an alternative method.

You should check for app and TV firmware updates if this does not cure the problem. To determine if an app has a new version:

  • To access Featured, press the Smart Hub button and select Featured.
  • Search for the problematic application, then press and hold the Enter key.
  • A submenu will display, and you must select Update Applications.
  • You will be able to choose which applications to update.
  • Choose Update and wait for the download to complete.

If the app continues to malfunction, it may not be compatible with the TV’s firmware.

  • Go to Settings and look for Support to upgrade the firmware.
  • Go to Software Update under this submenu, then click Update Now.
  • Your Samsung TV will perform an update check.
  • If firmware upgrades are available, your television will automatically download them.
  • After downloading, ensure that it is installed.
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You can also check for firmware upgrades at the Download Center of Samsung’s website, provided under Sources at the end of this page. Remember that it is strongly recommended to do a cold restart of the TV after installing firmware or application updates.


Samsung TV Black Screen Fix

It is typical for smart TVs to display merely a blank screen, regardless of brand. There are a variety of potential causes for this issue, but diagnosing them is relatively straightforward.

  • A faulty connection between a set-top box and any other video device connected to the TV may result in a blank screen. In this scenario, you need to replace the TV’s connecting wires.

If no gadgets are connected to the television, the problem is most likely with the power source inside the television.

  • Most likely, a faulty capacitor is included within the power supply.
  • When a capacitor leaks or swells, you will recognize it is defective.
  • Take the television to an authorized repair center for service.


There may be flashing on the screen of your Samsung television.

  • You can attempt a cold restart to resolve this issue. (Procedures detailed in Question 1.) A cold reset relieves your television of all the processing it performs.
  • If the flickering persists, the power supply will likely have a defective jumper. An authorized maintenance professional can readily resolve this issue.


There may be times when your Samsung television falls silent.

  • Check whether the Mute mode is active or the volume level is zero. It may seem obvious, but it’s worth confirming! To verify, press Mute on and off.
  • Check if a Bluetooth headset or speaker is associated with the TV if the issue persists. If so, disconnect it in the Audio settings or turn off the headset.

Do You consider rebooting a cold television if there is still no sound?

  • If the TV remains silent during a cold restart, check the cable connections if you are using an external device, such as a game console.
  • A faulty cable may be causing the Audio to malfunction.

If you are using your Samsung television as a computer monitor, you must ensure that your computer’s HDMI settings specify the television as the audio output.

Samsung TV Has No Sound
Samsung TV Has No Sound

You should also examine the video’s codec if viewing videos from a USB port. Although Samsung TVs support a wide range of Audio and video codecs, there are situations when you may attempt to play a video that was encoded using an audio codec that the TV does not recognize.

If the issue occurs while watching videos from a streaming service like YouTube or Netflix, losing Audio indicates a more severe problem, which may involve component failure.

  • Try connecting your Samsung TV to external speakers or headphones to determine which part of the TV is malfunctioning. The Samsung TV’s internal speakers will likely be at fault if there is sound.
  • The problem is likely an Audio IC chip if the sound is still gone.
  • You will require an authorized repair center to examine your television in the final two instances.
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Under the Support menu, some Samsung televisions offer a self-diagnostic function to assist you in locating the problem. You may also run this diagnostic test to identify any potential problems.


Samsung televisions utilize the Smart Hub as its primary menu system. It contains all applications and settings.

There have been instances where apps have vanished from the Smart Hub. Despite searching everywhere, you are still looking for the program. If this occurs to you, please follow these steps to resolve the issue:

You might begin by resetting the TV to its original settings.

Smart Hub Does Not Show Any Apps
Smart Hub Does Not Show Any Apps
  • Press the Smart Hub button on the remote. On earlier remote controls, the Menu or Home button must be pressed.
  • Once the Smart Hub has loaded, press fast forward, 2, 8, and 9, followed by rewind.
  • Choose a location from the Setup menu, then agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • The Smart Hub will be reset and updated.
  • Afterward, repeat the steps and return to your original position.

If the issue persists, you must do a Factory Reset.

  • You can access the Factory Reset functions through the Support Settings’ Self-Diagnostics Menu. It will be positioned at the base.
  • You must enter your default security PIN, which is 0000.
  • Confirm your steps to restore your television to its factory settings.


Several intelligent TVs have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. And it’s frustrating when this occurs since it defies the purpose of a smart TV, which is to provide Internet material on demand.

And while an Ethernet connection can provide a more steady connection, it may be impossible for others, particularly in homes where the router is too far from the television room. So as a first step, check whether your other devices can connect to the network.

  • If other devices can connect to the Internet, consider unplugging one of the unused devices and testing the TV’s connectivity. If your TV connects, it indicates that your Wi-Fi network is overloaded.
  • Instead, restart the TV and the Wi-Fi router, and allow each device to finish booting before turning on another. Once all devices have been restarted, reattempt the network connection.
  • You may need to contact Samsung customer care if the television cannot connect to your Wi-Fi.
Samsung TV Can't Connect To WiFi
Samsung TV Can’t Connect To WiFi




Samsung was an innovator in video game technology. For the majority of their Televisions, even while in HDR mode, you can anticipate reduced input lag and HDMI 2.1 compatibility.

Moreover, Samsung employs VA panels, which enhance color and broaden the viewing angle. In addition to a high contrast ratio and effective reflection handling, these VA panels enable Samsung televisions to adapt to various lighting settings.

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If you desire clean cabling for your room’s devices, Samsung TVs offer a single wire connection to the TV via the Samsung One Connect box.

The Samsung One Connect box serves as a TV hub. It provides power and audio-video signals to your television with a single cable, thereby decreasing the amount of clutter in your living space.


The designers of Samsung televisions have placed much effort into their looks. The result is a modern, minimalist design that looks fantastic in most settings.

One of their models, the Frame by Samsung, transforms into a digital art exhibition in standby mode, while the Terrace is a beautiful focal point for any outdoor space.


Samsung’s sound quality is commensurate with its superb visual quality. In addition, several Samsung televisions now include Dolby Atmos, which improves the overall sound quality.


  • Samsung televisions are not the cheapest on the market and may even be more expensive than its most formidable competitors.
  • The Bixby Assistant integrated into Samsung televisions has security flaws.
  • While panning, the more cheap Samsung TV models occasionally exhibit a shaking motion.
5 Common Samsung TV Troubleshooting
5 Common Samsung TV Troubleshooting


Most Samsung televisions have the same issues as other televisions. However, these are typical issues, so you shouldn’t be frightened. If you are considering purchasing a Samsung television, you should be able to handle these issues, as they are easily doable with the solutions above.


How can I restart my Samsung smart television?

If something bizarre occurs, try pressing and holding the power button on your Samsung TV remote until the TV turns off and back on. When the television returns, things should return to normal.

Does the Samsung smart television provide a reset button?

With the television on, press the MENU button on the remote. Next, choose the Support area of the Main Menu by navigating to it. Next, go to the Self-Diagnose option and select it. Finally, choose the Reset option by navigating to it.

Why is my Samsung Smart TV inactive?

Unplug the TV’s power cord to rectify the situation. Next, wait approximately 60 seconds before turning the device back on. Then, press the Back and Play buttons simultaneously for at least 15 seconds until the pairing screen appears.

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