How To Connect Samsung Smart TV To Mobile Hotspot?

Nowadays, almost every home has adapted to having a smart TV in each room. As a result, they perform better than earlier TVs in terms of functionality and are less expensive to run on your electricity bill. In addition, intelligent TVs perform at their best when linked to wifi or another wireless connection.

How To Connect Samsung Smart TV To Mobile Hotspot?
How To Connect Samsung Smart TV To Mobile Hotspot?

Your wifi connection might, however, occasionally be unreliable owing to a problem or planned maintenance. You can still utilize your smart TV’s limited functionality when this occurs. However, there is an even better choice: using a mobile hotspot.

In this manual, we’ll respond to the following:

  • Using your smart TV as a personal hotspot;
  • Why Won’t My TV Connect to My Hotspot? And How Do I Connect a Mobile Hotspot to a Smart TV?

We’ll also offer advice on why a wifi connection is still preferable and why this is not a viable alternative to an internet connection. So, follow this article to discover more if you’re curious about how to connect Samsung smart TV to mobile hotspot.

How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Mobile Hotspot?

Connecting your smart TV to a personal hotspot is easy, like connecting to a wifi network. You can use a phone or a portable hotspot device for this process. However, the smart TV must first and foremost be able to recognize it.

To prevent issues, keep in mind the network name and password when configuring your hotspot. In addition, you should be aware of the following to ensure a seamless mobile hotspot connection to your smart TV:

  • Make sure the internet is accessible on your mobile device. If you have a Mobile Network State Disconnected problem, kindly refer to our remedy.
  • Please verify that the mobile hotspot is not sharing its Network with other devices. Each device can support only a certain number of connections. Since all connected devices share it, the speed will also significantly reduce.
  • Update the firmware on your smart TV. Your smart TV’s network adapter drivers need to be updated like those on your smartphones or laptops. It’s for a reliable connection and ensuring your smart TV can find all neighboring networks.
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Here’s how to configure your Android phone’s mobile hotspot connection:

  • Go to Mobile Hotspot & Tethering under Settings.
  • Next, select wifi Hotspot. You can find the default wifi name and password on this page. You may quickly modify both details by clicking them and inputting the new name and password.
  • Next, select Mobile Data under Connections and switch it to On.

On an iPhone, take the following actions to enable a mobile hotspot connection:

  • Select Personal Hotspot under Settings.
  • After selecting Allow Others to Join, record the wifi Password.
  • Next, switch the Cellular Data option to On by going to Settings > Cellular.
  • Make sure you have enough credits on a prepaid plan to maintain a constant connection.

How Can a Mobile Hotspot Be Connected to a Smart TV?

You can now use your smart TV with the mobile hotspot if it is already set up. The procedure is straightforward; however, accessing the mobile hotspot settings may differ depending on the model of your smart TV.

For most regular intelligent TVs:

  • Activate the smart TV.
  • Go to your smart TV’s Main menu.
  • Go to Connection Settings under Settings.
  • Locate and select the Wireless Settings option.
  • Look up the name of your mobile hotspot here.
  • When you do, click it and type the password.
  • You should now be able to connect your mobile hotspot to your smart TV.
How Can a Mobile Hotspot Be Connected to a Smart TV?
How Can a Mobile Hotspot Be Connected to a Smart TV?

For Samsung Smart TVs:

  • Activate your Samsung Smart TV by turning it on and selecting TV from the remote.
  • Go to Network on the menu.
  • Select Wireless under Network Settings.
  • Choose the name of your mobile hotspot from the list.
  • Enter the password for your mobile hotspot.
  • Next, select Next. Your mobile hotspot will now try to connect to your smart TV.
  • Click Enter to confirm when you’ve succeeded.

As opposed to Android or iOS, Tizen OS is what Samsung TVs utilize, making them a little different. They, therefore, have a reduced selection of native apps.

For VIZIO Smart TVs:

  • Activate your VIZIO Smart TV, then use the remote to press the Menu button.
  • Select Network from the menu. Your mobile hotspot is included in the list of wifi networks you may access from this location. Go to More Access Points and look for it if you can’t see it.
  • Please enter the password for your mobile hotspot after choosing it.
  • On the remote, select Connect, and then push OK.
  • You should now be able to connect your mobile hotspot to your VIZIO smart TV.

