Can You Text On Samsung Galaxy Watch? [ Answered]

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the most advanced smartwatches on the market today.

With its sleek design and powerful capabilities, users can stay connected to their devices like never before.

One of the key features that sets it apart from other watches is the ability to text directly from the watch itself.

In this article, we will explore how to use this feature and what benefits it offers to users.

We will also look at potential drawbacks that come with texting on a smartwatch.

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Can You Text On Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Things to Know

  • To enable, go to Watch Settings > Notifications > Messages > ON in the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.
  • To view notifications, including incoming text messages, swipe right on your watch. To view a message, tap on it.
  • Swipe up, select “messages,” select “Start chat” or “an existing message,” type your message, and then select the “Send message” symbol.

Are Text Messages Received by Samsung Watches?

Text messages can be sent and received on Samsung watches. You can send and receive texts and make phone calls without a phone if your Samsung watch has its own LTE data plan and phone number from your cellular provider. As long as your watch is connected to your phone when you use it in tandem with your phone, you can send and receive SMS with it.

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How to Make a Samsung Galaxy Watch Accept Text Messages

You must enable the feature on a Samsung Galaxy Watch before you may receive text messages.

Here’s how to make sure your Samsung Galaxy Watch receives texts:

  1. On your phone, launch the Galaxy Wearable or Galaxy Watch app.
  2. Click on Watch Settings.
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Note: If you see Notifications on this screen, tap it if you’re using an older version of the app.

  1. Click on Notifications.
  2. If the toggle for messages is off, tap it.

Note: Tap More and scroll down if you can’t view Messages.

  1. Tap < (in the upper left) (in the upper left).
  2. You can now get text messages and notifications on your watch.

Note: Ensure that the Messages toggle is turned on and the Mute notifications on phone toggle is set to off.

How to Use Your Galaxy Watch to Read Text Messages

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Can You Text On Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Your watch will display the selected alert when you get a text message. You might experience a sensation or hear a brief alarm sound depending on the settings you select. If you raise your watch, tap it, or press the home key when you get the notification, the text will automatically appear on the watch.

If you miss the alarm, you can manually check and read text messages on your watch:

  1. Swipe right from the main watch face.
  2. You’ll see the most recent text you sent. Simply tap the text message to respond.

Note: You can swipe up to see numerous texts if you have them.

  1. Tap a quick reply message or an input method.
  2. Hit the send button (paper plane). The recipient of the text message will receive your response.

The best way to send texts from a Galaxy Watch

If you pair your Galaxy Watch with an Android phone or if the watch has a phone number and an LTE data plan, you can also send text messages from the device.

The following describes how to send texts using a Galaxy Watch:

  1. To access your apps from the primary watch face, swipe up.
  2. Select Messenger.

Note: You might need to initially install the app if you’ve never sent a text from your watch before. 

  1. Launch Google Play and look up messenger.
  2. Click Start Chat or any of your open text messages.
  3. To transmit an emoji, use the emoticon, the microphone, or the keyboard to enter a text message.
  4. Tap the send icon after entering the message (paper airplane).

Why Can’t My Galaxy Watch Receive Text Messages?

Make sure text alerts are turned on if you aren’t receiving text messages on your Galaxy Watch. You need to open the Galaxy Wearables app on your phone and enable notifications in the messaging app to carry out the above-described procedure.

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Try turning on notifications for the text messaging app you use in addition, if you use one. The watch’s companion app for your text app may also need to be installed. If your text messaging app doesn’t work with watches or, more specifically, doesn’t work with Samsung Galaxy watches, consider going back to the standard Android text messaging app.

Ensure that your watch is Bluetooth-connected to your phone as well. Whether Bluetooth isn’t already enabled on your phone, check to see if it is and enable it. You can also try placing the watch close to your phone to see if a connection forms, or you can move both the phone and the watch to an area with little to no outside interference.

If your watch has a data plan and a phone number but you are unable to send or receive texts, you should speak with your carrier. The watch’s phone number might not be properly entered, or another problem might arise.

iPhone does not send SMS notifications to the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Can You Text On Samsung Galaxy Watch?
Can You Text On Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Due to iOS 13’s privacy settings, the Messages app won’t be accessible when the watch is linked with an iPhone. To receive message notifications on a Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2, or Galaxy Watch3, you must turn on “Share system notifications” on your iPhone.

Note: Due to iOS compatibility restrictions, the send and respond functions are not supported.

  1. Utilize the Bluetooth settings on the phone to enable Share system notifications.

Open Settings on your iPhone, go to Bluetooth, and then touch Bluetooth. Make sure the Share System Notifications switch is turned on by tapping the information icon next to the watch in the MY DEVICES section.

  1. Check to see whether Messages notifications are not blocked.

Navigate to and launch the Galaxy Watch app on your iPhone. Tap Notifications, followed by Blocked notifications, from the Home tab. If the Messages app appears in the list, select it by tapping the delete (minus) icon next to it, then select Delete.

You will now receive a notification on your watch when you receive a message on your iPhone. To access the Notification panel on the watch, just remember to swipe left from the Watch screen.

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In conclusion,the Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great choice for anyone looking to stay connected while on the go. Its text messaging capabilities, along with its fitness tracking and other features, make it a great all-in-one device that can help users keep in touch and stay active. With the ability to quickly respond to messages and notifications, the Samsung Galaxy Watch allows users to enjoy the convenience of having their phone on their wrist without actually bringing their phone with them.


How can I find Samsung Watch hidden apps?

Step 1: From the app drawer in the top-right corner, choose three dots. Open the settings menu.

Step 2: Using the drop-down menu, choose the option that says Hide apps.

Step 3: On the screen will be a list of programs that have been hidden from view from the app list.

How can I install message+ on my Samsung Galaxy 4 watch?

View Text Messages on a Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Swipe up to reveal the apps screen from the watch screen.

Click the. Icon for messages. . To scroll through messages, swipe up or down. Then, click the thread you want to see.

Why doesn't my Messages app display?

Delete Cache from the Messages App

If Messages is still not functioning after forcing a close, remove the app’s cache data and give it another go. Select Storage & cache from the Messages app menu (Settings > Apps & notifications > App details > Messages), then hit Clear Cache. Open Messages and verify that it functions properly.

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