For LG Smart TV:

If you already know how to activate the wifi on an LG TV, follow these steps once more:

  • Press Menu on the TV remote after turning on your LG Smart TV.
  • Go to Connection Settings under Setup.
  • Pick Wireless, then from the list of wireless connections, select the name of your mobile hotspot.
  • Enter the password after that; then press Enter to confirm.
  • You should now be able to connect your LG Smart TV to your mobile hotspot.
  • If the connection needs to be fixed, we have an article with numerous remedies for your LG TV not connecting to wifi.
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How To Connect Samsung Smart TV To Hotspot?

How Come My TV Won’t Connect To My Hotspot?

Various things may cause your smart TV’s connection troubles. For example, your smart TV or mobile hotspot source may be the issue. But we’ve whittled down a few remedies you can use to address this connection issue:

Fix #1: Try power cycling your smart TV

Your smart TV and smartphone should be powered off and on again to reset any connections or settings that might have been the source of the issue. To restart your smart TV, take the following actions:

  • For 30 seconds, turn off and unplug your smart TV.
  • Please put it back in the plug and then turn it on.
  • See if the connection problem is resolved by attempting to connect to your mobile hotspot once more.

Fix #2: Upgrade the firmware on your smart TVs

As was already said, maintaining updated firmware is essential to prevent issues on your smart TV. In addition, upgrades to the network adapters, which are in charge of wired and wireless connectivity on intelligent TVs, may be included in firmware updates.

To check if your smart TV has the most recent firmware:

  • Go to Settings on your Smart TV by opening it.
  • Select Software Update > Support.
  • You may check if your smart TV has the most recent upgrades on this website.
  • If you have the most recent firmware installed, your smartphone or hotspot device can be the source of the issue. See if rebooting your hotspot device fixes the problem.

Fix #3: Reset your smart TV to factory settings

You will likely want a steady network connection to get the most recent firmware upgrades if your smart TV has out-of-date firmware. Try temporarily performing a factory reset on your smart TV to see if that fixes the connection problem.

Do the following to factory reset your smart TV:

  • Press the Menu button on the remote control after turning on your smart TV.
  • Go to Support > Self Diagnosis from the menu.
  • Press Enter after selecting Reset.
  • If prompted, enter your PIN or passcode and click Yes to confirm on the following box.
  • Throughout this process, your smart TV might restart a few times.
  • Set up your smart TV and attempt to connect to your mobile hotspot when the Reset is successful.
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A mobile hotspot is an excellent alternative if there isn’t local wifi. You will need to enter a password to properly connect to your mobile hotspot, just like with a wifi connection. Most modern smartphones come with this capability, which is also simple to set up. We also have comprehensive instructions on streaming content from your phone to a TV without wifi. Additional connection hints, including airplay, screen mirroring, and wired connections, are provided in this guide.

Even while you can access the internet without wifi, doing so will likely cost you more money than utilizing wifi unless you already have an unlimited data plan. Given this, a wifi connection is still the preferable option in the long run.

Mobile hotspots’ bandwidth and connection capacity limitations will undoubtedly limit your ability to watch and stream media content. As a result, you can use this tutorial to optimize your mobile hotspot connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a smart TV be connected to a mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot-capable phone or other hotspot device can be used to connect a smart TV. Join the Wi-Fi network associated with your hotspot from your TV in order to connect the two. Watch out for hotspot data restrictions. Streaming in high resolution can use up data very quickly.

Can I use my mobile hotspot to connect my Samsung TV?

Nowadays, a hotspot feature on most smartphones enables you to utilize your mobile data on a number of devices, including a Samsung TV. All you need to do is activate your phone’s hotspot function, select the network from the list of networks that appears on your TV, and then connect.

Why is my Samsung TV unable to locate my hotspot?

The issue may simply be that your Samsung TV isn’t properly connected to your network if it fails to detect a wireless network or loses connection frequently. A few factors, such as outdated firmware or the necessity for a reset on your smart TV, can cause connectivity problems.

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